Creative Ways To Eat Outside

We may be in the depths of winter, but soon the sun will start to shine a little longer and the days will grow a bit warmer. And as the world comes back to life around us, it’s tempting to start spending as much time as possible outdoors. Having finished all the rooms in the house last year, Andrew and I have been thinking of our next DIY project and we are now looking into tackling our outdoor areas. We are both already looking forward to eating meals (or just have snacks and drinks) outside – we can set a picnic in the yard, or cook outside on the grill, and host parties! Here are a few more interesting ways to enjoy dining outside this coming spring and summer.

Set Up A Fire Pit

Eating or drinking outside is all about having a comfortable place where you can enjoy the outdoors. And there aren’t many things that keep you cozy quite like your own fire pit! These days you can buy a ready-made fire pit at a relatively affordable price, but if you’re the sort who likes to do a job on your own they’re not too difficult to build. You’ll need the right tools and materials, but you can create your own unique look by combining those materials and following some general instructions. Once you have a fire pit, you’ll likely find it’s the ideal spot for casual outdoor drinking and dining, be it a beer at the end of the day or breakfast on a cool dewy morning.

Construct A Greenhouse

This is a little bit unorthodox, but a greenhouse, in addition to being a wonderful addition to your home garden, can provide you with a nice room where you can drink or dine. Larger framed, walk-in greenhouses are meant to provide space to cultivate plants and store gardening tools, but arranged properly they can also leave space for a small table and a couple of chairs. There aren’t many places better for a spring or summer lunch at home than in a sunlit greenhouse surrounded by the plants you may be growing. You might even have a few fruits or vegetables to supplement your meal!

Create An Outdoor Dining Room

For a simpler (but possibly more expensive) step, you could always look to create a full dining space in your yard or garden as well. There are all kinds of options out there as far as weatherproof tables and chairs go, and to make it feel more like a “room,” you can install a canopy or tasteful fence around the area. This gives you a full dining setup outside that is perfect for you and your family or for entertaining guests. It’s can be high maintenance, but if you like to spend time and enjoy the occasional meal outside it’s well worth the trouble.

Design An Exterior Wine Cellar

This is another idea that will involve some real construction but if you happen to be a wine lover it’s a good idea to explore. There are plenty of interesting wine cellar ideas, but if you can build one into an outdoor space—either on its own or as an attachment to the house—you can build up a sort of drinking garden around it. Imagine a short gravel path toward the cellar door and a small rustic bar built into its exterior, or even a couple of comfortable benches on either side of the path. It can be a subtle space, but a perfect one for a glass of wine on a warm spring or summer evening.

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