Things to Do on a Weekend in Paris

 Ah….Paris, the city of love. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a weekend in Paris twice this year, and I am absolutely smitten. The classical renaissance and baroque buildings, the effortlessly chic style of Parisians, the cheese and wine… just thinking about this city takes my breath away. It’s on every girl’s top travel list, for a good reason – Paris is a centre of fashion, architecture, art and food (my absolute favourite). The city combines all things beauty, art and history. Picturesque through and through, and the best part about it is that it’s just a train ride away from London. Perfect for a weekend rendezvous.

And with a weekend in Paris at hand, what can you do? Where do you even start? Here are some of my top things to do when in Paris:

Eat, eat, eat

Most of you know by now that every time that I visit a new place, my top priority is food. Paris is an undeniably delicious destination for foodies. From a quaint bistro to an indulgent patisserie – There are plenty of options and I highly recommend looking for reviews beforehand. The best places are in quiet residential streets, away from the main tourist spots. When in town, make sure you indulge in cheese, baguettes, le entrecote, foie gras, fresh oyster platters, and patisserie. Sample it all! Afterall, you’re there for just the weekend. C’est la vie!

Sitting Al Fresco in French Bistro

With the gorgeous Parisienne weather, there is no other way to enjoy the daytime in Paris. Parisians are known to spend their time sitting in bistros and cafes for hours on end, and I get why they do it. There’s nothing more laid back than people watching, taking in the splendid scenery, looking up at the gorgeous French buildings and quaint streets, chatting with a friend or just reading a good book with a glass of chardonnay on hand. It may be a simple activity (or inactivity) but trust me on this, you’ll enjoy it. It’s the perfect way to unwind on a lazy weekend in Paris. 


If arts and culture are your thing, Paris is definitely heaven for you. Enjoy some of the worlds best museums open to the admiring public. They have museums for just about everything – fashion, modern art, medieval, renaissance, historical figures. Walk through centuries of history in an afternoon. See the iconic Monalisa at the Louvre, or marvel in the Musée d’Orsay’s grandiose architecture, or see something niche and non-touristy like Pagoda Paris. There’s a lot to see in one of the world’s oldest cities. One tip: even if you decide last minute where to go, buy your tickets online. The walk in queue is insane, and we just waltzed in with a barcode on my phone!  


Parks and Landmarks

Landmarks and parks are abundant in Paris. Beyond the must-see Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe are  other places like the family friendly Luxembourg Gardens or Le Coulee Verte which is a green park built over an old railway (how cool is that!). When luck strikes and you happen to be visiting Paris on April, you can visit Parc de Sceaux and enjoy the beauty of Cherry Blossoms. Paris is a gift that keeps on giving.

Whether you’re just looking to have a weekend away from London or you’re spending a very quick rendezvous with your loved one – I hope I gave you a few useful tips in maximizing your weekend in Paris, and if you have other amazing places that you have discovered, do share your experience! Have fun in Paris!

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