The Escapologist Bar Review & the London Blogger Meet Up

Last month, I had the pleasure of organising the  London Blogger drinks for April in The Escapologist Bar in Covent Garden.

We needed a venue that was large enough to let us reserve a spot for a group of 30 people but wouldn’t break the bank. It also needed an intimate vibe, one where we can actually talk and get to know one another. I got on google and searched for “best London happy hour spots” and came across this gem.


The Escapologist

The Escapologist feels like the lovechild of London’s old world charm and modern art. The place has a refined look but an eccentric soul. Kind of similar to a monocle wearing bearded English man with a penchant for drinking fine whisky while prancing in bright coloured kimonos and headdresses from his travels to the East. If that mental picture comes as a complete puzzle to you, then do visit The Escapologist. You will understand what I mean. 
The Escapologist has beautiful mahogany interiors that resembled an old mansion cigar room. However, in stark contrast, its walls were adorned with gold-framed, beautiful, and large portraits of gentlemen that have been enhanced with feminine flower crowns and bright coloured geometric shapes. The bar was dimly lit, giving it the feeling of an intimate and private affair.
The intriguing and mysterious vibe is reaffirmed by its private sections for bigger groups, one of which we had the luxury of staying in. The Grand Hall is a private room in The Escapologist that can hold groups of 20-40 people. It is a secret room that has a door that’s disguised as a giant portrait. Upon entering, you find a room with art deco furnishings where you can have your own little world with you VIP’s. The room even comes with its own volume control – so you can dance like no one’s watching, or dial down the volume of the music when you want to have a conversation over cocktails. 
 The Escapologist Bar (1)
The entrance to the Grand Hall
Our private room, The Grand Hall in The Escapologist Bar
Speaking of cocktails, the drinks in this gorgeous bar did not disappoint. Its many interesting options had us trying one after the other.  They were both delicious and beautifully presented  – a true intoxicating work of art.  They have many choices on their menu, and it helps that they are known as one of the city’s best Happy Hour spots – if you are up for a good knees up, then their 5-7PM cocktails is right up your alley. You get 2 for 1 on cocktails, glasses of wine or prosecco, and select beers.
The Escapologist Bar (4)
One thing that we wish The Escapologist can improve on is their food offerings. While the pizzas were definitely delicious, it wouldn’t hurt to have something slightly less greasy to have with cocktails. Some finger food, perhaps? Then again, it goes with the whole theme of a quirky sophistication. 
Overall, The Escapologist was amazing and definitely one that I would recommend and come back to.
I gave The Escapologist a 4 out of 5 on Zomato! Check it out here!


London Blogger Drinks

This is our second London Blogger drinks, following the after work meet-up that we had in Mabel’s Covent Garden, organised by the darling @Vikibell. It is great to connect with people in our group in person. As much the group’s identity and personalities are rooted in the virtual world, meeting someone face to face is always both nerve-racking and pleasantly surprising. You really get to know them on a more personal level, and that’s a good thing to have when you’re engaged in a hobby/passion that is characteristically solitary. 
Anyway, suffice to say that this is definitely not the last! I’m sure there’s more bound to come especially with the coming of summer. 
Thanks for making it an awesome evening guys. Catch you all soon! 
Thanks to Sam from Adventure Bar for having us, Elle for bringing us all together, Kristine for the photos, and Mollie for the freebies! Def need to make a round up about that as well! 

18 thoughts on “The Escapologist Bar Review & the London Blogger Meet Up

  1. It looks amazing! I love quirky places to drink (not that i get to much now ive got a little one haha) I get what you meant about pizza, it can get messy!

  2. Loving the look and feel of the bar definitely one I would like to visit. As for the meet up well done you guys, I haven’t been to a meet up in forever

  3. The bloggers in London seem like some of the best people and I love that you’re such a tight group. How much fun is the Escapologist Bar?! The atmosphere is fun and the drinks look amazing! What more could a girl need?

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