Peekawoo: Old School Dating Meets the Digital Age

There is no escaping digital dating, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through countless virtual creeps and pervs to find the right one.

This is the premise behind Peekawoo, a dating app that promises to bring the old school ways of dating into the digital age. 


With the rise of the digital age came the rise of efficiency and convenience, and if there’s a way to make life easier, why not take it? Dating apps seem to have found this excuse and ran with it, and we trotted right along with them. I have used a dating app, so I am not one to judge anyone who goes on a dating app or site to find love. Love IS hard to find. Heck, LIKE is hard to find. Dating apps have paved way for the chance to meet more potential prince charmings in a few hours of swiping left and right than your grandma may have ever met in her lifetime. 


However, as more people signed up, the number of decent conversations started dropping. With the rise of this digital soiree somehow came the death of dating decency.  You’ll often be plagued by downright shameless pervs. Recently there was even news of a woman using a dating app to get guys to buy her pizza. WOW. 

Online dating finds a fighting chance in Peekawoo, a dating app that brings back to light what truly matters… COMPATIBILITY.


Peekawoo swims against the tide of dating apps by placing a value on what old school dating was first and foremost about – COMPATIBILITY. Not just on a physical level, but on a level that involves your interests and personality, the way that people used to actually spark relationships back in the day. Founders Valenice Balace and Mara Ang created Peekawoo to break free from the hookup culture that current dating apps provide. How does it work? You download the iOs app, sign in through facebook or twitter, then you are able to filter possible matches based on your basic info and preferences instead of location. Here’s the awesome part: for you to begin chatting with someone you need to be able to correctly answer three out of five questions which the other person created. Sounds like a quiz? Sounds like a good idea.  


Peekawoo also organizes events like speed dates, mixers, and movie screenings which encourage users to really get out there and test the dating waters. One key feature that users might love is their in-app STORE which allows you to book a date or send items from 700 restaurants, cafe, movie house and more nationwide.


Watch this teaser video!


I love how Peekawoo have transformed the dating app from a catalogue of booty calls into an actual network of potential meaningful connections. With over 25,000 users and growing, this is an app that opens doors to real relationship possibilities. It saves you precious time and emotion that you might otherwise waste investing on a person whom you have nothing in common with at all, and worse, might con you into buying him/her dinner. Dare I say that with Peekawoo, the quest for love online is seeing a glimmer of hope.


So if you’re looking for love, or at least, a darn good chance at it, give Peekawoo a shot! 



1 thought on “Peekawoo: Old School Dating Meets the Digital Age

  1. This is a great idea for people who really want to connect with strangers. It will also sound like a better love story to share than just meeting on an online dating app 🙂

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