Bedroom Designs of 2017 and for the Year to Come

2017 so far has been a really exciting year for bedroom designs.

I’ve really been keeping an eye on home interiors and design since our finished house diy, and it is such a good year for it. It’s seen some really cool styles and one or two seriously chic trends coming through as well. As we move through to 2018 (… I know! I can’t believe the year has passed so fast either!) I thought it would be nice to have a little recap and to see which elements are likely to carry through into next year.

Let’s start with beds as this year they got all fancy with plush upholstered headboards becoming very fashionable. Ralph Lauren did an amazing velvet headboard in their home range and there were (and still are) plenty of others to choose from on the market. I love the way this sort of feature adds a touch of sophistication to a fairly plain space and brings a little of that charming old boudoir flavour into your life. Another cool feature has been the ottoman bed. These are the kinds of bed that pretty much open up like an enormous box, which makes them amazing for storage if you’re a little short of space… or if you just have lots of lovely things that you need to find places for! If I had the space and room for it, I would have totally went for a headboard with built-in storage. 


In the realm of ornaments and accessories –those all-important little touches that lift a room so well—it’s been all about vintage. This is a trend that has been with us for some time now and just isn’t going away. I’ve recently bought a gorgeous vintage scale that gives our modern shelves such great character.

So yes, vintage is here to stay. What this means in practice is that those retro radios are still a seriously hip touch for a bedside table, a bookshelf or a mantelpiece if you have one. Mirrors with distressed frames and warped glass are nice too- though not too much as you end up with a hall of mirrors effect! Also, anything with a nice bit of old brass is perfect and there are lots of bargains to be found on, though there’s a fair bit of tacky junk there too it must be admitted!

Walls and Floors

When it comes to flooring and walls there’s still a lot of that bare brick and distressed floorboards look going around. This one seems to be something that began with hipsters and independent coffee shops and bookshops, and then just worked its way into the mainstream. It’s a great look and I am personally a fan,  but if overdone can be hard to live with if you like to be really comfortable and this is equally true of a sitting room or a bedroom as these are both places that it’s nice to be cosy in. So remember that it is all down to balance. 

Love these green walls

Thankfully for people who don’t like the bare brick look, there’s been another great style that rising to popularity that is less rustic and more refined- bold coloured walls. Popular choices have been greys, blues, dark greens and even denim. This last one sounds crazy I know, but if you’re still unfamiliar with it I think it’s best if I let Dulux explain. These are colours, but subtle colours so we’re still not talking about neon pinks and yellows here.

Looking to 2018 and everything that’s in store for us home interior lovers! What about you, what’s your home style? 


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