A Sunny Day in Margate

While I don’t think anything would ever compare to the tropical beaches of the Philippines, there is a charm to the English seaside that is irresistible on a hot summer day. 

This is especially true this year, as the UK experiences barometer breaking temperatures. London is currently boiling and I have been looking for an excuse to escape the city’s sweltering furnace. Thankfully, my team at work have decided that a retreat to the cool countryside would be a perfect way to bond and unwind after our hard work on the World Cup.

So off we went to Margate, a lovely seaside town an hour by train from London. Margate is known for its sandy beach on the southeast coast of England.

We were lucky to enjoy it on a sunny day in the middle of the week, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists on the weekends. If you have the chance to come here on a school day, go for it. If you leave St Pancras at 9AM you’ll get there at 10:30 AM, giving you enough time to relax by the ocean and have a wander around town. Here are some things we got up to.

Soak up culture and creativity

Turner Contemporary is an art space where the work of the best and most brilliant of Kent’s art scene is featured, as well as masterpieces from renowned contemporary artists. On our visit we saw an exhibit on the role of animals in the art world, featuring works by influential artists including Picasso and Warhol.

Indulge in the best seafood

Following the gallery visit, we walked over to Buoy and Oyster where we had booked a table for a well-deserved seafood treat. We tucked into moule marinier, prawns, tuna, fish, and calamari. The restaurant served impressive and generous servings of delicious food. Definitely, one to visit when in town.

Immerse yourself in mystery 

In the afternoon, we had a wander around the sleepy town and visited the Shell Grotto, a bizarre cave made of shells. This underground sanctuary was discovered in 1835 but to this day, there is no confirmation as to who constructed it and why it was made. It is now a huge part of Margate’s identity, attracting throngs of admirers and curious travellers from all over the UK and the world.

Enjoy a fun ride

For thrill seekers and youngsters, there’s Dreamland. Dreamland Margate is a seaside amusement park, which is a traditional attraction in British coastal towns. It has been around since the 1800’s, and have recently been restored to cater to the younger and more modern audience. We didn’t get to visit Dreamland since we only had a day in town, but it is something I’d like to visit next time!

Just relax 

We spent the rest of the day relaxing by the beach, dipping our feet into the water and enjoying the summer breeze. There is something incredibly rejuvenating about being near the sea – the vast waters, the cool breeze, the cold waters, the sand between our toes. As city dwellers, this was something we all thoroughly enjoyed.

It was a packed day, but it was such a great break from the city that there I didn’t feel tired at all. Sometimes all you need is to get away from the city.

Have you ever been to Margate? What are your favourite spots? Share it below!

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