Glowing Pregnancy Skin with Ren Skincare

Is Ren Skincare worth the investment? Read my Ren Skincare review below!

Oh, pregnancy. Whoever said that gorgeous glow is a standard perk of pregnancy, they were LYING! Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but hormones can affect different women in different ways, and unfortunately, I fell under the group that had to constantly battle the effects of soaring hormones.

Sensitive Skin Dilemma

My sensitive skin specifically took a beating from this miraculous event. I’ve always had combination skin, which was aggravated over the last few months. Oily T-zone and dry patches all around my face, while my eczema plagued my existence. I was desperate for a solution but didn’t want to harm my baby in the process. Skincare products can be packed with chemicals. What’s a girl to do!

Ren Skincare Review

Thankfully I found out about Ren Skincare in mum groups and through friends, and have been offered to try it out to review. So I thought, why not give it a shot?

Ren Skincare and Pregnancy

Ren Skincare is a complete line of skincare products that range from cleansers to anti-ageing serums to make up. Ren Skincare is gaining popularity among peoplelooking for products for sensitive skin as it claims to have no parabens, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrance that is known to aggravate existing skin problems or endanger people who are in sensitive circumstances – such as pregnant women.

I obviously had to practice extra caution and do my due diligence by researching about Ren Skincare and pregnancy. According to their website, “None of our products contain ingredients at levels which should cause concern during pregnancy or while trying to get pregnant. However, certain products contain ingredients such as essential oils that some women choose to avoid entirely during pregnancy.”

Having read the ingredients of the products I want to try, I googled them all and found out that a lot of them are commonly used stabilisers or natural derivatives. However, what I must caveat right now is that different people have different tolerances – and if you are not comfortable with the ingredients on the box, don’t risk it!

Trying Ren Skincare

I don’t usually do anything to my skin outside of cleansing and moisturising, so I thought this was not the time to change that routine. I started with three main products to help me clear the dry patches on my skin – the Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel, Flash Hydro Boost, and the Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm.

All three had a clean smell – similar to sweet water. Neither medicinal nor floral, far from overpowering. They were light on the skin, and did not feel like many other skin care products – making you wonder at first if it would have any effect on your skin at all!

The Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel leaves no trace of oiliness and absolutely no feeling of harshness or sting – which was surprising given how clean it left the skin, even on lazy days that I can’t be bothered to properly scrape off my make up after a long day.

The second product that I tried was Ren Skincare’s Flash Hydroboost, an instant plumping emulsion. I used this as my moisturiser in the morning. A noticeable effect of Flash Hydro-boost was that it made the dry patches on my skin started to clear up, and my skin felt a bit taut and plump without dryness.

Ren Skincare Overnight Recovery Balm
My favourite Ren Skincare product – Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm

However, my favourite out of the three products that I tried from Ren Skincare was the Evercalm Overnight Recovery balm. At first, I was suspicious that something so light could affect my skin at all, however it really has done wonders for my face. I would end my nightly routine with taking a bit of the balm, melting it between my fingers and massaging it into my skin. It is so light that it feels like it is barely there – but I woke up with skin that looked refreshed and younger. Smaller pores, less red patches and spots, and more dewy appearance. It is amazing and I swear by it!

The Flipside

As I said earlier, products affect people differently – so I would definitely ask you to trust your instincts. One thing about Ren Skincare is that it is quite expensive, but in my case, it has now proven to be a great investment. Also, whilst Ren Skincare products places cruelty-free and natural ingredients at the forefront of their philosophy, they are not certified organic. It is, however, dermatologist tested and approved.

The verdict

Ren Skincare Review
Here’s a close up, filter free picture of my make-up free skin. Far from perfect but it’s definitely softer and free of dry patches! 🙂

Having now used the products for over a month, I can honestly say that I am a fan! If you are interested in trying the product yourself, go ahead an click here and have a gander: It is also a terrific gift idea for the holidays!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but I couldn’t deny that as a woman going through her first-time pregnancy, the effects of the process and changes had at times been overwhelming and has really thrown off my confidence. For me, the small ritual of skincare was largely a routine of self-care – something that every woman needs to keep a priority.

So go on then, take care of yourself and get that glow!

Disclaimer: I have received the products above as a gift, and I have not been paid to write this review. All of the opinions above are mine.

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  1. This is something I should try! It is so hard to find a skincare line that does not dry my skin out. Although, I am not pregnant! HAHA!

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