Eligibility and Document Checklist When Applying for a UK Fiance Visa

My blog series about Applying for a UK Fiance Visa continues with this post, where I share my full outline of application requirements.

UPDATE! UPDATE! AFTER READING THIS POST, PLEASE SEE: http://upraisedliving.com/expat-life/new-rules-for-uk-settlement-visa-application/

Hello there. This is the continuation of my three part post about applying for a UK Fiance Visa. The last one was a post about my personal story about the application process, which included some tips and lessons that I learned from it. If you haven’t read it:

My UK Fiance Visa Experience
Click here to read my first post about UK fiance visas


Before anything, let me be clear. 

I’ve written a similar post in Document Checklist When Applying for a UK Tourist Visa from the Philippines. To this day, it is one of the most visited pages on this website. I am glad to help out other people looking to visit or be with their loved ones in UK. It is important to note , however, that these posts have been written simply to share my own experience throughout the process. Use it as a guide, but I suggest doing more research. Immigration procedures change from time to time, so this may not even be the most current information anymore at the time that you are reading it. For your own peace of mind, take the extra mile of finding more sources to base your decisions on.  Again, THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL ADVICE, THIS IS JUST A MEANS FOR ME TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCES, SO PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND TRUST YOUR OWN INSTINCTS.

General thoughts on the  requirements for a UK Fiance Visa application: 

This visa application is only for people who want to get married in the UK and then later live their life together in the UK as well. You will be given a 6 month visa, wherein you will need to get married and then apply from within the UK for another visa (FLR M or a Spouse Visa) to remain the country with your husband. Because this is a step to immigrating to the UK, there were obviously more documents required than when I filed an application for a tourist visa. One thing similar to the tourist visa was that there was no interview, and that the application rested solely on supporting documents. Because of this, I advise you to be very organised and meticulous when compiling your requirements. You will not get your visa because you have 100000 pages in your application. You will get it because you have complete, organized, and verifiable documents that fall well within your timelines. 

Before applying online, make sure that you and your partner are on the same page with the pre-qualifications for a UK Fiance Visa/ Prospective Marriage Visa.

  1. You and your partner must be above 18 years of age.
  2. You need to have a valid passport. 
  3. You and your partner must have met and known to each other prior to application and have the intention to permanently live together after marriage. You have to be able to prove that your relationship is genuine and recognised by both parties and your circles. 
  4. If any, all previous relationships/ marriages must have legally ended before the time of application
  5. The couple should prove that they have appropriate accommodation.
  6. The applicant should prove that the couple has sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependants. If being sponsored by your British partner, he/she is required to meet the income threshold of £18,600. This amount increases depending on the number of dependants you have, if any.
  7. You must have actual evidence of wedding plans, such as a decided date and venue for the wedding ceremony and invitations and suppliers. 
  8. In non-English speaking countries, you need to be able to pass an English exam that in an approved certification center. (IELTS in the Philippines)
  9. In some countries, like the Philippines, you will also be required to pass a Tuberculosis test. 
  10. The fiancé visa is valid only for 6 months and within that period the couple must marry in the UK else the foreign national will have to leave the UK.

Before I share my outline of requirements, it is important to note these five things that may have helped with our Fiance visa application:  

  1. I have already successfully visited the UK on a tourist visa, and did not overstay my welcome or violate the terms of my visa. 
  2. I have already met and experienced living with my fiance and have been in a relationship for over two years, and we have both met eachother’s families and friends.
  3. My fiance had just bought a house for us to start our lives together in.  
  4. I have no dependents. 
  5. Both my fiance and I have had steady income for the last few years. 



382 pages.

A photo posted by Abbi Gabasa – Stolagiewicz (@abbistoli) on


Below is the ACTUAL Outline of Contents for my 300+ page application. I will add comments in italic and links to forms and references available online. 

This was the first page of my application requirements. You may use this outline to guide you in your own application, especially if you have similar circumstances to mine.Some weren’t required but we felt would they would help our application without adding too much. 

Click here for the official Gov.UK guide to supporting documents for settlement visas.  

  1. UKVI Application Form 
  2. APPENDIX 2 of VAF4A – (This is a requirement that I almost missed! It was not included in the online application form.) 
  3. Letter of Intention to Marry / Visa Application Letter from Applicant, Abbi Gabasa 
  4. Applicant Requirements
    1. Original passports – current and previous
    2. Certified birth certificate copy
    3. IELTS Exam
    4. Tuberculosis Test – (If in the Philippines, click this link)
    5. Financial document: Bank Certificate
    6. Other financial docs: Business Documents & Land Deeds
  5. Letter of Intention to Marry / Visa Application Letter from Fiance – (Here’s a good template)
  6. Fiance’s Proof of Identification
    1. Certificate of Birth
    2. British Passport Copy (All pages, back to back)
  7. Completed UK Border Agency Sponsorship Form
  8. Proof of Accommodations Supporting Documents – (This should be where you intend to live when you get married)
    1. Land Registry Title
    2. Building Society Mortgage Document
    3. British Gas Utility Bill
  9. Proof of Financial Capability (all documents here must be for the last 6 months, including most recent available from the time of submitting your application. For ex. if you are passing your application mid-November, and a payslip has been issued in early November, you need to include that payslip.)
    1. Cover Letter for financial transactions
    2. NatWest Statements of Accounts
    3. Bonds
    4. HR Reference Letter from place of employment
    5. Payslips  
    6. P60
  10. Proof of Intent to Marry – Wedding Plans in London
    1. Letter from my Fiance’s Parents
    2. Letter from my parents
    3. Registry Email & Booking at our chosen Registry Office – (This may seem like a chicken and egg situation, but it’s very manageable. Some registry offices wouldn’t give you a provisional booking if you are not both in the UK. The good thing is because one person in the relationship is a foreigner, your partner can check other boroughs apart from where he resides to see if they would give a provisional booking on your chosen wedding date. In our case, Kensington and Chelsea gave us a provisional booking. You will need to be in the UK 10 days before you both physically give notice of marriage at the registry office, which is to be given a month before the actual wedding date. This means that you can’t just fly in and get married right away. Make sure that these considerations weigh heavily on your application timelines.)
    4. Email Exchange with potential Wedding Photographer and Venues
  11. Proof of Relationship(This one is tricky. The goal of this section is to show that you were in constant and real communication over the last few months. I added our Skype logs, which mostly showed time logs of our conversations. I also did a search on my Gmail of his email, and then took a screenshot of the results pages to show the threads and not necessarily the actual conversations. Since our conversation on WhatsApp was the most frequent but most personal, I picked out a few (2-3) key conversations to take a screenshot of and arranged it on MS Word. These conversations were affectionate in nature but obviously, not TOO personal.) 
    1. Skype Logs for last 6 months
    2. GMAIL Conversation Logs
    3. Conversation thread on Whatsapp showing our relationship and plans
    4. Holiday Documents (If you are planning or are foreseeing the chance of even getting this visa in the future, keep all those emails of travel plans together, especially confirmation emails of bookings!)
      1. Flight confirmation emails of trips together
      2. Hotel Bookings together
      3. AirBnB Bookings
      4. Train/transport Bookings
      5. Activity Bookings
  12. Abbi and Andrew Pictures with each other, family, and friends in chronological order (Don’t submit a 100 page album. I picked out my favorite ones and arranged them in a timeline from our first date to the day we separated again when I had to return to Manila. I even included screenshots of Facebook posts made by him or by our friends and family, which helped me arrange the pictures in chronological order while showing that our lives were interconnected and that we were familiar with each other’s families and friends. This section was about 15 pages for me, with each A4 sized page containing 3-4 pictures. Again, this is just my way of doing it, and not a particular instruction from the British embassy.)
UK Fiance Visa Pictures as proof of relationship
UK Fiance Visa Pictures as proof of relationship

Bonus tips: 

Keep your requirements concise and to the point. I can’t imagine it being good for anyone to look through 1000000 pages of supporting documents. Unless you have THAT many dependents. 

Organize, organize, organize. It helps both you and the person receiving your visa. I made this table of contents and for each section, I used a post-it to specify what documents can be found there. The person who received my visa application was impressed and thanked me for being organised. I was done with submitting the documents in less than 10 mins. Also, now that I am applying for my spouse visa here in the UK, it helps me find documents that I need without having to shuffle through the whole lot of other ones. 

Make copies of everything. You need to submit the original and a photocopy, and it would probably be best to have another one for you while you wait for your originals to be returned. 

MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING IN A4 SIZED PAPER. READ: http://upraisedliving.com/expat-life/new-rules-for-uk-settlement-visa-application/

So there you go! If you have questions, I will try my best to answer them below. Likewise, if I missed anything or if you can suggest other links and information to put in this post, please feel free to comment and I will make the according edits. 

Good luck to you and your partner with the visa application! 




Edit Feb 20, 2017: I have just finished a post on my experience of converting a UK Fiance Visa into a UK Spouse Visa. Read about it here:

UK Partner Visas (1)


UPDATE! UPDATE! AFTER READING THIS POST, PLEASE SEE: http://upraisedliving.com/expat-life/new-rules-for-uk-settlement-visa-application/


211 thoughts on “Eligibility and Document Checklist When Applying for a UK Fiance Visa

  1. Hi Abbi,

    Many of us are truly grateful for your help and guidance on the visa application. Best wishes on your marriage!

    I just would like to clarify as to when is the best time to get booked for a CFO Seminar? Also, is it required for me to get a CENOMAR? If so, is my fiance also required prove that he was never married? I am an applicant for a UK fiancee visa, engaged to a British citizen. Thanks in advance, Abbi.

    • It am not sure if it was required but I got a CENOMAR anyway. I also booked the CFO seminar as soon as I got my visa as you wouldn’t be allowed to leave the Philippines without it. Don’t think my husband had ever needed to prove that he was never married.

      Thanks for your kind words!

      NOte: This is not official advice! Just my thoughts on your question.

  2. Sorry if you answered this else where, but, how much did the fiance visa cost and what other costs did you incur throughout the process?

    • Hi Stephen, that’s quite a lot to remember so I will just list the things I remember I paid for. Also, the visa costs have gone up since. From the information here: https://www.gov.uk/uk-family-visa it is now £1464 to apply for the fiance visa and £993 to extend it to a spouse visa.

      Fiance visa fee
      Tuberculosis testing
      Travel Insurance (not required)
      Mailing costs (optional at the VFS/application center)-
      Wedding Registry Costs
      CFO Seminar (required in the Philippines)


      Spouse Visa fee
      NHS Fee
      Report of Marriage & CHange of Passport at Philippine Embassy

      obviously outside of this, all admin costs of printing, scanning, notary costs etc and flight bookings etc.

      Hope this helps!

      PS. I respond to questions based on my experience or information that is readily available through internet research, I do not position myself as an expert but I understand the anxiety that comes with the process so I’m sharing what I know. Again, this is not official advice so please do your own research.

  3. Hi Abbi,

    Love your Posts – so much better than any ‘official’ guidance…

    You have provided an example of a Sponsor’s cover letter for a Fiancée Visa application – any tips on the Applicant’s cover letter please???

  4. Hi Abbi,

    Thanks for the insightful post!

    Want to ask if you provided a description of the pictures/chat logs for Proof of Relationship? Basically, an explanation or telling the story of how you guys got into the relationship?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Abbi,
    Just a quick question, Can my partner and I applied for Partner/Fiancee Visa even if my British partner is not a full time resident in the UK?
    We have been living together outside the UK for over 9 years and just wondering which type of visa can we apply for? We would like to apply for the same visa type that you had but maybe it’s not suitable for us?
    Many thanks for your help.
    Irine x

    • Hi Irine! Sorry I can only guess the answer to this question as this seems very different from my experience. It’s probably not an issue of your partner being a resident though, but i think your partner will need to be a British citizen, prove that he makes the financial requirement, and that you will both have suitable accommodation. Again, not sure!

  6. Hi Abbi,

    I’m sorry if you’ve answered this elsewhere, but when is the earliest you can apply for this visa? Some sites say six months in advance, some say three, so I’m trying to time it just right. (I’m applying from the US.) I plan to move in late June, but will be traveling to the UK in early April and am worried about not having my passport back in time to send with my application. Thank you so much for all your info! You make it sound way less scary. This is the first post I’ve read but I’ll definitely be consulting your blog over the coming months!

  7. Hi Abbi,

    I was wondering, saying you have Fiance Visa, which expired in 6 months.
    Let say it expired in 01/06/2018. But you submitted for the UK Spouse Visa a month before the expired date (eg 01/05/2018), does that mean:
    1) the fiancee (applicant) can stay in UK until the decision is made (eg 60 working days aka 3 months, which is 01/09/2018)?
    2) the applicant have to return to their native country before 01/06/2018 (Fiance visa expiration date) and wait for decision in their country?

    I would imagine no1 above is correct!

    Please advise,

    PS great website and helps cleared lots of misinformation/confusion in visa process.
    Thanks alot!


  8. Hi Abby,

    Your blog has been a great help for us! Thanks very much. I also have a question, in the FLR M form, there is a question When Did you first enter the UK?, since you first entered the UK on a tourist visa, did you enter the date when you first entered the UK on your tourist visa or on your fiance visa?

    Thanks Abby.


    • Yes the FLRM form is very confusing because this is the same form that people fill up after years of being in the UK (second and third phase of the FLR-M). In my case I entered the date I came to the UK under a fiance visa and not a tourist visa.

  9. Hi Abbi!

    Thank you so much for this post. You have no idea how helpful it is!

    So I am Canadian and my fiance is from the UK. I just have one question, when it says proof of financial capability, does this mean for the person entering into the UK or for the person from the UK who is sponsoring their fiancee? I thought it was him that needed to show he could support me, however it reads here as though it is me that needs to provide this information? Could you please clarify if you still read these!! haha

    Thanks so much 🙂


    • Hi Al! Sorry this is late, I have been raveling so havent had the chance to get on my blog comments. Anyway, the financial capability needs to be about the British partner, but from forums that I’ve read it also strengthens your case to show that you independently have your own finances as it shows that you will not need to resort to finding a job illegally, and it also makes it look less like a marriage of convenience.

    • Hi Aly! Sorry this is late, I have been raveling so havent had the chance to get on my blog comments. Anyway, the financial capability needs to be about the British partner, but from forums that I’ve read it also strengthens your case to show that you independently have your own finances as it shows that you will not need to resort to finding a job illegally, and it also makes it look less like a marriage of convenience.

  10. Hi Abby
    I would like to ask about ielts and tuberculosis test i will get mine here in HK and accredited with UKVI its possible i can use that??
    How about my Document its better i can do scan i vfs and pay for it or i can do post it all??

    Thank you so much


  11. Hi, thanks for this article!

    I have a quick question. I am the sponsor on behalf of my fiance. What is a “cover letter of financial transactions”? I have a cover letter from work, 6 bank statements already. I have no bonds. Is there anything else I should include?

    • Hi Peter, sorry for this late response I have been travelling. This is simply a cover letter for your financial section to explain what you’ve included, and to explain if there are any inconsistencies in your bank statements etc. This is not an actual requirement but Andrew felt it was needed as we included several proofs of income and savings. Hope that helped!

  12. Hi Abbi, thanks for sharing us this blog!
    I want to ask your opinion and some questions about fiance visa.
    my situation i’ve never been to UK and i’m unemployed, but my fiance has met the financial requirement, do you think is there any chance to get my visa approved?
    and did you submit documents about your education background? because my certificate from high school has been laminated so its impossible to submit that as they said document should not be laminated.
    looking forward for your reply, thanks in advance

  13. Hi abby,
    See u have helped people for free… now people who are objecting you are playing a
    Money game.. their businesses will stop if u offer them clear cut advice.
    So for the benefit of some selfish money minting OSIC regulated whatever shitholes,, do not be discouraged.. i ahev wasted loads of Money on solicitors and you are doing good. Lets apl share our good and bad experiences.

  14. Hi abby. Were your proof of relationship photos printed on a a4 plain paper or should it be photo paper? Please help. Hoping for your response. Thank you

  15. Actually Abbi, i am real so grateful for your blog. I understood from the start that the visa application was very confusing but to read about some of the experiences you had in your journey then it helped to guide us in the right direction. You provided links to official websites and warned about some of the mistakes and problems you encountered. I and my fiance are very grateful to you for trying to explain your experiences.

  16. Hi Abbi, you’ve attached a link to your a website with guidelines as to what the sponsor’s letter of intent should look like, is there a template of some sort or guidelines as to what the applicant’s letter of intent should include? Thank you! Your blog has been incredibly helpful and definitely helped lower the stress level significantly!

  17. Why are you providing legal advice are you regulated by the OISC or the SRA? I will forward this page on to the OISC and the SRA. It is illegal to give immigration advice without being regulated.

    • If you read all my posts you will see my disclaimer that this is not legal advice, this is merely me sharing my experience and a forum for people to discuss their own experiences.

      Let me quote:

      Before anything, let me be clear. 

      I’ve written a similar post in Document Checklist When Applying for a UK Tourist Visa from the Philippines. To this day, it is one of the most visited pages on this website. I am glad to help out other people looking to visit or be with their loved ones in UK. It is important to note , however, that these posts have been written simply to share my own experience throughout the process. Use it as a guide, but I suggest doing more research. Immigration procedures change from time to time, so this may not even be the most current information anymore at the time that you are reading it. For your own peace of mind, take the extra mile of finding more sources to base your decisions on. 

    • Dear Abbey, thank you so much for sharing your experience – it really helped me in doing my application. Like you say, you have to read all of the government information yourself but being able to read the experiences of people like yourself who have actually been through it is invaluable. If you need any support against people like T Rahman, you’ll have plenty from your UK fiancé visa community!! We need to share our experiences and support each other because it’s a difficult process to go through on your own and no one else cares or understands as much as someone who’s been through it! Keep up your amazing work xxx

    • T Rahman,

      Please lease Abbi alone.

      This site merely documents Abbi’s and many others Visa application procedure. Every application is unique and has its own caveats.

      Through my experience of a UKVI application, with the guidance of a leading UK based immigration barrister, I can vouch that Abbi’s blog offers a clear insight into the personal touches one can make to strengthen their application. The conflict of advice given between UKVI and VFS Global websites is confusing at best, Abbi’s blog endevors to document what worked for her situation so that others may benefit from her insight into the procedure.

      Abbi, if anything, is offering USEFUL words for FREE, for the benefit of others.

      Best wishes,


  18. Hello,

    Was your fiance with you in the philippines throughout the application process? or do you just process the papers you require there and your fiance send the documents in the UK?

      • Thank you for the reply. I am processing my fiance’s application – do I just have to send my documents to sheffield?
        also, any tips for the questions they might ask on the interview?and, how long did it take for the IELTS to release the result? do they tell you if you pass on the day of exam? sorry too many questions. 😀

  19. Hi, Abby.

    I just wanna ask you about what particular ielts exam do I need to take for fiance visa. It kinda got me a confused. And where did you book yours? Would it be with british council or the idp?


  20. Hi, I really need your advice. I have some few questions to ask of you. First and foremost, I just wanna ask if you submitted a document of your intended date of flight like a flight reservation? Is that a return or just one way that you reserved when your plan after you got married that you’ll go for flr-m?

    Thanks. Hopefully to hear from you soon

    • I didn’t book a return ticket cause I assumed I will be staying in the UK after getting married. Also… not sure if you need to attach your flights to a fiance visa application? Unless you are applying for a UK VISITOR VISA (ie you leave after getting married). If you’re looking at the “floght bookings” listed above, that is under our previous holidays to prove that we have been on travels together.

  21. Dearest Abbi,

    Congratulations on your wedding –it looked like a truly magical day! I’m just coming to the end of preparing the documents for my fiancé’s application. I’m British and he’s Ecuadorian. I have found your blog posts so helpful and wanted to say a huge thanks for all your time and effort that went into them.

    It’s absolutely amazed me at how difficult it is to find the correct and most up to date information. I was especially grateful for your post about which visa types to select (settlement-settlement-marriage) This is not explained anywhere on the government website. I emailed the visa advice people and received a standard response saying they couldn’t comment on what type of visa we needed! I was also extremely grateful for your list of documents that you included –I’d completely missed the sponsorship form which I think is important –and I almost missed the crucial Appendix 2 form as well which as you say isn’t mentioned when you apply online.

    Our application is certainly a lot smaller than yours –I can’t believe you had over 300 pages –clearly your life is far more interesting than ours! We have everything we need now though –well I’m as sure as I could ever be that we do! Like you say, it’s been a very stressful process and it certainly does put a strain on a relationship! I’ve been very lucky however in that I was able to come over to Ecuador so we’ve been able to do it all together. My biggest “visa breakdown” as I call them was when I realised I hadn’t brought my original payslips and bank statements with me –a very good friend had to search my flat and emergency courier them over!! I’m sure everyone has their ‘breakdown’ moments during this process!

    I’ll let you know if we are successful with our application (fingers crossed). I really just wanted to say a huge huge thanks. It’s so comforting to read real people’s stories –it’s such a robotic process that involves reading some really dry government stuff that doesn’t always make sense. To come across your blog and get the sense that you generally care and want to help others after your own experience was a breath of fresh air. I’m sure your blog will continue to help hundreds of people after me as I’m sure its helped many before. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

    With love and gratitude,


  22. Hi Abbi!
    Thanks for all the info!
    Do you know if there’s a certain amount that has to be on the bank statements? Obvisously, it has to be sufficient for both of you blah blah – but how much would that be? thanks

    • Do you mean in the sponsor’s bank statements or the applicant’s? The sponsor has to show the combined gross earnings of 18,600 a year. For the applicant, you only need to show finanial responsibility so there is no actual number but showing savings will help

  23. Hello Abbi!

    I have been reading your blogs once in a while as my bf and I are planning to follow the steps that ure taking.

    I just have 2 questions for now.
    How do i prove that I’m not going to stay in UK after 6 months???
    Is it ok to include my online job to show that I can support my stay in the UK for 6.months?

    Ill be waiting for ur response.
    Thank u and have a great day!

    • Hmmm. I’d rather not say I’m working, as that’s the whole point – you cant be earning money while youre on holiday. Not sure about your situation though.
      Best way to prove you are not going to stay is if youshow documents that present your current and ongoing responsibilities at home, for example – employment, business, properties, children, etc.

      • Alright, thanks very much for that Abbi ^_^ uhm, we can’t really meet the financial quota (for now) but we really wanna be together ASAP. So, which do u think is NOT SO strenuous when it comes to our situation? To marry in the Philippines then apply for a spouse visa or get a marriage visitor visa???!!

  24. Abbi, I’d just like to say you’re doing a fantastic job helping others through this complicated process. I’m using a UK lawyer to help us through a spouse visa, all your information is exactly the same as what he tells me.

    Keep up the good work!


      • There seems to be an amount of confusion regarding the new system of sending documents to Sheffield. We have decided that my Wife will send all the original documents to me and my lawyer for us to add to the application pack but only after her VFS appointment. We feel it’s the safest way of getting a complete application to Sheffield in one piece.

        The question is what exactly does she need to bring to the VFS centre now this new system demands that ALL documents (including the signed application/declaration form) are to be sent to Sheffield (via me)? Just her fingerprints and passport?

        We refuse to use to scanning service as we don’t trust VFS to deliver.

        It’s all very unclear and very disconcerting for everyone don’t you think.

        There’s a lot of money at stake for everyone

        I’d be really interested to hear from people that have made a spouse visa application in the last few weeks and not used the scanning service



        • HI david! I have been reading a good deal on this as aI am planning to make a new post about this. From the guidelines, it mentions: “Supporting documents should be sent as soon as possible to the UK after the online application formhas been completed, and should include your unique GWF number. The documents may be sent before your application and biometrics are submitted.”

          If she opts to send the docuyments electronically through the scanning service, she needs to go to VFS and have it scanned there for an additional fee. as stated: “This Service provides the applicant with an option to choose VFS Global to scan their documents and send electronically to Sheffield on their behalf. While opting for this service, applicants will need to pay an optional service fee to VFS Global, thereby ensuring that the original supporting documents are returned for their safe keeping, hence not required to be sent outside Philippines.
          The service fee is PHP 3,780.00 (inclusive of VAT) per application.”

          Overall, WHat this feels like is that they are streamlining the settlement application process. When you apply for a spouse visa (settlement FLR-M) from within the UK, you actually do the same thing which is:

          – Fill up form online
          – Submit Docs direct to sheffield
          – Get biometrics done
          – Get results by post

          I would assume that what would happen at the VFS now is that she will go in there to get her biometrics taken, Just as how it would work out in the past, where you submit your docs and they ask you to do the biometrics right away.

          What I would suggest is for her to have A4 copies of everything that she sends you, just so she has proof of her supporting documents on hand. You can then send the documents to Sheffield. I even feel that she can just send it herself or opt for the scanning process. The VFS is trust-wiorthy, it is the UK’s visa application system worldwide and these changes are actually being rolled out world wide so I don’t think you have to worry about dealing with them.

          I’ll read more about this, but I hope I helped even a little. Please know I am no expert, but I am definitely intrigued and have done my own research.

          Good luck,

          • Thanks for your reply Abbi.

            It is indeed a very grey area, even my Lawyer is confused and he’s a barrister in immigration and asylum law!

            I’m worried that too many Filipino may get confused by this new system and in turn either

            A: Waste a lot of money
            B: Be conned by VFS that the scanning service is the only way to go.

            I know for a fact that Sheffield will only accept an original Marriage Certificate on NSO security paper. How would that work with the scanning service?

            What if one cannot afford the extra 3k plus to pay for scanning? If the signed application form is required to be sent to Sheffield then obviously VFS are going to have to give it back before you leave their office.

            All very confusing. Like you say we will do 2 of everything…she can take originals plus signed application form to VFS first (with photocopies) but for sure the originals are then going to be sent to me then I will compile the full application pack, double check it with my Lawyer and send special delivery (signed for and tracked) to the Sheffield address.

            There’s too much at stake for a lot of people worldwide and our government (for now) is trying to make it more difficult to succeed.

            Thanks again for your hard work on these Issues for the Filipino people.


        • Hi David. I used the scanning service in VFS Manila and received my passport today with my visa approved. What I like about this service is that I can keep all the original documents. The only thing they would keep is the passport. As long as you follow the Bar Code Separator and provided all documents needed, there should be no problem. I just followed Abbi’s document’s checklists and it helped me big time.

          Good luck!

          • Hi Grace,

            We applied online last week, appointment was 2 days later, my wife then immediately sent her documents to me by DHL (from Manila not the province), I added them to my documents and then sent everything next day signed delivery to Sheffield from here in the UK

            The parcel was received by them 5-6 working days after making the online application and I received all the documents back 48 hours later with a letter stating they had been received and copied.

            That’s quite a quick service, don’t know whether it’s because we paid for priority though.

            We’re currently waiting for a decision.

            Abbi’s guidelines are fantastic, mirror exactly what our lawyer required. For sure, if people follow this guide they should have a very strong case to put forward to the UKVI.

            I understand that all the UKVI want to see is that one is genuine and qualifies for the criteria

            A: genuine relationship
            B: financially stable
            C: has suitable accommodation
            D: can speak English well (i.e. able to be an active part of the uk community)

            Best of luck for your life in the UK and thank you again to Abbi for such an informative blog.


          • Thanks Grace! I appreciate you sharing your experience. I have written a new post thanks to you and David’s input. It will be going live tomorrow. Hopefully, it helps others!

  25. Hello again! Thanks for getting back to me.

    sorry if this has already been answered but for the Appendix 2 form that requires my sponsors information (financial requirements)
    do I fill all his information out myself, or does he fill it out and then send it to me? It does say this form use is for outside the UK only.
    But I just wondered if he had to sign it or anything.
    Thank you!

  26. Abbi, did you now husband get his bank statements stamped? It wasn’t mentioned as a requirement until you click another link. Just wanted to know if he did this as well. Thank you

  27. Hello Abbi,

    Did your Fiancé at the time get his passport certified? And how did you guys do it did he scan his passport pages and you printed it?

    Thanks for any help!

  28. Hi! I am applying for my uk fiancé visa but I’m very confused as to what I pick as visa type on the online application.

    I first went with 1.settlement, 2.settlement, 3.marriage. (Figured this was wrong) But stopped and re did another one as: 1.settlement, 2.settlement, 3.proposed civil partner (as there is no option for fiancé and I thought civil partner fell under fiancé meaning)

    so I’m confused as to which one I pick as I’m applying as a fiancé of a uk citizen. Do you know which one to pick? Thank you!! 🙂 x

  29. Hi Abbi,

    (reposting my queries, as commented on somebody else commnent)

    I just come back here in PH after my vacation in UK. We’ll definitely follow your outline in applying fiancee and spouse later. At the moment i have questions and appreciated your reply:
    1. Regarding the IELTS, i am just curious if the option of getting a certificate from school (that prove the medium of instruction is English) came across. Are they valid option or not?
    2. I am currently have no work at the moment, and just started the freelance. As applicant, can you give a specific range on how much savings needed in the account?. because of my last trip in UK and having no income while in PH, my savings get low and afraid it will affect my application.

    Thank you so much in advance. x

    • Hi Meg,

      You still definitely need an IELTS certification as it a specific requirement.
      No idea what the specific “range” of savings is, but I say just have a consistent and growing amount of savings for a span of 6 mos before you apply.

      Hope this helps,

  30. Hi Abbi

    Thank you for sharing your experience in so much detail. This has been extremely helpful.
    I am applying through the Fiance route (same as you) and i just have some questions regarding the documents , I am applying from Nepal (home country)

    Sorry in advance for so many questions, but I really would appreciate any help you can give me.

    1. Fiance’s birth certificate – does this have to be the original or can I get a scanned copy and submit that
    2. Fiance’s letter of intention to marry – I jsut came back from visiting him and we forgot this one document, can he write it and send me a signed copy or Do i need an original letter with his signature on it?
    3. Sponsorship form – Same question, please tell me if he needs to fill this and post it to me or if i can get him to scan it in?

    I would really appreciate any advice on these, and have one final question on the Form (Settlement > Settlement > Marriage) :

    Under TRAVEL INFORMATION – it asks how long I will be staying in the UK : do I enter 6 months, or forever since ill be switching to a spouse visa (FLR_M) after we get married

    Please help me here, would appreciate any help

    • Hi Kritika,

      1. I submitted a scanned copy.
      2. He can write it and sign it, scan and send to you. That’s what I did.
      3. Mine was just scanned.

      Sorry for the succinct answers, there’s quite a lot of comments to catch up to! But I wish you and your fiance the very best of luck. xx


      PS. If you found this blog helpful, could you tweet or share it with your friends? Or you could you please have a look around my recent posts and leave a comment as well? I would very much appreciate that. Thank you!

      • Hi Abbi

        Thank you so much for your response. It has helped me a lot. Think I will also stick to scanned copies and save courier time.

        I have a few questions regarding the Application Form itself (Settlement _ settlement _ marriage), please help me with these as any advice from you would be very helpful and hugely appreciated.

        1. Under Travel Information, they ask “How long do you intend to stay in the UK?” .

        How do I answer this? I am applying for settlement, so after our wedding in the UK, i will be applying for the spouse visa (or FLRM) from inside the

        Should my answer be “for good” “for Settlement” ?

        2. Under the Sponsor Details section they ask “What is their relationship to you?” But there is No “Fiance” option to tick here. my only options apart from family members are “Friend / Partner / Spouse / other relative”

        which one applies to me as he is my Fiance? we got engaged a few months ago.

        Please help me with these, it will be hugely appreciated.

        and Thanks a lot for all your posts about this visa as theyre genuinely life saving.

        • Hello Kritika, having the same concerns as you. Have you resolved this? if yes, requesting you to share your answers please. Also, does your application ask details of how and when you meet and financial details of your fiance? I am confused since i reached the confirm application and there are not too much info being asked about my fiance.

          Thanks much.

          • Hello Vee

            I was very unsure of the right application until i read Abbis post. But maybe you have the wrong form. I am still unsure on some of the questions myself but the form does ask about the first date we met and my sponsors employment details etc. the form that i am filling is under Settlement>Settlement>Marriage .
            I am still stuck on the 1st question too not sure what to put under how long i intend to stay. Would highly appreciate any help I can get on those questions still, sorry for not being of much help. Wish you all the best

          • Hi! To your question how long are you gonna stay in UK, I put Permanently since I will be getting a Spouse Visa after marriage. Got my visa approved last month. When I was in the process with my Fiance Visa and found Abbi’s blog, I actually read the comments literally from the very start. There are some questions asked by other readers and applicants as well and was answered by Abbi. However, if you can’t find the same questions here, she has another blog which is also very helpful: http://upraisedliving.com/expat-life/my-uk-fiance-visa-marriage-visa-experience-hiccups-mix-ups-and-lessons-learned/ I found some of the answers to my questions.

  31. We waiting for the answer from embassy already 2month 13days but still no mail or mgs from embassy , so I don’t know how long they take ? Or should I contact them ?

  32. Update!

    Just had my appointment done 12th April and there’s a new process of submitting the documents. They gave me two options, either you will send your documets to Sheffield yourself or they’ll send it electronically through scanning process for an additional fee of 3,780 Php. I didn’t know about this new process so since I’m already there (I’m from Negros) I chose the latter option. As you can imagine, I have all these bulky documents, arranged as neatly as possible, and then, you arrived there and they’ll tell you about the new process, I was like, Good Lord! is this really happening? My appointment was 11:30, there was a long queue becase all other applicants are complaining, which is holding the line for too long, plus, the other staffs doesn’t even know about the changes, I felt so frustrated.

    Now, with thie scanning option, all documents should be in A4 size. If your documents comes with different size, you need to photocopy it in A4. Also, pictures pasted/glued on the paper are not allowed since it will cause problems with scanning. I’m not sure with you guys, but what I knew about scanner is a typical computer printer where you can put the documents on top and scan it like you photocopy it? The scanner they’re using in VFS is a small one similar to the one used in banks counting money, so it’s very very quick, I have like 300++ pages and scanning was done no longer than 10 minutes. Good thing I have all my documents photocopied in A4 size and all pictures are printed off on the paper in coloured. I have just like few pictures pasted on the paper but I did scan those and printed it coloured. Also, for those who wants to avail for the priority visa service, the fee went up from 28,350 Php to 34,713 Php for settlement. Finally, once your documents are all ready, click the link below, as you will need to arrange your documents with a bar code separator. For example, one of the Bar codes separator is for Birth Certificate, you will include your fiance’s and your birth certificate combine, any deed poll or adoption certificate. Then put the Bar Code separator, on top. Bar code separator should be printed separately. Good luck guys!


      • Thanks Abbi. Just want to help our fellow Filipinos who’s currently processing their visa. My appointment was 11:30AM, finished everything past 2PM. I’d like to add as well, if they’re keeping receipts like I do during there holidays or any activity tickets receipt, it should also be scanned or photocopied. They wont accept anything that is glued on the paper.

        • Grace thank you for the heads-up.Appreciated!

          Hi Abbi,

          I just come back here in PH after my vacation in UK. We’ll definitely follow your outline in applying fiancee and spouse later. At the moment i have questions and appreciated your reply:
          1. Regarding the IELTS, i am just curious if the option of getting a certificate from school (that prove the medium of instruction is English) came across. Are they valid option or not?
          2. I am currently have no work at the moment, and just started the freelance. As applicant, can you give a specific range on how much savings needed in the account?. because of my last trip in UK and having no income while in PH, my savings get low and afraid it will affect my application.

          Thank you so much in advance. x

  33. hello abbi! this is exactly the help i’ve been looking for. i’m applying for a fiancee visa too but im still not confident with my requirements. i do have few queries which i hope you can help me with:
    1. i have an IELTS-academic from june 2014, will it still be acceptable if i use it for this fiancee visa application? i do have a USRN-Ca license, i wonder if it would help in proving my english qualification and also i’m able to work in US accounts call centers. what do u think?
    2. me and my fiancee just met once in singapore last jan this year, but we’ve been in a relationship for 1.5years. you think that would convince them of our relationship as genuine? i mean, we have friends and family to support it thru letters. (hopefully, it will do)
    3. how much finances should i have to suffice my financial requirement? i do have work now and i just depend on it but not much savings to show. my parents are willing to help me though, like a show money perhaps? (this is one of my worries really)

    hmmm, i think these are my main questions for now.. your response would really mean a lot to me.. thanks so much in advance abbi! Godbless your heart❤

    • Hi Nema! Life is pretty busy so I’m sorry for the late response.

      1 – You will need a different IELTS qualification, it is for the settlement route. It’s less academic and more practical.
      2 – All you can do is try, I can’t say for sure what your chances are considering your situation. Maybe include some chat logs every month for 1.5 years and email conversations and explain why you’ve not seen each other since.
      3 – Just as long as you show stability and savings it should be fine, it is your sponsor/fiance that needs to have a minimum financial requirement

      Hope these helped and good luck! xx

  34. Hi abbi,

    I am chean. I would like to ask if my fiancee plan the wedding after 2 years registered marriage in UK, will that eligible for applying fiancee visa?

  35. Dear Abbi
    How long Timeline your visa ? I did waiting 1month 30days but didn’t heard anything from embassy yet ? Maximum how long to waiting ? And can I email for them if taken long ? I’m so nervous

  36. Hi Abbi, I just have a question about the Part 3 in Appendix 2. My fiance is a permament employee in UK since 2000. Should I only supply information on Part 3A and just ignore the rest like the part 3B to F? Thanks again.

  37. Hello Abby..

    Good day… Can i ask if what did you put on the Application form for Fiance visa on Family Details part where they ask what is your Marital Status i am confused with these two of the choices which is if I should choose Single or Fiancé/proposed civil partnership..


  38. Hi Abbi! Your post is seriously one of the very helpful and systematic one, thank you so much for sharing your experience and tips!

    I’m in the progress of applying for a fiancé visa now, and have 2 things that concern me and need your suggestion:

    1) I already did the TB test, in which I put my bf’s current address because we were still looking for a flat at that time. But now we found the place and so in the application itself, seems to make more sense to put the address of our new flat. Would this difference in address be problematic? We are thinking to explain about it in the cover letter, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be enough 🙁

    2) With NHS, was it optional for you to not pay when applying for a fiancé visa? Because I see it being listed in the required fee…..

    Thank you lots!

    • Hello Yu! ( No kidding, I love your name! lol!)

      1 – Just explain it in the cover letter. It is better that you have your actual/new home registered on the application form. I dont think the TB test would make much of a dent on the application as long as you pass it. Also, congratulations to you both on your new flat! Yay!

      2 – From my knowledge, you do not need to pay the NHS fee unless you are applying for a visa that is valid for more than 6 months.

      Hope this helps!

  39. Ho Abbi,

    Thank you for this great article!

    I am also trying to get a fiance visa. Like you I have visited my fiance in the UK. I originally applied to stay for 10 days in UK as a tourist. They granted me 180 day tourist visa. I did not overstay my 180 day tourist visa but I stayed there for about stayed for 175 days. Will this affect my fiance visa application given the fact that I told them that I will only be staying for 10 days but stayed for 175 days instead?



    • Hi Leonor, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. As long as you didn’t violate the terms of your visa it should be fine. 😀 I did the same thing – plans change, and as long as you don’t work, marry, or study during your stay you should be fine. 🙂

      • Thanks Abbi. Your response is greatly appreciated! This has been troubling us as this might affect our fiance visa application. We have been reading your articles and they are very helpful. We are planning to do the same things as you did. —get married in the uk and apply spouse visa after the civil registrar wedding. May we know how you proved that you didn’t work/study nor marry whilst you were in the UK? Aside from the minimum income requirements, how much savings do I need to have and how much savings does my fiance should have?

        Thanks again!

        • Hi Leonor,

          You can’t actually prove that with a document – but I did state it in my cover letter and I mentioned that my bank statements showed that I didn’t have any regular income. You don’t need to prove this per se – all I’m saying is to make sure that you did not violate any terms of your previous visa. On savings – I would say have enough to at least cover the basic cost of living for you, and for your fiance, the more savings the better as it shows responsibility.

          I do not have specific information and for the most part I am just answering based on my experience so dont take my word for bible truth! 🙂


          • Great Thanks Abbi!

            I will be lodging my application in 6 months. I am in the middle of deciding whether to hire an agent or not. I was so sure to hire an agent before but after reading your article, which helped me a lot in understanding the process, I think I might not need one.

            This is by far the most specific and detailed guideline I read.


          • Hi Abbi,

            This article is really awesome.

            2 more thing, when you applied for your tourist visa, for how many months did you state that you would be staying in the UK and how long did you actually stayed in the UK?

            May we also know how many months history did you include in your Bank Statements?

            Your response is greatly appreciated.


  40. Hello Abbi,

    Just to update you I got my Visa on Monday of this week, which was 55 working days after they received it ,in London, from me here in Cyprus. We are so so so so happy for everything you have put in your blog which helped us in our application. It was your personal blog, that was the biggest help to both of us in collating everything and making sure we had it all together in the folder.

    I remember going for my appointment and the woman at reception took one look at me and my folder and said.. ‘oh, your here for settlement I see!’ it was so funny as I had the biggest file compared to everybody else who were just after a travel visa lol.

    I am flying to the UK next Wednesday to finally be with my fiance.


    P.S. We are soon to be looking to the next step blog of yours to follow again lol.

  41. Hi Abbi! Thank you very much for your response with my first question. I’ll be flying to Manila on the 13th and didn’t book my return flight in case there’s a delay with the TB test result. Also, on the second page of the Sponsorship Undertaking, the one that say “For Official Use Only” Certification thing.. I’d like to ask who should sign it? Thank you for being so patient with our questions Abbi.

  42. Hi Abbi

    We’re going ahead with our application next week. Your document checklist, along with the government guidance, has been really helpful for us getting everything together.

    I only recently found out that the passport copy has to be certified (and I’m still not sure if we needed to do ‘every’ page or just the biometric page and those with stamps!). I was wondering if you had your partner’s birth certificate copy certified or if it was just a photocopy? Hope you can help!

  43. hi Abbi,
    my gf works two job in uk coz in one job she is earning less thn 18600 and in two jobs it wud b more thn 18600. so can she show two jobs as financial requiremnts

  44. Hello Abbi

    Myself and my fiance have just started the processes for our Visa, She has passed have TB and her IELTS we are about to apply online for her Visa appointment, one thing that came up that i did not read in your blog was the immigration health surcharge or IHS, We are planning on applying for a Fiance visa and to get married when she is here within the six months, but i am finding somethings little confusing with so many people claiming different things, its kind of mind blowing.

    Did you have to pay the surcharge ? as the Fiance visa it self is max six months, and i will have private health insurance not to use any public funds.

    • Hi Simon!

      I didn’t have to pay the surcharge until I applied for the Spouse visa. When I passed my application the woman at the immigration office asked for it, but when I clarified that I am only applying for a 6 month fiance visa, her manager said I was correct.

      This page confirms this: https://www.gov.uk/healthcare-immigration-application/when-you-need-to-pay

      A private health insurance for the 6 month stay will be useful. 🙂

      Good luck to you both!

    • Thank you.

      We are following your check list, and putting everything we have in to it, leaving her last year to fly home was the single hardest thing I have ever had to do.

      So thank you for all your support to all those out there who has found love and get lost in the paper work.

  45. Hi Abbi. I posted a quetion but seems like it didn’t go through. Anyway, I find your blog really helpful especially that I am currently processing my fiance visa. I just like to ask what paper size did you use with your documents? Thank you.

  46. Hi Abbi! Your blog helped me a lot with my fiancee visa processing. I’m from Bacolod and need to set an appointment for my TB test in Manila. I was just wondering if how many days will the result be released? I’d like to schedule my appointment for biometrics and submisson of documents like three days after and will juat be staying in a hotel? Also, what was the size of the paper you used when you print your supporting documents like emails and chat convo? Because they said, I should print the Appendix 2 in an A4 size paper. Your response would really be a great help.

    • Sorry Grace! This is so late because I’ve been so busy. My TB test results was released on the day, (it was a full day though) but I’m not sure if it’s standard. I printed my application in A4 paper, but I don’t think everything has to be uniform anyway. Sorry if this isn’t too helpful! Good lukc, keep me posted on your results! Fingers crossed for you. x

    • Hi Grace, i just want to let you know about the A4 size if ever you dont have an appointment yet. I went to VFS Manila yesterday for submission of my application, my papers is isnt uniform, i have A4 , short and long size. When i get there the girl in the information told me to Xerox my short papers to A4. I have a lot of shorts bondpapers and there is a lone line in the Xerox area.
      I asked her that why is it my tourist visa was approved with just short, A4’s and long papers. She said the tourist was okay but the settlement they are strict on paper size and it should be uniform in A4 size.

      • Hi Faye. Thank you very much for the update. I just cant think of how to print everything again in A4 size paper, I printed everything in short size papers but my fiance’s has A4. Did they accept your original documents? Provided you have the photocopied A4 size of all your supporting documents? I have like 300 pages without my fiance’s yet. My appointment would be on the 12th April. Cheers!

        • Hello again Grace,
          When I get there i only have photocopies I don’t have original documents with me, they ask me for my original copies of my IELTS and TB test, I don’t really get into the application area just in the information where someone’s assisting you in organizing your documents. And she ask someone also if it’s okay that only the photocopy and the guy said that I will only explain to them or ask them f it’s okay, but since I have to Xerox my shorts to A4 and I pasted all my photos in a short bondpaper and I have to transfer it to A4, I decided to resched my appointment. So hindi q natanong sa mismong tumatanggap ng application kung okay lg ba ang photocopy..sa Friday ulit ached q..update na lg kita

        • SOrry for jumping on this so late. Seriously girls… I dont think paper size will get you declined. You will photocopy all of your docs into the same document size paper (I think just because it is easier) but if your original docs come in a4, short, or long it doesn’t matter…. just organise it so that it is tidy and neat. They will take all your original docs and a set of photocopies. They will get your original documents, they will return them all after approving your application.

  47. hi abbi, another question this no. 7: Completed UK Border Agency Sponsorship Form, saan po ba to ipafile? sino and mag sisign? I mean yong sa 2nd page the Certificate thing?
    Thank you once again abbi!

  48. Hi Abbi, I found your blog to be of huge help in my situation and I was glad I came across it. Although, I would like to ask what sort of information did you include in your letter of intention to marry. Umaasa po ako sa inyong munting tulong at impormasyon na iyong mailalaan para makatulong. Maraming salamat po and God bless.

  49. Hello Abbi, great site! Are you able to find work easy with just IELTS Life Skills in UK? Do employers even check if you have IELTS Life Skills or IELTS Academic? Reason is my partner is a accountant in Philippines and wishes to continue that profession in UK so would she need to do the Academic test or is just the Life Skills test fine?

  50. Hi Abby,

    Hope you do well glad to see your blog. Have this confusion regarding IELTS if I can take here U.K. cos I’m here at the moment as a tourist and this my second tourist visa though and I’m staying here until end of my visa by march and after I will apply for fiancée in Phil when I get back. Just idea idea if will be valid if I will get an ielts exam in UK for my fiancée visa application.

    Thanks in advance

  51. Abbi!

    I’ve read your blog with interest as it’s very recent. Did you use letter samples or all from scratch, the samples my fiance has supplied are worse than bad.

    Kind regards Andy

  52. Hey Abbi,

    Thanks for all of your advice on the fiance visa process. I think I have read through your site at least 15 times and it has been so so helpful! I was curious about the “Completed UK Border Agency Sponsorship Form” because when I read the official guidance it said the form was to only be used for “Adult Dependent Relatives”. For that reason, I wasn’t planning on including it but at the end of the day, I guess it wouldn’t hurt?

    You also said in your above comments that you did not receive original copies from your then fiance, so I was wondering if his bank statements were stamped by his bank? Or did he just simply get the online PDF?

    Lastly, I read your tip on packing everything in a clear envelope or binder… but was curious what you did? Did you paper clip certain sections together and then binder clip the entire thing? I really don’t want to be hole punching all of these pages to but in a binder…!

    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hi Devon! Apologies this is so late – you messaged me when I was in the Philippines for a holiday! Hope this still helps, though!

      Yes, I agree – it shouldn’t hurt to have it included. 🙂 Also, very good question – my husband sent me scanned copies of original copies from the bank. And lastly, you nailed it – I used clips to hold the sections. They will be taking just the paperwork and will be returning the envelope/folders/binder that they come in. 🙂

      Best of luck!


  53. Hello, is showing the applicant’s financial documents required? Im a student so I do not have a job at the moment and am living with my parents.

  54. Hi .abbi you are nice person
    I want to ask next month I apply visa and
    When apply fiancé visa have to pay for insurrance too? Because cost for insurrance £600

  55. Thank you for this amazingly accurate information on the Fiancé visa for uk as it is not available on the UK government’s website. I’m applying for the same visa through visa4uk.fco.gov.uk website, It’s asking me to pay for the IHS surcharge which it shouldn’t, we called the UK immigration office and they didn’t have a clue about it as the fiancé visa isn’t really that popular, how did you skip paying for the IHS? Did you apply from the same website? I know we will have to pay for it at some point in the future but just not ready financially right now. The immigration office said that we shouldn’t have to pay for it and that there must be a mistake as to what visa we entered on the application but there isn’t any, please reply asap, thank you so much. Congratulations on your visa ❤️

    • Thanks for the well wishes and for the compliments. 🙂 I am glad to help. I’m wondering if you might be filling up the right form? In the begining of the application process did you pick


      that might help?

  56. My fiance friend got refused because they took he’s last 6 months pay slips took lowest amount one off divided it by 6 wasn’t enough but he earnt over 20k last year showing on he’s p60 don’t look at that 6 months pay slips me that is wrong

  57. Hi Abbi,

    First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the amazing information you’ve been giving about the Fiancé Visa, it has been very helpful! I found your blog a few days ago when I was desperate looking for information and trying to be organized about my Fiancé Visa application process, and it was such a relief, everything is very well written, clean and easy to understand, I love it! You have a new fan! 🙂

    Well, I promise I won’t bother you that much, I just have one question about the Applicant Requirements. On that section you list “Financial document: Bank Certificate”. Could you please tell me what kind of document is that? I googled “Bank Certificate” but couldn’t find anything solid about it…

    Oh! Congrats for you intimate wedding, it was really beautiful!


    • Hi Phil! What a heartwarming message, thanks for the appreciation. I’m glad to help. In the philippines, apart from bank statements your bank also issues “bank certificates” which states when it was opened and what the average savings have been for the last 6 mos. These are issued for official purposes like visa applications. I suggest asking your bank if they offer such a thing. ☺

  58. Yes abbi getting married 8th June in new jersey fiancee been town hall book it in usa happy days when I come home going apply join me

  59. Not hard I’m marrying my gf in usa simple apply she apply straight away for a spouse visa less cost few of her friends done same thing within 6 weeks they where in England not hard process what you read

  60. Hi Abbi, your blog is a great help.. one question, for the documents they have to be dated within 28 days of application. Do you know if this is specifically 28 days from the online application or 28 days from the appointment? For example I have a payslip dated 22nd Dec, if I submit my online application on the 20th January but the appointment is on 25th of January will the evidence still be valid?

    • Hi Chris! Sorry this response is terribly late, I’ve had a very busy start to the year. This is a good question! I can’t say for sure what the correct procedure is, but my husband and I made sure all our documents were dated 28 days before I submitted the application including all the required paperwork, instead of 28 days before the online application was lodged. This is because we felt that the more recent the documents were, the better.

  61. Hello Abbi! What a nice blog you made! Congratulations. And I’m very happy about your love story success.

    My name is Marie, I’m currently engaged to my fiance from the UK and we are preparing to submit my application this month. I just want to ask what is a Cover Letter for financial transactions is. What would be in it.

    I’d appreciate a response from you and thanks much.

    • Aw thanks Marie! I appreciate the well wishes. A cover letter to financial transactions basically explains the attached financial documents in your application deck and the activity outlined in it. For example, if your partner is attaching both savings and current account bank statements, he should explain that in the cover letter, as well as other funds that he has been paying into for how long, how much, etc. Or if for example you have separate personal and business accounts, you should attach a cover letter to explain that. Hope this helped and thanks for reading!

      Do let me know what you think my most recent post! Please check out: http://upraisedliving.com/blog/top-moments-2016/ Hope your 2017 is off to a great start! x

  62. Morning Abbi,
    Happy new year. Please if you can take a little time out of your busy schedule to reply me I would be grateful.
    In one of the comments I saw where you spoke a bit about spousal visa. Please how do we start the process? I took tips on how to arrange my documents from fiancé visa. But more guideline is needed.
    Thank you

  63. Hi
    We will apply fiancé next time but confused don’t know how much money need to show in account. Because my him earn more 1860£/year abd him don’t keep money in bank he take out for business and for property . So him can show them all property but in account less money ? .i really don’t know how to do best

  64. Im marrying my gf in usa shes pinay it be recognised in uk all do I have apply for fiancée visa or apply for spouse visa

  65. Thanks Abby, you really help me with your reply because I didnt know that we need the SU07 and VAF4A to fill in. It seems like we have the same experienced living in UK for 5 months as tourist last year. I just dont know how to make an evidence of wedding plans as u stated above because we are not sure of the reception yet. We didnt even allow us to get a provisional booking which was sad in our part. I hope u can give me more tips/advice on what to do before i apply nextweek. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!!!!

  66. Hi .
    I have one question want to ask. My boyfriend from EU but living in uk for 7 year and him don’t have resident card yet . So him can support apply for my fiancé visa ? Or him need to get resident card first ?
    Thank you

  67. I submitted my visa application yesterday with original relevant document but on the checklist i have tick in copy options.. I am so worry about it. Please reply what should I do. Because this visa is so important for me. It is very painful to leave away from my husband.

  68. Hi Abbi!!

    Just wanted to start by saying congratulations and how incredible this blog is!

    Me and my fiancee have been working on our visa for a few weeks now and we’re just gathering the last few pieces and we should be good to go, your page has helped a lot in understanding the overall context of it which I truly appreciate. I just had a quick question if you knew if the letter of notice is a MUST! as my local registry seems to be adamant that my fiancee needs to be with me when we apply for a letter of intent. As she had to fly back to Australia a few weeks ago (heartbreaking moment :() it would seem almost impossible for her to be able to come here just to be here with me to get a letter of intent! I will be using the template you provided with my own letter of intent, will this be enough or does it have to be the legitimate document?

    I hope to hear from you soon!! and I hope this makes sense!

    Thanks Again.


    • Hi Sam! So sorry for the late response. The letter of intent is not an absolute must but it is a strong proof of your plans to get married. When it is two british people getting married, there is an option of doing it in the borough of residence of either parties. As half of the partnership is a foreigner, you can get a letter of intent from a different borough to the one that you live in. Some boroughs would give leeway for this kind of circumstance. You just need to call the ones around your area and see if any would give you a reservation in their registry. Hope that makes sense!

  69. Hi abby

    Your blog is very helpful i just wanna ask where did you get the appendix form or vaf4? And when they gave u a visa is it from the date u intend to travel to uk? Hoping for your reply. Thank u very much

      • Hello Abbi….

        I am really thankful for this blog….it really help me alot. I am happy to announced that I got the Visa last feb. 8 2017 on the same day of my niece’s birthday, so double the celebration and double the joy. Thanks to u..next step will be the CFO seminar. I am looking forward to your spouse visa blog for my next step in UK …. Ty so much and Godbless you Abbi… Cheeerssssss!!! ☺☺

    • Thanks Abby, you really help me with your reply because I didnt know that we need the SU07 and VAF4A to fill in. It seems like we have the same experienced living in UK for 5 months as tourist last year. I just dont know how to make an evidence of wedding plans as u stated above because we are not sure of the reception yet. We didnt even allow us to get a provisional booking which was sad in our part. I hope u can give me more tips/advice on what to do before i apply nextweek. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!!!!

  70. thank you have I got to have proof of our booked wedding before sending ducuments for the fiancee visa can i copy viber messages calls

  71. Hi my gf is a pinay working usa Nursing assistant will it be hard for me to apply for a fiance visa and can i copy paste viber messages what other ducuments do I need

  72. Hi Abbi,

    Thank you heaps for this, this has cleared up months of confusion. I have a quick question I’ve filled out all my application forms and have booked my Biometric appointment but haven’t paid yet because I’m worried about the time frame. I left it quite a bit because of work and traveling. I am going to the UK in three and half weeks and just doing my application now. I have to be there December 1st. Is it possible to apply for my Fiance visa here and go over o a tourist visa pending results, or failing that do a fiance Visa while being in at the UK on a tourist visa.


    • Hi Patrick! Thank you for reading my blog! Glad it was helpful. I suggest not to rush. You can’t travel while applying for a visa as they will take your passport and all original documents. Hope this answered your question. 🙂

  73. Hello Abby,

    Could you please tell me how long did you had to wait between the day you sent all the documents and the day you got your fiancé visa?
    Basically, if my fiancé wants to move in the UK by mid January, how many weeks/months before does he need to send his fiancé visa application?

    Thank you for your help
    Your article help us a lot.


  74. Thank you your fast reply ms. Abbi. But I have additional questions po.

    1. Pwede niyo po ba maishare about sa English test exam? Does the exam compose of listening, speaking, writing and reading?

    2. Need po ba kaming dalawa ang magregister sa kasal or pwede siya na lang? Never pa po ako nakapunta dun but I met his.parents and friends on skype

    3..you mentioned as one of the requirements is P60. What is P60?

    Your blogs really help me a lot. And I am organizing my papers like what you did.. Maraming salamat po. Cheers

    • Hello, my name is Joy and I can’t help but respond to your questions since I have just successfully got my visa. 🙂

      1. Documents coming from my fiancee are all original?
      – The original, the better. But bank statements particularly should be original.

      2. Do i have to present my savings as well? my fiancee earn more than 18,600 pounds a year. He is employed and also self employed
      – Not needed. Your savings has no bearing in the application but your Fiance’s.

      3. Do we have to register first and have a date for wedding?
      – It’s a strong proof of your intention to marry.

      1. Pwede niyo po ba maishare about sa English test exam? Does the exam compose of listening, speaking, writing and reading?
      – For a Fiancé Visa you only have to take Speaking and Listening – Life Skills A2. I took the wrong one (academic which was composed of the four you mentioned which are not all necessary for this type of visa).

      2. Need po ba kaming dalawa ang magregister sa kasal or pwede siya na lang? Never pa po ako nakapunta dun but I met his.parents and friends on Skype
      – My Fiancé is in Japan at the moment while I am in Manila so it was his friend who registered for us and coordinated with the venue and it was successful.

      3..you mentioned as one of the requirements is P60. What is P60?
      – P60 is for TAX purpose and it shows the annual salary ng Fiancé mo. He should know what it is.

  75. Hi Abbi, this blog is very helpful to those people who wants to get married in UK. i am reading a lot of blogs regarding on UK fiancee Visa and soon to apply for it. apologizing if i disturb you but i have several questions.

    1. Documents coming from my fiancee are all original?
    2. Do i have to present my savings as well? my fiancee earn more than 18,600 pounds a year. He is employed and also self employed
    3. Do we have to register first and have a date for wedding?

    hoping for your help ms abbi.

    • Hi Aeonne. It’s not a bother, although I am not able to respond as quickly to most comments. Good luck with your application!

      1. My then fiance sent me electronic copies (ie. emails and scanned documents) we did not have to send anything original from his end but all of mine were original copies
      2. In my opinion, yes you do. I feel like this makes a strong case that you are not marrying each other for convenience.
      3. Yes you do. Part of the application are wedding plans which should include an actual reservation with a registry in the UK

      Hope this helps!

  76. Hi Abbi,

    Thanks so much for this article, which is so so helpful and full of information!
    Would you mind letting me know the different sections you had created to organise your documents please ?

    That would be amazing. Thanks xx
    Nadia 🙂

    • Hi Nadia! If you look at the post, I had organised it that way, but filed under the following sections:

      1. Applicant Information – Including my cover letter, birth cert, passports, employment, financial docs
      2. Sponsor Information – My husband’s cover letter, birth cert, passports
      3. Sponsor Information – Financial Capability ie employment payslips, bank statements, bonds, etc
      4. Proof of Accommodation – All house docs and bills
      5. Proof of Intent to Marry – All our wedding arrangements
      6. Proof of Relationship – Letters from family, hotel and travel bookings together, pics

      Hope this helped. Sorry it’s late. 🙂

  77. Congratulations!!! Just wanted to know how you did the Skype log??

    So far I have screen shots of us video calling on different occasions..

    did you show when you video called each other and how long?? in screen shots I’m guessing???

    Many thanks!


    • Hi Adam! So sorry for this late response. I don’t remember if there was a function to export the logs. From what I recall, I just loaded the last 6 months of our conversation history and then copied and pasted that into a word document. I deleted parts that were too personal, and left the time, dates, and duration of calls. I didn’t submit screenshots of us talking on skype… I felt that was a bit too personal.

      I did however, screengrabbed some whatsapp conversations over the span of 6 months. We talked mostly on Skype and Whatsapp so I felt I needed to show both. Nothing too personal, just 1-3 days out of each month, showing both authenticity and consistency in our communication.

  78. Hi Abbi! I’m so happy I found your blog! My boyfriend and I have just decided to apply for the fiance visa and I am starting to try to figure out where to start. I have a question about the planned residency. Currently, my boyfriend is living with his parents. In November, he will be renting a house with 2 other friends. I believe they are signing a year lease. I will probably apply for the fiance visa in December (because of the 6 month financial requirements) and I’m wondering if his year long rental will be sufficient. I hope so! As a fall back, is it allowed to use his parents address? Thanks for your help! I’m so happy that everything has worked out for you and your husband. I’m also very impressed with your organization skills 😉

  79. hi there Abbi..I would like to know..next week I am applying for Fiance visa UK..however i get confused because in some forum they said I should apply for Proposed Civil Partnership visa since I am in a same sex relationship….but in some forum Fiance visa is also applicable for same sex partner…. 🙁

    • Hi Leo! I don’t know much about visas for same sex relationships but I think this might be just a matter of subcategory. You will still apply for a settlement visa / fiance visa / join family in the UK visa, but the sub-category is proposed civil partner. I am writing a post about types of visas today, it might help so stay tuned! I really need to look into this though as I have been asked a few times already. If I find out more I will let you know. 🙂

  80. Hi Abbi,

    May I please ask how much did you pay when you applied for spouse visa after you get married in the UK?

    Thanks in advance for your response!


  81. Hi Abbi,
    I am applying for Fiance visa,for the applicant na walang work dito sa Pilipinas..is that a must, na dapat may work ako…or ang focus lang ng Immigration officer ay Financially stable yung Sponsor ko? like earning 18,600 annually…..

    • Hello Minorka,

      I’m not sure. Alam ko your fiance visa application might look weak kung wala ka work and savings, kasi they will be worried that it is a marriage of convenience. Sorry, this is all I know from forums. You can risk it though, and still try. Wishing you the best of luck!


  82. Hi Abbi,
    I hope you’re doing well….I would like to know, next month mag apply na ako ng UK Fiance visa..kadarating ko lang ng Pilipinas December 2015 from Bangkok nag work ako dun, for more than a year..Yung Documents or Checklist namin ng partner ko ,sa mga requirements sa UK Fiance visa,maayos naman like our letters from 2014 to 2016,he’s earning more than 18,600, IELTS- A1, x-ray, letter from our friends, our pics together etc….Yun nga lang ,I don’t work mula ng dumating ako dito and I am just helping my Family in our Family Business (not under my name) so technically I am unemployed because I don’t have monthly salary, Allowance lang from our Business ,I don’t have money in the bank…Magiging problem ba yun sa application ko?

    • Mia,

      I think if you explain your circumstances in a covering letter, it might help. Include your business registration, or letter on your business letterhead from CEO that you are earning an wage from them? It is important to show that you are, on your own, financially sound. Kahit letter from your parents saying you are employed in the business, or any properties that may be under your name, can help. This shows that the relationship is not a marriage of convenience, which is one of the the main worries of the immigration office.

      I hope it works out, please keep me posted!


  83. Hello- Abbi!

    Thanks so much for your blog on uk visa! I have a question for you. How did you package your supporting documents and application forms? Did you wrap them? How did UPS send them out and at last but no least. How did you put together your facebook items and print out?

    Thanks so much for any help!

  84. Hi Abbi,

    Thank you for putting all of this together, very helpful!!

    I was wondering how different is the spousal visa process from the fiancee visa? What is the timeframe until you get granted the spousal visa after applying? Would it have to happen while the 6 month fiancee visa is still current?


    • Hi Michelle!

      Great question. I actually asked Immigration this as well. They will extend your fiance visa while your settlement visa is being processed. You will just have to apply within the 6 month period. 🙂

  85. Hi Ms. Abbi, Thank you sa info, pero lubos-lubosin q na, may mga review ba bago kukuha ng exam? hihihi madali lg ba? any hints about the exam you can share? Thank you ulit!!☺☺

    • Hi Faye, I’m not sure kung may review, cause I just went to the test without one. It’s a life skills test so it is not about your technical skills, it’s about how you converse in English. Parang job interview sha actually, so if you are confident with your English, you shouldn’t worry. Walang written exam, from what I remember. 🙂

  86. Hi Ms. Abbi about sa IELTS Exam, san po kayo dito sa pinas kumuha nun?
    and how much din yong bayad?Needed ba talaga yon sa Visa Application, i mean required talaga? Thank You!

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