Creativity Captured at the #JobyLive GorillaPod Party

Joby, the folks behind GorillaPod, threw an awesome party last 14 September 2017 at the Hospital Club that showcased their range of products and how content creators are using them. 

It was the perfect setting to meet new friends and fellow bloggers. Crafted towards the interests of content creators, the party had a very interactive vibe to it, featuring several kinds of influencers showing how the use Gorilla pods in creating content. Beauty blogger Charlotte Jonsie showed her make up set up, and even gave people makeovers. Travel and Lifestyle vlogger Angelo Meloni expertly filmed skateboarders showing some skills on the dancefloor. The event was great fun and really highlighted the cool things that you can do with a Gorilla Pod. Check out our photos below!


GorillaPod by Joby

It’s not like it needs further introduction, to be honest. Joby is one of the leading innovators with tripods and their most popular product, the GorillaPod has been an essential part of photographer/filmmaker’s arsenal. Bloggers also love how it is flexible and accommodates both cameras and smartphones, giving them the ability to use one tripod for different devices. It also has a minor cult following in outdoor photography, as it is lightweight and easily fits in your backpack so it doesn’t weigh you down. My husband has had a GorillaPod since it first came out, and he made good use of it during his climbing trips. GorillaPod helps any person, of any skill level, to expertly capture moments on film. 

My Favourite GorillaPod

As a blogger, Joby’s GorillaPod Magnetic has been a very useful companion in creating my content. I can attach my smartphone, point and shoot camera or any action video camera with its tripod mount.  I can bend its legs by the joints and even attach the magnetic base to a metallic surface to get the best possible angle. Check out this shot of a slow-motion stir fry that I used with my smartphone and GorillaPod. I stuck the magnetic bases to the range hood to capture this. Et voila. 


Slow-mo sauté pro #skills Chorizo, pepper, and asparagus stirfry captured with my #s7 and @jobyinc #gorillapod.

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Whether you are blogger, a photographer, an adventure seeker or you just need a dependable tripod, Joby has a wide-range of GorillaPod models that will serve you in more ways than a traditional tripod will. Check out Joby to know which GorillaPod fits your camera and lifestyle and I hope you get as much fun and creative use as I did!

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