Sunday Spotlight: JORD, a Unique Watch and Great Gift Idea

As Christmas is only a few days away (ACK!) it is again time to think of gifts for loved ones. Because of this, my husband and  I decided to brave the crowds of Oxford street to check out the Black Friday weekend sales yesterday. As much as I felt that it was a productive day, I can’t deny that I was exhausted at the end of the day. We came out of the madness alive! 

However, the problem with shopping from the rack is that there is little to no originality out there when it comes to presents. While it is most definitely the thought that counts, sometimes it is nice to be able to give something special to the ones closest to you. For some people, you know another bath bomb just won’t cut it. 

JORD Wood Watches
JORD Wood Watches

Thank god for the modern miracle of online shopping! I’ve recently found out about JORD watches, and they are a great option for Christmas presents this year.

JORD watches are gorgeous statement pieces that reflect your personal style and passion for sustainable fashion. Wooden watches are all the rage. I am not one for trends, but if it is one that drives environmental consciousness, count me in! I love pieces that have a lot of artistry and love put into them.

JORD Watches: A Unique Watch and Versatile Gift

Each luxury timepiece is individually hand crafted and is made from 100% natural wood. Unlike metal or leather watch straps, it is perfectly comfortable weather it is a warm day or a cold winter evening. It looks rustic and elegant at the same time, and puts a lot of personality into your outfit. JORD watches look great on men and women alike. 


Personal and From the Heart

I fell in love with my JORD watch. I picked the Frankie 35 JORD Watch. It is something that I can personally vouch for, and that’s one thing that I make a note of when I’m giving anything to anyone. It has to be something that I actually like and appreciate. It is both stylish and comfortable. It is lightweight and feels like second skin. As a gift, I thought it was also great that I could customise the watch in a number of ways. Not only can you get it custome fitted, you can also add a personal message on the back of the watch or on the beautifully crafted wooden box. 

A gift from the heart
Custom engraving on the backplate
Custom engraving on the Jord watch box

Something to Keep You Close

My mom taught me a great rule for gifting – when picking a gift, give something that allows them to carry you with them wherever they go. This applies wonderfully to expats like me, who want their presence felt despite being miles away. A watch is a great option for this gifting rule, as it doesn’t just remind the person of you, it also helps them manage the ultimate luxury of them all – time. 

With Christmas coming full speed ahead, let’s go back to the old adage of making the thought count. While it is easy to run to the shop to pick up something off the rack, putting thought and love into your gift can make the holiday vibes last all year round. 

If you are looking to buy a watch for a friend, family, or even as a treat for yourself, click here for to get a $25 JORD Watches giftcode!


Wooden Wristwatch


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