Sunday Spotlight: Gotta Love these Big Blogger Expo Brands! ❤

Living Proof, Juvadent, BoroughBox, Dr. PAWPAW and many more! Big Blogger Expo featured companies that represent the modern woman’s lifestyle. Here are the highlights.

There is no denying that bloggers play a big role in the buying habits of the modern woman. Before, all we had were print and TV ads. These days, we have the advantage of the internet and social media when it comes to our purchases. We are able to make buying decisions based on the recommendations of kindred spirits – people who are the same age, same financial bracket, same personalities, even. 

Sunday Spotlight

That’s why I was so pleased to find some great women lifestyle brands in the recent Big Blogger Expo hosted by I have been wanting to start a “Sunday Spotlight” section in my blog, wherein I can talk about some cool products that have made a great impact on me. I was able to find some really interesting companies in the Big Blogger expo that truly resonates with my needs and wants as a female blogger and will most likely be something that  will be interesting to my readers. I thought to make a list of all of them and write what I thought of each one! Great way to kick off this weekly blog habit, don’t you think?   


Big Blogger Expo 2016: The Brands 


Botox and dermal fillers are not just for cosmetic reasons. Yes, they are confidence boosters, but they also have medical uses, such as alleviating excessive sweating. I have never been against cosmetic procedures, but I have always been against young people doing it so early on! I’m glad that they only provide the service to people who are 18 and above. It was also great to know that the founders of Juvadent are medical professionals, both from the A&E! It is a relief to know that only true professionals are handling a more complex beauty treatment.

Juvadent at Big Blogger Expo, London 2016
Juvadent at Big Blogger Expo, London 2016


Organic bath salts that are focused on wellness more than anything else. Behind it are a group of experts that promise to deliver pure and quality bath salts from all over the world! Did you know that there are many benefits to different bath salts, and there are a number of ways to use them? You can even put them in your shampoo for a healthy scalp! Interesting. 


Brandbassador  x One Piece Norway 

A social platform for brands to meet bloggers and vice versa. They have some really cool brands there, just like One Piece Norway. Definitely something to check out whether you’re a blogger or a business. All you have to do is connect your accounts and they are able to match you with prospective brands who might be interested in your feedback or working with you. One Piece also gave a cool cap that was also part of an Instagram contest. I had to get in on that, plus, it was just very selfie-worthy. 



Living Proof  

A hair product that celebrities like Jennifer Anniston attest to. They are addressing two big problems when it comes to women’s haircare – humidity and dirt. Their anti-frizz products and dry shampoo are a definite must try. I have always been skeptical of dry shampoo. I tend to wash my hair every other day, if not daily. I have tried the dry shampoo and have really felt my hair feel and smell quite clean. It apparently absorbs and removes dirt from your hair, instead of just masking your hair with fragrance. I’m truly impressed. Still don’t think I can make it to several days without washing it, but I am happy to have this product for when I need to get out of the gym quickly to rush to somewhere else. 

Living Proof Dry Shampoo at Big Blogger Expo
Living Proof Dry Shampoo at Big Blogger Expo

Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell 

Organic skin care that is good for all skin types and shades. Deborah Mitchell, known for her bee venom masks, promises you fresh and youthful after-spa glow as part of your daily routine! Loved this product and I have actually started incorporating it into a daily beauty regime. The honey beebee cream fits my asian skin tone perfectly, which is usually a hard thing to find. 

Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell


Multi-functional balms for lips, cheek, scars, dry skin, and even your baby’s nappy rash. That’s pretty amazing. A friend of mine said that it even works as a great minor scar remover. Multi-functionality is a win for me, every time. It also comes in tinted versions so you can have that subtle blush anytime.  

Dr. PawPaw Products
Dr. PawPaw Products 

Cute jewellery that suits every personality and every age. Ideal stuff to have to spruce up your daily ootd. Also, the best thing about them is their dedication to packaging. They really put a ton of love into their products, and it shows not just with the attention to design and quality, but also the amount to effort and thought that goes into the wrapping, making any Jewellery Box accessory recipient feel truly special. 




Definitely my favorite booth. Boroughbox is an online marketplace for artisan food items and luxury food hampers that would be a perfect gift for someone you want to impress! They have a delicious variety of products, from traditional and premium must-haves to new and unique flavors. If you are looking to buy something traditional for your mom in law, or something new and exotic for your boss, this is the new go to. They really did such a fantastic job with their stall and showcased some very interesting chtneys, olive oils, breads, wines, etc. A real foodie heaven, if you asked me!



Bonnie Boo Gifts 

Launched on the day of the expo itself, Bonnie Boo is a great gift idea for your mummy-to-be friends with their range of adorable and functional products to fill the nursery with. They are also planning to eventually branch out into hosting baby showers. At this age, we are encountering a lot of new families among our networks. Never worry about thinking of what to get an expecting friend again! 

Bonnie Boo Gifts

Return to Glory 

If you are looking to get a pamper session but don’t have the time to head out to a spa, this mobile massage and beauty solution is perfect. They have corporate accounts too. Stress is bad for business, and they can sort that out.  Tell your boss you need them in the office! 

Jody Bell 

Vibrant and colorful summer fashion. Home of the sundowner, which I tried and loved. Perfect beach holiday ootd! They also featured some gorgeous bags and accessories that can really bring out a sunny disposition in you. Jody was such a lovely person, and is definitely  an inspirational woman! 

Jody Bell
Posing with Ms. Jody bell in a Jody Bell sundowner!

Shop Two Three 

Urban chic and truly fashion forward. If you are looking to put some edge to your outfit, Shop Two Three has some great outfits and accessories that can make you stand out. The crowd pleaser? Reflective geometric sunnies that look amazing on anyone!

Two Three

4 You By You 

4 You by you is a student centric platform that provides student discounts on  awesome brands, like cosmetic brand Instant Effects and many more! Check out their website! There’s a lot of interesting brands there and you can get a student discount.


Proceed with caution! 

The blogging world is truly a win win all around. You are able to learn of services and products, make better informed decisions, compare prices, and more while companies are able to reach their market more efficiently. People do not appreciate how useful this accessibility of information is to our lives!

It goes without saying that with every recommendation should come caution. Many brands approach bloggers and in turn, the bloggers recommend to readers. To truly utilize the blogosphere, one has to always remember that authenticity and proper information is key. As I begin writing a weekly spotlight post, I promise my best to stay authentic and keep only giving advice that I really stand by and have truly looked into. Also to say that these are my opinions, and while I’d strongly stand by them, I’d highly recommend doing more research. As I said, all the information is out there! Be sure to utilise it!

Anyway. So glad to get this first Sunday Spotlight post done, finally! New week, new adventures ahead! Can’t wait to write about them all. Do subscribe or follow me on twitter or instagram to get blog updates! You’ll even catch me on snapchat (a.gabasa) trying these products out so do add me if you’re on there. 

Stay awesome! 



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