Dining with a View: Duck & Waffle Review

Open 24/7 with one of the best views of London, Duck & Waffle is one to definitely visit. Let me take you through the ups and downs of this highly recommended restaurant.


From the plane coming in, London looked amazing. Since then, I’ve always wanted to see London from a height. I like heights. It shows you the world from a different angle. That’s why you can imagine my excitement when, for our last date before I head back to Manila, my boyfriend took me on a lunch date at Duck & Waffle.


We have had so many friends recommend the place, and I can definitely see why. Its view is breathtaking. Located on the 40th view of Heron tower, you are towering over some of London’s most iconic landmarks, as it offers one of the highest and most beautiful views of the city. Whether you are a tourist looking to take some amazing snaps of the city or a couple on a romantic date, this is the place for you. Whatever reason you want to try Duck & Waffle for, I suggest that you book in advance! My boyfriend got really lucky since he was able to score a table (and a great one, at that) at the very last minute. 


Going up to the restaurant alone was an experience to rave about. I took a video of the elevator ride to the 40th floor, to give you an idea of how awesome it is. 

Pretty awesome, huh. 


I have to say, the view and service are what makes this restaurant one to take note of. The food, to both my boyfriend and me, was a bit of hit and miss. You can see that everyone in the restaurant were buzzing as if in choreographed precision. The beautiful open kitchen showed the busy members of the kitchen buzzing away while each staff on the floor showed great expertise of their menu and attentiveness to their guests. Our waitress recommended that we order food to share, and pointed to their bestsellers, which saved us a lot of time in deciding what to get. 


The food, it seems, is up for debate.
I loved some of them, and some didn’t impress me as much. My boyfriend wasn’t impressed at all, but I’m not surprised, since he thinks the idea of chicken and waffles (which is one of the best comfort food pairings on earth) is preposterous. The restaurant’s name / signature dish, the duck and waffle, was quite literally, a duck on a waffle. While it was expertly cooked,  my boyfriend did not like it, and it didn’t really blow me away. 


Duck & Waffle, one of the best restaurants to go to for dining with a view in London
Duck & Waffle, one of the best restaurants to go to for dining with a view in London and serves – quite literally – a dish of duck and waffle.


One of the things we ordered was the pig cheek doughnut, which I loved. It was sweet and salty and all sorts of indulgent. I feel like it was a better take on the sweet and salty combination that their restaurant menu’s main attraction, the Duck & Waffle, was going for. If you are like my guy who doesn’t like the sweet and salty kind of dishes, there are other items on the menu that may suit your taste. He said that everything tasted quite sugary to him. It’s probably just what we ordered. Maybe next time we order something less… unique. 


That’s the thing with this place though. It was so impressive that the food seems, to be honest, secondary. Its ambiance alone makes for a memorable way to experience this city. The food is reasonably priced, compared to other overlooking restaurants in the area. (I can’t say the same for the wines, which were really expensive!) 


All in all, Duck & Waffle was a great experience and one that I don’t mind doing again. Maybe next time, I can do a Duck & Waffle review for cocktail hour at sun down! One thing is for sure, I will be back! 


Duck & Waffle is located at: 4oth floor Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4A


Have you been to Duck and Waffle? Share your experience below!  More pictures can be found here



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2 thoughts on “Dining with a View: Duck & Waffle Review

  1. What a lovely read, we’d love to go back during the day – looks equally as good as night! Glad you enjoyed your experience, shame about the food though, although I understand what you mean.

    The view and service is what made the experience the best! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

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