Styling Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

I’m sure that like me, you most likely have a Pinterest board of your dream home. Unfortunately, styling your home is not as easy as pinning a picture. It is time-consuming, expensive, and – believe me – stressful. It involves a lot of research and decisions, and that can get quite nerve-wracking. Who knew that I could get so emotional over a side table lamp or a kitchen tray?!

Andrew and I have styled our home and it hasn’t been easy or cheap! Luckily, we have found that the simplest changes can make a big impact. Here are some ideas to spruce up your space without breaking the bank.

Wall Decor and Personalised Art 

While we’d love to fill our halls with original art, it is actually very expensive.  We went to the Affordable Art Fair and were so disappointed every time we looked at a price tag! While you’re saving for your Van Gogh, you can fire up those creative juices. I really wanted to have original art on our walls but couldn’t afford the ones that I did like. A friend of mine suggested looking for artists on skills sites like There are a lot of budding artists in the world who are looking to earn a bit of money outside of their own collections. This is great because for a fraction of the price of most art pieces in a gallery you can get something that is original and has a sentimental value. All you need is a great idea and the right artist. 


We wanted to bring together the UK and the Philippines in one illustration and wrote a clear and specific brief for an artist. We then posted the project on the site and picked the aesthetic that best suits our style.  We were very pleased with the result and everyone is very impressed with it!


If you don’t have an artistic idea in mind or you’d just rather get an artist’s original work, why don’t you consider looking less popular and more modern media? Try digital art or screenprints. We loved the screen print artist Joanna Ham, who has a very minimalist and lighthearted style. We bought three prints from her, all with the theme of flight and daring to do what you can’t. 


Flowers & Plants 

It is amazing how much life a bit of foliage can bring to a room. Flowers, herbs or house plants add colour to a room and improves the air quality in your space. I’ve always believed that flowers and plants are some of the best gifts you can give to a new homeowner. It is practical, beautiful, and inexpensive. 

The downside to plants is that you do have to really get to know them individually. Different plants have different needs, some need more watering, sunshine, or pruning than others. However, if you do take care of them they offer such vibrancy to your home. 

houseplant on side table

If you don’t trust yourself to keep a plant alive, having flowers is an easy and pretty way to decorate a room. Especially great for when you are having people over, it instantly creates a conversational piece and makes the room smell great! We received a wonderful bouquet of flowers from Prestige Flowers on our housewarming party. I loved the beautiful tulips and it also came with a vase, which made it easy to turn into a beautiful centrepiece for our table. 

Prestige Flowers

Prestige Flowers2


Functional Items

You really don’t need to buy a decorative piece of sculpture to fill up your shelves. Sometimes, we forget that even the most functional things can look quite beautiful too! Look around your house for some interesting looking bowls, glasses, and even bottles. Not only do they style your home, you can also use them when you need them. Andrew had a lovely set of saki cups that we didn’t know what to do with, as well as a delicate carafe and a set of gorgeous wine glasses that were given to us as gifts. Instead of putting them away, I thought they’d look great on the living room shelves.  


More DIY

If you have the time and skill to craft your own furniture and home accessories, it could save you a bit of money to make your own. You can create it from scratch or upscale an item that you were meant to throw out anyway. The downside to this, of course, is that it does take a lot of effort – but if you get things done your own way, you’re able to get exactly what you want. 



Whether you have a small or big budget on styling your home, what really matters is that your home reflects your personality and suits your needs. Enjoy your new home! 



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