Michelin Starred Peruvian Restaurant Lima Fitzrovia

Michelin starred restaurant Lima was a feast for the eyes and a real culinary treat. It is a restaurant that puts its food, first and foremost, into the limelight. 

Living in London, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants. Andrew and I are both food lovers, so when we have anything to celebrate, we take it as an excuse to try out something new. We’ve both never had Peruvian food before,  so Andrew took me to Lima Fitzrovia for my birthday last year and that night has really stuck to me.  

Warm and Inviting

As soon as you walk in, you’ll immediately notice that there is a warmth to Lima Fitzrovia that is unusual of other Michelin starred restaurants. It might be the modern art and contemporary layout of the place or the warm and friendly welcome we received from the hostess and our server, whatever it is, it gets rid of any form of intimidation or rigidness and leaves you open to the culinary experience ahead. 

Lima Fitzrovia – a michelin star restaurant that is cozy and contemporary

Lima Fitzrovia Brings Peru to London

Lima Fitzrovia is the creation of Head Chef Robert Ortiz and Executive Chef Virgilio Martinez, ranked #4 in the World 50 Best List. Andrew and I  have both admired Chef Virgilio Martinez for his reputation for being a chef who has a great appreciation for the purity of ingredients that he uses in his cuisine. Our expectations were definitely surpassed.

We had the 6-course tasting menu, and we were impressed from start to finish. Each dish was presented like a piece of art on the plate. One course after the other, we were served the most gorgeous food that we have ever laid eyes on. Each dish showcased a harmony of delicate and exciting flavours, using ingredients that take you on a journey to Peru – exotic peppers, avocado, fish, octopus, wheat, lentils, lamb, olives, chocolate, and many more. Lima Fitzrovia is the first and only Peruvian restaurant to achieve a Michelin star, and its creative and exotic offerings speak volumes for how much they deserve this accolade. 

Beauty and flavour


As with most restaurants of this calibre, it can be expected that you’d most likely rack up quite a bill for an evening like we had. It was, after all, a special treat! However, Lima offers a weekend brunch menu that is much cheaper than its regular dinner menu, including a bottomless option. A great way to try the magnificent food without breaking the bank.

All in all, our date in Lima Fitzrovia was one for the books. If you’d like to dine in a restaurant that offers an unpretentious vibe with a feast that can satisfy both your eyes and your tastebuds, this is the place to go.  

You can book a table for Lima Fitzrovia by clicking here: https://www.limalondongroup.com/fitzrovia/book-a-table or calling +44 20 3002 2640. 

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