Summer Holiday Plans 2017: Barcelona, Sicily, or France?

In this post, I explore holiday plans for 2017 -I dream of Sicily’s old world charm and delicious food, look into France’s prettiest countryside spots, and want to find all Barcelona highlights tour

The sun is out in London. London in the sunshine is a lovely time. It hasn’t even been three days of warmth and already everyone’s making plans. The social calendar is starting to get crammed with barbeques, picnics, and trips out of town. Before all the weekends from today until August gets booked up, I’m going to need to get my holiday plans for 2017 sorted out. We’ve also never had a proper honeymoon due to house DIY, visa processing, and life in general – so a trip together has been long-awaited. After reading up on so many destinations in Europe, Andrew and I have boiled it down to three places – Sicily, the French countryside, and Barcelona.


Sicily’s gorgeous scenery is calling me!

Sicily is captivating. Just from reading about it, Sicily seems to make a mark on everyone who goes there. The island’s terracotta walls and baroque architecture, the colourful and vibrant markets, gorgeous aquamarine waters, delicious and exotic food, and an alluring sense of history can get anyone to want to visit. I would love to see Syracuse’s archaeological park, with its 5th century BC structures. Andrew would enjoy climbing Stromboli and taking in its expanse of beautiful natural scenery. We would both enjoy Sicilian cuisine in Catania, enjoying a delicious plate of pasta alla norma.

French Countryside

Charming and beautiful France

France’s many beautiful little towns in the countryside makes it hard to choose just one place to go to. Annecy is known as “the Venice of Savoie,” with its small canals, beautiful hillsides, and alpine looking horizons. Eze offers a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean with rocky hillsides by gorgeous blue waters. Porquerolles is a blissful and peaceful island paradise. Cluny’s monasteries and farmlands are breathtaking and perfect for a long drive. The town of Vouvant feels like it was straight out of a fairytale. How could you possibly just pick one? 


Barcelona, for an art and architecture binge

Barcelona’s gorgeous structures, wonderful history, and first-rate tapas are calling me. Barcelona’s gorgeous city and its proximity to beautiful waters have become a  recurring picturesque dream. I’d also love to learn more about Barcelona’s historical highlights and vibrant culture. I’d love to learn about Gaudí, the Sagrada Família, the Columbus Monument, and enjoy the regal views of Parc de Montjuic. Barcelona offers so much for art and architectural enthusiasts. To top it all off, wine is inexpensive and delicious. History, culture, the fusion of man-made and natural beauty, and warm and hospitable people to add. Can’t really ask for more, can I? 



Each of these three destinations offer  a unique and amazing new experience for me and my husband. We are in desperate need of a rest nfrom the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, and getting away from the city for a week will do us wonders. As much as we love London, a trip to another country, where everything is new and unfamiliar, will be a welcome break. We can’t wait! 

So help us decide, won’t you? Which one of these three places would you go for a warm holiday? Have you been to any of these places? Leave a comment below! 


9 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Plans 2017: Barcelona, Sicily, or France?

  1. You have three very different and gorgeous places to choose from. I was in Portugal last summer and I really fell in love with it. It’s rich in culture, has beautiful beaches and beach activities. Portugal is also quite valuable priced compared some other European countries. You can read more about my travels in there in my blog’s travel category. 🙂

  2. I have been to Barcelona for the day but not doing anything as cultured as you would prefer. We visited the Nou camp stadium but that was really cool. We did that over 10 years ago though so would love to revisit.
    Personally I’d go with Sicily
    Happy Holidays.

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