Duvet Covers: Sleep Better at Night

Having done a bit of travelling recently, I have realised how important it is to me that the bed I am going to be sleeping in is clean and comfortable. 

Looking through hundred of postings for hotels and bed & breakfasts, I realised that more than anything else, it is the actual bed setting that I am drawn to. After all, when you rarely stay in a hotel or BnB when you’re out exploring a new city. It is the evenings and a good night’s sleep that will definitely matter.


This has brought to mind my own bed in my own home. If anyone looked at my bed, would anyone think it is inviting? Do I sleep well and find comfort in my own bed? The answer is – I can do better! While I can’t chuck my bed out for an expensive mattress, I’ve found a simple solution to optimise my sleep set up – upgrade my bedding!


The Importance of Duvet Covers

The most obvious benefit to paying attention to your bedding is that it immediately change up the look and style of a room. Duvet covers, in particular, offer an immediate impression due to its vastness in a room. In the same way that our eyes affect our desire to eat, the look of a bed should be inviting even before you get into it.


On top of this, the mere feeling of your bedding against your skin contributes to deep sleep. Because your skin is in direct contact with it throughout the night, it affects sensory processing while you’re in deep slumber. Do not underestimate a good duvet cover!


What To Look For When Buying Duvet Covers

Make sure that you get quality duvet covers that are the right size for your duvet. It should fit like a glove so that the duvet lays flat on the bed. Also look into duvet covers with a high thread count with a denser weaving – this makes sure that it protects your duvet properly and keeps it in place. I’ve been looking at this great range of duvets from Yorkshire Linens, do check them out!


How Often Do you Change Bedding?

Another thing to note is that you must own several in your home. This allows you to do regular changing. Did you know that you should change your duvet once a week  to ensure that you are not sleeping in your own dirt and bacteria! Nobody wants that! Dirt and bacteria can seep into your duvet and can cause it to deteriorate quicker – and more worryingly, it can turn it into a health hazard.



Obviously, this isn’t the only thing that you can attribute resting well to. There are many ways to improve your sleep quality, but if you’re looking for a quick fix it’s as simple as prepping your room and getting the right conditions before you even lay your head to down. Have a good night and sweet dreams!

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