Making a EVUS Application is Easy

Here’s an update for my friends seeking USA visas! 


A new requirement for entry into the United States for long term visa holders is the EVUS application, which is a simple application just to update your details with the US athorities before you enter the United States. If you do not hold a EVUS before you travel to the United States you may be denied entry at the border and can be turned away.


There are many agencies which offer to do the EVUS application for you, these can be extremely helpful services, especially if English isn’t your first language. They can help you to navigate the difficult questions which are in the application and can ensure that your application is a success. There are many ways you can have your EVUS application refused, agents know all of the possible pitfalls and can help you to navigate the legislation.


Having an EVUS is extremely important to entering the USA, while it’s easy to assume you will be ok holding a long term visa it’s a requirement of entry. A EVUS is valid for 2 years once you have been issued with one and over this period is valid for multiple entries. You don’t need to worry about it again until it has expired. Right now only people using a People’s Republic of China passport require the EVUS but soon the system is going to be expanded to a whole range of international countries which will all require preauthorisation.


There are many regulations with the United States especially regarding vias, make sure you check before you travel to ensure that you have a great trip to the country. Travel to the country doesn’t need to be difficult and any professional visa agent will be able to assist you with your application, they also understand all of the current regulation and will be able to advise you. There are many things that you need to know but a visa agent will be able to make all of these things clear for you.


Make sure that your trip to the USA is memorable for the right reasons and not because you were denied entry at the border. It’s not hard to get a professional visa agent who will make your application much easier that it otherwise could be. There are many potential problems with applying for EVUS but a skilled agent will be able to navigate all of these issues for you and will make applying simple for you.

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