An Afternoon in Crazy Camden

Camden is quite a shock to the senses. Known for its artistic vibe and freedom of expression, stepping into this part of London is an experience that must not be missed. 


Let me tell you, you will feel the undeniable buzz that’s unique to Camden as soon as you step out of the tube station. The sea of tourists, loud music from different shops, the market with all its interesting stalls, and the group of punks and goths that are hanging out just at the corner are just some of the many sights that will welcome you to Camden. It is busy, and loud, and has something to check out in every nook and cranny. My kind of place! 

I went there with my friend, Shina, who was in town for a lay over. We had a great time despite us only having a few hours to kill. 

Crazy, lovely, wonderful Camden


The main thing to do in Camden is to explore. Shina and I first checked out the many lines of street stalls and boutiques, selling everything from eyeglasses to steam punk and goth fashion. Camden is known to be the hub of punk and goth culture, and this loud, vibrant, and very much alive here more than any other part of London.

punk retro dresses on display

Every building and wall was also something to look at. Known for being an area with street art around every corner, Camden is an urban artists haven. There is an actual Camden street art tour that you can join. Unfortunately, Shina and I didn’t have enough time to join one. Maybe next time. 

No street is safe from urban artists


We eventually ended up in Camden Lock, which is currently Camden’s food market where you can find a wide array of street food from every part of the world.  Don’t bother going into a restaurant to eat in Camden. Go to Camden Lock and have a full on foodgasm on every kind of food – from fish and chips to vietnamese spring rolls to jerk chicken to mac and cheese. It’s a foodie’s heaven.

 I highly suggest coming as a group and ordering a bunch of food to share with each other, as there was too many food stalls to salivate over! Also, bring cash. I forgot to bring some and I guess that was a blessing in disguise, cause I would have eaten my weight in street food if I didn’t. 


There were also some great pubs that look over the canal, making for an ideal spot for sight seeing and people watching. My friend and I spent time to chat and watch the buzz outside over a glass of wine and cider. 

After the food trip, we started walking around and found ourselves walking into the Camden Stables. My friend is a horseback riding entusiast, and she literally followed the stables down into a hidden market of antiques, vintage items, and art. 

If these walls can talk. Age old tunnels converted into antique and novelty boutiques


We just spent the next hour literally going ooh and ahh at every little thing in Camden. As a tourist, Camden is really something that I’d recommend one should see when visiting London. It was a thing out of Alice’s dreams, definitely a wonderland you’d want to get lost in. 

Join the mad tea party in Camden


Have you been to Camden? Share your fave spots below! You can see some more photos of my day here




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