Exploring Taormina Bay with Sicily Spot Luxury Tours

Andrew and I finally had a chance to have a honeymoon recently, and it was made extra special with a lovely treat – exploring Taormina bay with Sicily Spot luxury tours. 


It took us over a year to do it, but it was such a fantastic experience. Our life together started out in a whirlwind of moving in, constructing our new home, fixing my UK residency, and landing a job. With everything that we’ve gone through together in the past year, it was important that we put in the time to spend some relaxing time as a couple. We’ve also realised that if we keep on delaying it as our life together moves forward, we might never find the time for it!  

We deliberated several destinations but as an island girl, I needed a generous dosage of vitamin sea and sunshine.  The beautiful island of Sicily ticked this box and more. As this was a special occasion we wanted to make the most out of the trip, and Sicily Spot helped us make that happen.

Sicily Spot offers luxury Sicilian experience, whether it is wandering the beautiful seas via yacht, fishing with the locals, or seeing  Etna from the clouds. They also offer luxury accommodations and transfers. We had the opportunity to experience one of their shorter offerings, a “Chic Shot” which was a few hours of going around Taormina bay in one of their luxury powerboats. 

Taormina Bay is probably one of the most enchanting places I’ve ever been in. The vivid blue water, the majestic coast is almost too good to be true. We cruised along Giardini Naxos, Capo Taormina, Bay of Mazzaro and the Mermaid’s Bay. We swam to our heart’s content and while onboard the yacht, we were served with fresh fruits and wine – reminiscing about it makes me sigh and want to go back.  All we did is bask in the sun, enjoy each other’s company and get fed. Our honeymoon is definitely one for the books, not only because of the majestic view, but how Sicily Spot has given us the warmest welcome, the kindest smiles and the most impeccable service and that is something worth experiencing once (or thrice, okay maybe more) in your lifetime.


You can get in touch directly via their website (www.sicilyspot.com) and check out their tour packages and what services they can offer you. I hope you guys have an amazing time there as much as we did!


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