Luxury dining in El Celler de can Roca, Girona Spain

We’ve recently had the pleasure of trying out the second best restaurant in the world, El Celler De can Roca.

When our friends invited us to join them for a reservation at el Celler de can Roca, we didn’t even take a minute to say yes. Never mind that it was in the middle of the week, that it is in another country, or that it’s an indulgent splurge -when you get the chance to dine in el Celler, you take that chance.

Three brothers, all the accolades.

Ranked the No.1 restaurant in the world TWICE in recent years, El Celler de Can Roca is founded on the inspired creativity of head chef Joan, sommelier Josep, and pastry chef Jordi Roca, three brothers who have created a legacy for their name in the food business. They brag of a long-standing rank of three Michellin stars, countless food industry awards, and a waitllist so long that my friend had actually been trying annually for 3 years before she luckily managed to book a reservation!

  Thanks again for inviting us to this wonderful experience, Shreya and Prash! Next time I’ll try to get the reservations! LOL.

Entering El Celler

Their restaurant in Girona is a modern and elegant dining room. It was a clean and understated space that boasts of open space and nature. Its relaxing and mininal vibe allows the food to truly shine.

Upon sitting on the table, you immediately see three rocks at the centre of the table. This represents the three brothers, in a way symbolising the foundations of el Celler. Girona is their hometown, which makes entering the space feel like it is walking into their house.

The evening specials

We’ve come all this way so we naturally had to go all out. We chose the Can Roca Feast menu, a 20-course food and wine pairing.

The menu takes you on a culinary journey from start to finish. It was rather sentimental. Each dish came in with the complexity and craftsmanship that you would expect from a place with such a huge reputation – but what really made it special were the stories and inspiration behind each dish.

El Celler de can Roca - Memories of a Bar

Here are some examples of how full of heart this dining experience was. One of my favourite dishes of the night was a starter called “Memories of a Bar in Girona”, where the waiters unfolded a pop-up card with pictures of them as children on your plate, and lain upon it creations inspired by their young lives in their parents’ restaurant. A lot of the wines were sourced from smaller vineyards in Spain, a demonstration of pride for their own. We were also tickled by the fact that Green Colourology, a cold dessert, was served with dinosaur cutlery – why? Because Jordi thought they looked fun!

Beyond the expert techniques and the breathtaking presentation it is this whimsical passion and love for their humble roots that makes the food doubly special than they already were. It was over five hours of dining – and I savoured every minute of it! I’ll let the photos of some of my favourites speak for themselves!

Ending with a handshake

How does one make a 20-course feast fit for royalty even more unforgettable? By ending the night with a handshake to thank the chef and the sommelier! On our way out, we found Joan and Josef standing casually by the door, truly as if we were simply roaming the halls of their home. We ofcourse needed to shake their hands and take a photo. Later on, Jordi joined the brothers and I watched on as they chatted and laughed with one another, greeting and thanking every guest out of the door. It was a picture of authenticity – just another night in their humble abode.

We had a lovely time and will surely love another visit if they’d have us once more!

El Celler de can Roca
With Joan and Josef Roca

The low down


  • Price: ££££
  • Attire: Smart casual
  • Category: Luxury dining, special occasions, bucketlist
  • Location: El Celler Can Roca – Can Sunyer, 48, Girona
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15 thoughts on “Luxury dining in El Celler de can Roca, Girona Spain

  1. Oh wow this looks absolutely incredible. I couldn’t imagine making my way through a 20 course meal but it looks so amazing that how could you not. So nice that the chef and sommelier took the time to shake hands and take photos at the end of your meal too

  2. Wow, that food looks amazing. We can fly from Bournemouth to Girona – would make a lovely weekend break with Hubby and a real treat to eat somewhere like this

  3. Wow, it’s all in the presentation isn’t it? So beautifully plated. I used to work in the fine dining industry and spent so much time thinking about how to plate and present food. It does make you feel special. But in recent years I’ve found myself more into simple, rustic presentation. But I loved seeing your experience.

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