Up Close and Personal: Big Blogger Expo 2016

Sharing some highlights and insights from the Blogger – Brand soiree that was the Big Blogger Expo 2016!

Last Sunday’s Big Blogger Expo was slightly serendipitous. I found out about it a couple of days before the event, and on the month that my love for blogging has been going through a rekindling. What a way to spark the digital romance back into full flame!     


Big Blogger Expo, held in the Danubius Regents Park Hotel in London last July 24 was an afternoon devoted to networking with fellow bloggers and getting to know some amazing brands. It was hosted by the wonderful ladies of LdnMeetUp.co.uk led by Lauren of BlondeVision, whose events have been bringing influencers and companies together in creative and fun events for over a year now. 

Blogger Meets Brand

Big Blogger Expo (15)

This is the first blogger conference that I have been to. I have been to several blogger events in the past, my favorite still being Nike’s Ellie Goulding NTC event from last year, but this is an entirely different level of fun. It was interactive, informative, and to some extent, delightfully intimate. The bloggers were able to shake hands and chat to the brand representatives, which allowed them to ask questions and discuss collaboration opportunities that suited their niche. Below is a list of the exhibitors in the event. I’ll be writing about some of them in better detail in my next post, so do stay posted!


 Blogger Meets Blogger 

Big Blogger Expo (34)

In a world that is mostly virtual, there is just something genuinely nice about getting out of the blogosphere and getting to know your fellow bloggers face to face. Big Blogger Expo had a great crowd, with bloggers from a range of categories. It is actually interesting to see that in an activity board, where the question “What do you love about blogging?” was posted, most answers were about the network and friendships that can be made through it. Non-bloggers and new ones may think it is a very singular and independent activity. While that is true for the most part, bloggers still do form a collective of empowering and creative people. Events like this highlight that. Think of it as a huge gathering where you finally meet your neighbours and local business owners and you go home thinking, “wow, I live in a pretty awesome neighborhood”.

Anyway, if it isn’t obvious yet, I enjoyed myself. I came out of it with new friends and cool stuff to try, as well as great content ideas to fill up my blog. A pretty good way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Check out some pictures that I took of the event. If you’re in any of them or know the bloggers in them, let me know so I can shout them out and link to their blogs!



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  1. This is so cool! I wish we can have kind of same event in Switzerland but unfortunately, here its still kind of closed for that! Keep going what u are doing Abbi! It’s really nice and well made!

    With Love,


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