Document Checklist when Applying for UK tourist visa from Philippines

Here is my application checklist when I was applying for UK tourist visa from Philippines. There were quite a number of things that were required but don’t be overwhelmed. All it takes is a bit of organization and thoroughness when compiling them.

This is the list of documents you will need to submit when applying for a UK visa. I’ve put some notes in based on my experience of. If applying for the visa for the first time or if you are a freelancer/ business owner like me, you may find this useful. However, please be aware that THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL ADVICE, THIS IS JUST A MEANS FOR ME TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCES, SO PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND TRUST YOUR OWN INSTINCTS.


Let me just say – compiling your documents thoroughly and meticulously is VERY important. In my other post: Q&A: Applying for UK Tourist Visa from Philippines, I mentioned that there is NO INTERVIEW. That means that your visa approval will rely on how well you’ve established your intentions to visit the UK and come back to the Philippines through your documents. 


Don't let this crazy UK Visa document checklist overwhelm you. Take it one step at a time and organize your thoughts and time.
Don’t let this crazy UK Visa document checklist overwhelm you. Take it one step at a time and organize your thoughts and time.


Current passport and Two (2) passport size colored photographs.  – Read the UK Visa photo guidelines to be sure that you have the right dimensions. When I was looking to get mine taken, I went to mall photo studios and they didn’t know what a UK visa photo size is. Best to bring your notes!  

Documents showing that you can support yourself during the trip. You can submit as many as you can of the following: 

  • Bank statements or bank books covering the past six (6) months
  • Bank letter or balance certificate 
  • Payslips covering up to the previous six months
  • Tax returns (business or personal)
  • Business bank account statements
  • Evidence of income from property or land (I passed property deeds, mortgage statements, and tenancy agreements.)
  • Sponsor’s bank statements up to previous six months

Documents providing details of accommodation and itinerary.  Paying for your accommodations and flights are highly discouraged, seeing as there is still a screening process that you need to get through. The documents you may submit include:

  • Planned itinerary including bookings or tickets for any events or activities that you wish to attend. I highly suggest that you include the cost of each activity to show that your plans are within your budget.
  • Airline booking confirmation from a travel agent or from the airline
  • Hotel Booking confirmation (sites like have a no-fee booking cancellation policy. You just need to confirm or cancel your accommodation before a given period of time.)
  • Previous passports to show your travel history
  • Letters from friends/sponsors whom you will be staying with, detailing complete addresses and contact information. If renting or sharing a flat, it also helps to have tenancy letters confirming that you are able to stay with them.

You have to present documents proving ties to the Philippines. This will guarantee the consulate that you do not intend to up and leave the country.  

  • If married, you can show evidence of your marital status such as a marriage certificate, a civil partnership certificate, etc)
  • If employed, you can present your contract of employment and a letter from employer on company letterhead detailing your salary, length of employment, and a confirmation that you are taking paid or unpaid leave from work. This works the same for students.
  • If you are a freelancer or a business owner, you will need to submit business registration documents confirming yourself as the business owner and date when the business started trading. This can be your DTI, BIR, or Mayor’s permit registration.

Print out of completed UK tourist visa online application form.



It is not required, but it also helped that I printed my checklist and used it as a cover page for reference. I organized everything in the order that they appeared on my checklist, and it helped when I got there and I needed to arrange my papers as required.


To copy or not to copy? Some people say you should, some people say not to. You can pay at the VFS to have your documents copied, but I had mine copied anyway. They will be taking your original documents and a copy (or a payment for copies). The visa officer took the entire lot and sent back the original documents when they sent me my visa. 


Paper size? Try to keep them as uniform as you can, but I don’t think it mattered. Different documents came in different sizes. 


Envelope/Folder? You can’t big your bag in or a solid colored folder. Everything will be checked into lockers at the security area. Put everything in ONE folder or a simple clear envelope.


Good luck! If I missed anything or if you have a question, let me know! 





59 thoughts on “Document Checklist when Applying for UK tourist visa from Philippines

  1. Hi Abbie. I just want to ask if how I’m going to arrange my documents? I’m quite confused. I have many documents to present. I got 11 documents for myself alone (Application form, Birth Certs, Passports, COE, Leave Cert, Bank Statement &Certificate, Payslips, ITR, Plane ticket reservation, Pictures for proof of relationship(also birth cert of sponsors) plus another 13 documents for my sponsor (Invi letter, Spon letter and declaration, Passports, 3 sets of Bank Statements, 1 set of Joint Bank Statement, 2 Share Investments, COE, Payslips, House ownership, P60, Marriage Cert, 2sets of Pensions). Can you please help me how to organized everything? I put them all in my Covering letter.

  2. Hi Abbi,

    Great to see a post like this. Me and my husband want to invite my brother, his wife and two young children to come over here for two weeks in June. They will be staying with us in our house (owned) and we will be sponsoring for all their expenses. His house is mortgaged and he is working in an aviation company for at least 10yrs now. He has SSS and Cooperative company loans that he still has to pay for at least another year. They have some money in their account that will cover more than what they will need for the entire trip if they are to pay for it. He also has a newly bought land (title not yet in his name). They have never been outside Philippines and they have just applied for their passport now. Though my brother’s passport is a renewed passport but he has never been anywhere with his first passport.

    All our concern is that being them the whole family applying to come over here all at once, do you think they have chance of getting approved? Or would the VFS think they are staying here for good? Would his work, bank account, mortgage, loans and land property be enough to prove VFS that they will certainly go back to Philippines after their 2weeks stay here? How much money do you think we will need in the bank to show the VFS?

    Would really appreciate if you can shed me some of your thougts here. Would really love for them to come over to visit us here to see my little girl and me see my nieces. And by the way i forgot to mention i am still in Maternity leave until July and my husband is retired but still earning just enough not to get taxed πŸ˜‰

    • Firstly, congratulations on your little bun in the oven. I hope you’re well. <3

      There's actually a rumour that it is better to apply for a tourist visa as a family, because obviously everyone has their own rootedness to their country, for example your brother has work, his children has school, his wife has businesses etc. This is only something I have read somewhere, but it makes sense. I guess it makes sense to establish this rootedness not just for him but for the children and his wife as well. As for money as long as it supports their itinerary it should work - so be clear on what their actual itinerary is and how much roughly the cost of living & travel expenses will be daily for all of them.

      Good luck, Yen!



  3. Hi. Informative blog. Do I have to attach my photo on Checklist or on application form for UK visa? Do I need to show my flight tickets and hotel accommodation? These are two main concern. My submission date is 8th May.

    • Thanks! 1 – I’m not sure, but from what I recall you just write your name on the back of the photo and add it to the application deck. It is not required to show your flight and hotel bookings, in fact the website says not to pay for flights before you get your visa. However, you can make flight reservations instead, which is a partial booking with a travel agent.

  4. Hello! Are they really going to get original copies? πŸ™‚ I am self employed (dentist) and i am one of the owners of a dental clinic which is registered as a corporation. I am afraid that I cannot give the original copy of our SEC registration since it’s an important document. Thank you!

  5. Hello again Abbi! I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your blog saved my ass bigtime! I booked for the visa appointment last February 9 and surprisingly got an email notification from VFS on the 17th. I didn’t know if it was granted or not until today that I received my passport back —- I GOT IT!!! Truly, the process is quicker when you are very organized and well prepared. God bless you!

  6. Also,may pahabol akong tanong.I only got a 3 month bank statements (kasi aabot ng 1 wk bgo mkuha if 6 months ang kukunin ko),but isasama ko naman ung bank passbook sa application ko .what do u think about that?


  7. Thanks for the reply khit late,ok lng πŸ™‚
    My appointment is this 15th of Feb. na so fingers crossed .
    BTW,may questions pa ako..
    I already have BIR cert.of Reg. (Nagparegister aq last wk ng Jan.) .ok na b un kpalit ng ITR ? o kelangan q pa dn gumawa ng Letter of Explanation ?
    Also,if I would bring my daughter (6 months old),what are the rules kaya?baka kasi isama ko pag kakuha ko ng passport nya sa March.

    Yung sponsor ko,pnagfill up ko din ng Sponsorship Undertaking Form and lahat ng documents(passport,marriage contract,electric bill,council vote,tenancy agreement,bank statement,payslip,job offer) nla nisend nila. Tingin mo ok na un?

    Thanks at hopefully mkasago ka. Good night !

  8. Hi! I am applying for a standard UK visit. I’m planning to go there as my graduation gift. My father will be paying for my entire trip. I’ll be travelling alone and will be staying at a hotel for probably 2 weeks. Do you think they will grant me a visa and will they grant me the 6 months tourist visa? What are your advices? Also, do I really need to make an itinerary and cover letter? What should be the cover letter about? Thank you! =)

  9. Hi Abbi,

    Id like to know how you submitted your documents? I have already compiled my documents on a clear book (red cover) as my submission is this monday. But i saw on one of your blogs that you placed yours on a folder? Were they fastened together? Or should i rather use a clear plastic envelop? My 8 yr old son is also applying with me, do you think i should separate his documents in another folder? Thanks very much!!

    • Lol! I see myself in you! I was so worried about this too lol. To be honest, I just placed everything in the right order in a folder. They will not take the folder, they will make you take everything out – so dont bother with the clearbook. I just placed them in an order I’m familiar with, used post its as tabs, and that’s it! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi katukayong Abbi.Very informative 2ng blog mo buti nkta ko sa google search πŸ™‚
    Just want to ask ur opinion..

    Me and my mom plans to visit UK this coming May 2017(to visit friends and purely tourism only),and we have sponsors (British couple,friend of mine)and may stay around 3 to 4 weeks..I have saving bank accounts,if I will sum it up it may show 150,000PHP only.I have a business (paupahan,earning 5k a month) but dont have any business permits and only one of my property have clean title under my name and my partner.The rent contracts too is under his name.I have 2 daughters too,age 6 and 6 months old.I’ve been to Hongkong once,and been in Thailand thrice and went back home without overstaying.
    What do you think?Do I already show a strong tie to Philippines?

    Hope you can let me know your opinion.Thank you in advance!

    • Hello Abhie! Sorry this response is terribly late, I’ve had a very busy start to the year. I think it sounds pretty strong, in my opinion! Just make sure you explain all of this in your cover letter. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Abbi! I just would like to ask about tourist visa, my bf wants me to visit him in UK because he can’t travel because of his health problem, what do I need to do? What are the requirements? And is there a good chance that it will be approved, just by myself I have no work so he will shoulder all the expenses. Hope I’ll get a reply soon. Thank you!

    • Hi Ric! Sorry to hear your boyfriend is ill. I hope he is feeling better. In my research, I’ve read of many cases where even if the sponsor promises to pay for the other party 100% the visa is still declined. As I always say, it is not just about whether you can pay for your trip, it is also about whether you can prove that you have no intention to stay and that you only want to visit. Make sure that you prove this and your chances should be better.

      Good luck!

      x Abbi

      PS. Do let me know what you think my most recent post! Please check out: Hope your 2017 is off to a great start! x

  12. Hello Abbi!

    Your blog is very helpful and I have been constantly checking it for updates. I will be applying for a UK visa soon and my English parents in law will be my sponsors. My husband and I plan to go to England together. I would just like to know if have to present a flight itinerary *a confirmed flight reservation* even if I don’t have my visa yet and we’ll be staying in their place. I’m just a bit worried because we don’t want to pay for flight bookings without knowing whether I’ll get a visa or not. I saw a travel agency online that offers mock flight itinerary copies and they claim that it’s becoming a trend but I don’t know how legit it is. Any tips for this one? Thanks in advance and kudos to your fantastic blog πŸ™‚


  13. Hi Abbi, Happy holidays. Not sure if you’re still able to see this but I hope you do. This may be a long read. I’d supper appreciate if you can give an insight if not, that’s fine too. πŸ™‚

    My family (mama, papa, me and my son) plants to visit my sister in UK this coming March. I work at home under COMPANY A which is my main source of income but I also have outside clients. I registered my name as a Business and I pay my tax voluntarily. This is how it shows in my Official Receipts: First Name, Last name Freelance Virtual Assistant. In my tax payment, I only declare the salary I’m getting from my part time. I have enough savings but I’m worried that they might find that the credits in my Bank account is not consistent from my ITR. Will this affect my chance of getting approved? Btw, my sister and her husband are co-sponsoring our trip.

    Also, my father is a seaman and just got off a week ago. He has enough savings as well but by the time that we will apply for our Visa, which is this January, he will not have a work contract to present. He will shoulder all our airfare and some expenses.

    Lastly, my son is using his father’s last name. His NSO birth certificate comes with an affidavit that shows acknowledgement by the father. We are not married and don’t live together anymore. Will we need a permit from the father so my son can travel? When we went to HK and Korea no one has asked me for a permit but I just wanted to make sure this is still the case?

    In lieu of House title etc, can I also present car ownership or that doesn’t add a value to my application? Thank you very much in advance.

    • Hi Rea! I’m sorry for the late response, I’ve been very busy. This is a bit complex as it is a tourist visa applied as a group which I’m not familiar with. In my opinion your family has a strong case, but I’m not a professional so I don’t think my opinion would matter so much. πŸ™ Very sorry I can’t help too much. Just make sure to attach all the documents required and explain your circumstances in a cover letter.

      Wishing you luck!

      x Abbi

      PS. Do drop some love on my most recent post! Please check out: Hope your 2017 is off to a great start! x

  14. Hi! From all of the blogs regarding uk visa approval, this by far is the most helpful. I am applying for the UK visit visa and my planned trip would be this Christmas season. I saw the online application and taking my time to fill it out. Ive got one problem, i lost my expired passport. My new passport got a couple of stamps from other countries that I visited. Do you think it has any bearings to help me get my visa approved? Shall I declare it? What do u think I should do?

    • SOrry this response took a while, I have been very busy. It is fine to apply with only your valid passport, you can present an affidavit of loss for your previous one. In the application form you will be asked about previous travel experience. You can outline your old travel experiences there. I don’t think it has a huge bearing on the decision, but it can be helpful.

  15. Hi Abbi! I just want to ask if there will be a chance for me to get a tourist visa and my boyfriend will be my sponsor. Well I’am a fresh graduate, so I have no work yet and have no bank accounts. We’re planning for me to open a savings account and he’ll deposit money there. Do you think they will question it since I am unemployed?

    • Cassy, I am not a visa officer so I can’t give you a definite answer to this. My best guess is that they will look at your finances and how you earned the money, especially because when you submit your bank statements it will have to be over a 6 month period – i’m guessing this is so they can look at how money comes in and out of your account. Bear in mind that you’re applying for a tourist visa, so it is your own financial capability and ties to your home country that matters more than your sponsor’s background. This is just my opinion though, please let me know how your application goes. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  16. Hello, Im a nurse here in saudi for almost 5 years and next year i will have 6 months leave i have never been in any country than saudi but i will be travelling first to thailand then apply for UK visa, do you think I have a big chance to get the visa?? thank you, I really want to visit UK hope you will respond Ms. Abbi..

  17. Hi I’ve seen your recent post I have a question again as I’m getting crazy already just thinking all of this haha! I don’t know which one is better or the easiest one to get there is it the fiance visa or spouse visa. With the fiance visa do I really need to have my own money to prove that I can support myself for 6months as I’m going there as fiance and will get married? About the spouse visa do we really need to be like living together for 2years? I’m sorry I have a lot of questions.
    Anyway thank you for replying Abbi!

  18. Hi!! I just want to know if I will be able to get tourist visa even if I don’t have any work experience here in the philippines I mean no back accounts and everything becaus my boyfriend in UK will be the one who’ll pay everything. Is there a chance they will approve my visa application?

  19. My schengen visa was refused but i’d appeal w/in this month. Is it OK to answer NO in the question if I got visa refusal other than UK, since i will still submit an appeal and no final decision yet? Will it affect my UK applcn if I put YES instead? Thanks Abbi!

    • Hmm. Tricky! I have had a shengen visa denied as well a long time ago so i had to declare it. I would declare it to be sure, but explain that I am repealling the visa in the comments section. But that’s just my opinion!

  20. Hi Ms. Abbi,
    Your blog about uk visa application is very informative, thank you for sharing!
    I’m planning to visit my sister in UK this coming december but it will be my first time to travel to uk so im quite anxious with the visa application. will it be ok with you to share a copy of your travel itinerary that you passed? thanks a lot!

    • Hi Jewel! I don’t have it anymore, but I remember it was over christmas and new year so I just placed it on an excel file and had details like
      Week 1: Meet famaily in Ascot, transport budget GBP70, food budget: none
      Activities: (I listed parks and activities I planned to do with my fiance’s family if any), Price: free.
      Week 2: Explore London, transport budget: GBP30 per day, Food budget GBP50 per day.
      Activities: (then I listed museums, destinations etc.) Price: GBP
      Week 3: Scotland, transport budget, Accommodations budget, food budget
      Activities: Price:

      You can just do it that way. What’s important is to always show that you are conscientious of your budget and itinerary. If you want to find activities in the UK check out my posts here- or check out my instagram page there’s a lot of my fave places there too πŸ™‚

      Good luck!

  21. hi abby,

    Thank you very much for your fast reply, i really appreciates it. Now i have big hopes. Your blog is pretty helpful πŸ™‚ i’m sooo excited now. I will follow your advice! πŸ™‚ God bless you more! I’ll keep you posted about my application.


  22. hi abby,
    i would like to apply for a tourist visa in UK, my bf will sponsor me for my trip, tickets, accommodation and everyday expenses.
    Currently i’m just starting at work as a property specialist, with my job my subsidy depends on my production ( sale) and we are earning on a commissions basis. Right now i don’t have a sale yet. i had last year from my previous company.
    Please advice me what is the best thing to do.

    And There s a question there for property and savings? in my case i have a property with co-ownership, should i declare it? though my co-owner is the one who’s paying for taxes of the property. My concern is if i declare the property under my name with co-ownership , do you think it didn’t matter? i am worried they will probably ask if i’m paying the taxes, which my co-ownership does. Thank you and God bless.


    • Hi Kate! On your first question, maybe you can ask for a letter from employer indicating that your job is on commission basis. If it is very new, ie. a month or under, I suggest including old payslips. You can explain this in your cover letter. I think what matters is that you establish that you have a job waiting for you and to come back to in manila. Adding previous payslips can explain the money you saved up for your travels.

      On your 2nd question, I included my property documents, including those I have co-ownership with. It shows that I have properties and real ties to the Philippines.

      Hope that helps, good luck!

    • For tourist visa, you will be provided a checklist when you pass your docs. Making your own is just useful for your own organizing purposes.

      • Hi ma’am can you give me an idea about the checklist on applying visit visa in and my son is going to apply visit visa on march and my fiance is the sponsor.

  23. I applied for Schengen visa to France last March and unfortunately I was denied. I didn’t bother appealing. Do you think it would affect my UK tourist visa application for UK?

    • I don’t think so. I also had a denied student visa to Ireland in 2008, I stated it where it was asked on my application and still got my visa.

      Good luck!

  24. My girlfriend wants to visit me in the UK but she doesnt have a bank account to show her budget for the last six months and as she does not work she cannot show wage slips and she has not got the funds to open an account. Is there any way round this situation?

    • Hello twadeeha! From my research I’m different forums and personal experience, it seems that two things are the most important factors in getting a visitor visa.

      First, proof of funds – documents showing the relation of your travel fund to your travel plans, for ex. Bank statements.

      Secondly, proof of your intention to go back to your home country after your travel plans – for ex. A clear travel itinerary, proof of employment or business, proof of previous travels.

      Just make sure to have all the requirements and to be honest in your application, then hope for the best. There is no actual published criteria to getting the visa, but just push your luck with a lot of preparation.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

  25. i am planning to apply for a short visit visa in UK. i just want to ask if there’s a standard form for Documents Visit Visa Checklist?
    or should i make my own checklist?
    your page help a lot. Thank you!

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