Celesté at The Lanesborough

Michelin-starred Celesté at The Lanesborough hotel really surpassed my expectations. The whole dining experience was sensational from start to finish, and I’m glad I picked it for my husband’s birthday treat.

I really believe that it was food that brought Andrew and me together. From the very beginning, we were bonded by the mutual love for food, and this is true to this day. For his birthday, I decided that a bit of a splurge in a lovely Michelin-starred restaurant would be the perfect gift. After hours of research, I found Celesté and reserved it immediately.


A stone’s throw away from Knightsbridge and Buckingham Palace, Celesté at the Lanesborough is right at the heart of London. From the location itself, you will immediately get the impression of elegance and formality, and it is only affirmed by the astonishing sensation of opulence that you get by walking into the restaurant itself. Large chandeliers, towering columns, its giant glass dome ceiling, and a vast room filled with sophisticated furnishings will make you gasp in awe. Simply put, Celesté at the Lanesborough is undeniably beautiful. 



As grandiose as the venue was, the staff was remarkably warm and welcoming. From the moment we entered the door, we were greeted with a genuine air of friendliness that made us feel at ease. It is easy to get intimidated in a restaurant that is so formal, but the staff delivered a truly five-star service- professional and congenial from the moment the hostess offered to take my coat, all the way to us walking out of the hotel. Everyone was in perfect form – they were friendly and attentive but not overbearing. They also offered both great knowledge and great service with every course that came to our table. It also came as a pleasant surprise that they’ve prepared a birthday treat for Andrew – delicate cake with a greeting written in on the plate. It was a simple gesture that made a huge impact, and has made the experience even more memorable than it already way. 



Last but definitely not the least, the food. Prior to coming to the restaurant, I had my reservations as I’ve read reviews from people saying that the food was bland and uninteresting, but I am glad to say that I definitely did not have the same experience. My husband and I had a three-course dinner. Delicate little nibbles were offered in between, with our glass of bubbly. One course after the other was a sensory delight. From canapes to dessert, each dish was a performance. They were all beautifully presented and perfectly cooked.

Canapes at Celeste at The Lanesborough

While the dishes in themselves were quite traditional, our food had a beautiful balance of texture and flavours. To be completely clear, I don’t think Celesté is the place to go for a radical gastronomical experience. From the get go, we expected fine French food that was prepared expertly, instead of a gimmick. We were not disappointed. Apart from earning the coveted Michelin star, Celesté boasts a wealth of reputable talent in the kitchen – chef patron Eric Frechon & executive chef Florian Favario has come up with the most delicious canapes and entrees, while pastry chef Nicholas Rouzaud created desserts that embodied finesse and real indulgence. 



In this world, you get as much as you pay for – and this dreamy dining experience doesn’t come cheap. You can expect that the food is expensive and the wine, doubly so. However, compared to other restaurants of its calibre it seems to be at an “affordable” range, with lunch offers starting at £35 per head and dinner offers starting at £45 to full course meals at £120 per head. 

All in all, the evening was amazing and we had a memorable celebration of Andrew’s birthday. 


Celeste is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For reservations contact: 020 7259 5599 or https://www.bookatable.co.uk/celeste-green-park-piccadilly-st-jamess-london?indirect=182

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