Pizza Making Party in PizzaExpress Fulham

Last 19 Sept 2017, I’ve had the opportunity to try out a PizzaExpress Pizza Making Party in their fabulous Fulham branch, and it was great fun.

Pizza is one of my favourite things to cook at home. Many people are intimidated by it, but once you find a dough recipe that you like and when you get the hang of making it, it’s actually quite easy. That’s why when I got the invite to join a PizzaExpress Pizza Making Party, I jumped on the opportunity to see how the pro’s do it. Pizza Express has been serving great pizzas since 1965 and has numerous branches all over the UK, so they must be doing something right. Not to mention, who in their right minds would ever turn down pizza?

A PizzaExpress Pizza Making Party is a fun activity for small groups of 8 and more people. It is a great opportunity for bonding and a fun way to spend an evening with friends. For 21.95 per guest, you get a glass of prossecco and PizzaExpress Dough Balls to kick off the evening, and a private pizza making class where you each get to make your own (gluten-free!) pizza with a PizzaExpress chef. After the class, you then go back to your table where your pizza is served hot off the stone oven for you to share and enjoy. 


PizzaExpress Fulham is a particularly good branch to do the class in. Newly renovated, the venue looks like a stylish bistro. The revamped restaurant boasts of a brand new Pizziaolo kitchen space and new bar area which draws inspiration from two significant figures in Fulham’s history – designer and potter, William De Morgan and explorer and naturalist, William John Burchell.  The outdoor patio has also been improved with new furnishings, plants, and lighting.  If you and your clique are looking to come out of the class with some Instagram-worthy selfies, this is definitely the place to do it. To top this off, the folks there were also amazing. Both the chef and our hostess were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.


What happens in a PizzaExpress Pizza Making Party? You learn some skills and tricks of the trade like how to roll and flatten to dough, and you also learn some silly and fun things like tossing the dough up in the air. If you are a complete pizza novice, do not expect to learn everything from making the dough itself. You will be working with dough that has already risen, which is logical as typical pizza dough needs at least an hour to rise anyway. Also, the dough and sauce that you will be using will be Pizza Express recipes, which wouldn’t be shared to you, for obvious reasons. At best, it equips you with the confidence to handle pizza dough, which is already half the battle.

If anything, it was great fun. I met some nice bloggers and really had a chance to bond with them and get to know. I can imagine it is great for team building or a small birthday celebration. As it is hosted in a private room, you’d feel comfortable enough to be silly and to throw around some boisterous banter. The chef even gives out an award for the “best tosser” in the group as well as give out a certification at the end of the class!

The best bit, of course – is enjoying the fruits of your labour! I made an extra spicy Diavola, packed with chillies, olives, spicy salami, and cheese. Yummm.


All in all, a great experience and a lovely evening. Definitely, one I recommend!

For more information check out the PIZZAEXPRESS TWITTER account. You could also visit PizzaExpress Fulham on 895 Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5HU telephone number 020 7731 3117. 

*Pizza Express has invited me to try the class for free, but all opinion above are mine.

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