If you’re here about your UK Visa, please read this

Dear UK Visa reader,

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate your visit!  

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how happy I am that my words have found you. Technology is an amazing thing. I’ve heard from many others like you and me, people and couples who are in love and wanting to move into that next chapter in their lives. I’ve encountered people from all walks of life and from different parts of the world, thanks to this blog. That’s mindblowing if you ask me. 

Anyway, the reason that I am writing you, apart from showing appreciation for your readership, is to be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR on a few things. Let’s jump on to it, shall we?


I cannot answer any of your questions. Each case is different, and I am only sharing what I know from what I’ve experienced and what I’ve read. I am, just like you, a UK Visa applicant. In fact, I have another one to apply for in a year. The process of applying for a UK spouse visa changes constantly, so it is best to count on the official UKVI website for information. I have updated my posts to reflect what I know based on other people’s stories and reading material that I’ve found online. As I’ve repeated over and over in posts, please do your own due diligence and do your own research.  Which leads me to my second point…



Because I am not an expert, I do not claim to know everything. I’m sorry if I don’t have the answers to your questions. I want to be clear that I don’t tend to answer questions which have nothing to do with the experience that I have had myself because I would hate to give anyone false hope. I am also sorry if I don’t respond urgently. I have a life too, and I try my best to get to people’s comments when I have the free time, which is a bit rare these days. 



Next up. Let’s be very clear that I am not a miracle worker. If you do not fit the main requirements of a UK Visa application, I can’t possibly give you a workaround to this problem. You need to make the minimum financial requirement, you need suitable accommodation, you need to be able to speak english, you need to have met and have spent time together and be able to prove that you are in a real and genuine relationship. I can’t put you at ease when these things and others requirements are not met. Which leads me to… 



I have no respect for scammers. If you are marrying for convenience, you are in the wrong place. I have once had a desperate man ask me why his girlfriend is asking for £1000 for “required travel insurance”. I’ve had to heartbreakingly tell this man that I have no idea what this person is talking about and that he should only follow what the website is asking for. There was also a woman whose sister was in love with a man whom she had never met but have been asking for her to send money abroad to fix a visa for her. We eventually found out that the so-called British man was using a stock photo for a picture and have been conning the poor lady. I couldn’t believe it! There are evil people out there who will use your vulnerability, so please be smart. Also, I believe that scams like these make the process worse for real couples to get their visas. Please be vigilant and please do not give in to scams. If a relationship is real you’ll need to both make the effort to see each other and both be able to trust each other. 

You are worthy of real love. Do not sell yourself short.


I know that it is a frustrating time and that the process can be very confusing and emotional, however, please do not take it against me. I hate it when people becoming very demanding on the comments section, saying things like “why haven’t you responded to me” or “can you just tell me in a response to this comment how to do it?” HOW ABOUT TRY TO READ THE REST OF THE BLOG? I have laid it all out in here for people to read, I hate it when people ask a question that is clearly already discussed in detail in another blog post. If I get another “So what’s the requirements for a UK Spouse Visa?” comment, I may scream. 


Going to back to technology – we are now at an age where information flows freely and readily for everyone. With all the resources out there I am deeply honoured that you think my blog offers valuable insight into your own experience. I appreciate all the kind comments, the grateful messages, and the updates – from both those who have succeeded and those who haven’t. Let me just remind you that I have no part in any of this, though. This is all you. 

I know that you are here and reading this blog because it offers you a glimmer of hope knowing that my husband and I used to stand where you are now. I do not hold the future, and I most definitely do not know if you will get your visa. What I can definitely tell you is that I went through the exact same feeling of frustration and worry – it is a natural emotion that comes with going through such a huge undertaking. Like I always say, breathe, follow instructions, do your best, and hope for the best. It is the only thing you can do.

I hope you enjoy everything that this blog has to offer. I share a lot of my new life here and I hope that you find my posts about life in the UK worth reading and worth your kind words as well. I love my new home and I share everything about the highs and lows of moving here –  from finding amazing restaurants to dealing with homesickness to cooking dishes from my home country. There’s a lot more to this blog that serious visa stuff, and if you dive into them I’m sure you’d pick up a nugget or two.

I really wish you all the best and that love wins in the end. 


7 thoughts on “If you’re here about your UK Visa, please read this

  1. Dear Abbi,
    Your article is worth reading, especially in “UK Visa” part, learn much info from it.
    I would appreciate if you could give feed back to me on my big confusion below :
    I intend to apply for Fiance Visa lately, but i couldn’t find it in the option selection at http://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk. I come to know after reading you, i should select ” Settlement” – visa sub type : Marriage.
    On my application, i select : Visit – Marriage. Now I know, i have made wrong selection !
    My bf & I plan to get married this Dec in UK, regardless type of visa (either ‘marriage visit visa or fiancee visa). Since I have selected Marriage Visit Visa, so i will return to my country after getting married. My question is : Am I allowed to apply for Spouse Visa from my country next year after returning from UK? how long can I submit the application after my return? as my husband wants me to live together there in UK.
    Await for your feed back. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Francisca! Yes you’d be able to apply for a spouse visa from your home country when you get back. 🙂 Good luck and best wishes!

  2. Hi Abbi my name is Sage I have just started on this journey with my fiance I am busy trying to plan a wedding and all my paper are hard work I found your blog to be helpful just I can figure this out do you have to apply for your UK fiancée visa and then book you English test and TB test afterwards?and when I hopefully get to the UK do I have to apply for the spouse visa is the info and documents the same and do I have apply with a new English and TB test because there both valid for 6months so assume as long as there still valid then you don’t have to be retested? If you could offer any advice on this it would be much appreciated thank you

    • Yes I think you can use the same docs, I didn’t need to take another test, I just used the same qualification that I received when I applied for my fiance visa. 🙂

  3. Hi Abbi

    Your blog about getting a UK visa has been great! I have a question; my boyfriend is Brazilian and we are just about to get the wheels in motion to apply for a fiancé visa, could you tell me will he have to make the application once he is in Rio or can I make the application here. I’m sure this is something very obvious that I should have picked up but I am a little confused about it.

    Many thanks


  4. Dear Abbi,
    I wrote this just to say Thank you and send you so much love from me and my Fiance,
    because of your blog we managed to get our fiance visa, and now Next step. I know it will never end but worth going through this for your love one.

    Wish you happy life with your husband,

    Much Love,

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