My Top Moments of 2016

Despite the wave of bad news that characterised the past year, I can’t and won’t ever deny it – 2016 was my best year yet. 

It is the second day of January and the last day of my holiday break. Before I move on to the glorious possibilities of 2017, I feel a proper close to the past year is called for.  Here are some of the best moments of my year, and the lessons I’m taking away from them. 


Our Wedding – Jan 23, 2016

A Perfect Day

On January 2016, Andrew and I got married. As a long distance couple, we only really had one full month to plan it all, but it turned out to be an intimate and beautiful wedding. We exchanged our vows in the Kensington and Chelsea town hall, had our wedding breakfast with our closest and dearest in Fera at Claridges, and had a big party with our friends at an amazing craft beer pub called Hack and Hop. Andrew and I both agree that we have never felt more love than that day. The only thing that could have made it perfect would be if my family and friends from Manila could have been there. Read more by clicking here:


Hasta La Visa

Andrew and I got our Spouse visa a few months after the wedding, which finally allowed us to begin our normal lives as husband and wife. This visa business is a tough, and while it was ongoing it felt like I was in limbo because I couldn’t work and the possibility of us being separated due to technicality still loomed above our heads. It turned out to be easier than expected, and it was a relief to get it out of the way. We won’t have to worry about immigration stuff anymore! Well, at least not until 5 years later when I have to renew it. Still, yay! I have yet to write about my spouse visa application, but I will soon so stay tuned. For now, do read:


Summer Lovin’

I experienced my first English summer this year, and what a treat that was! The lovely days of English summer felt like it could cure anything. The days were long, which was both weird and wonderful for a girl who have lived with 12 hours of daylight all her life. People were happy and friendlier than usual! There was so much to do and the sun was warm while the breeze was cool. I really enjoyed my first experience of summer and I am looking forward to experiencing it again this year. Overall, learning about seasons and their distinct characteristics and transitions was an unforgettable experience. It may be something that you’d tend to take for granted if you’ve lived with it all your life, but for a new resident like me, it was magical. Read more:


Finished our house: Dec 2016


Andrew and I built and finished our home all by ourselves in 2016. Andrew did most of it, to be honest. I am so very proud of this man. We have not had any help from professionals, Andrew literally You-tubed his way into creating every nook and cranny of this house. I’m serious, there is not one wall or pipe in this house that have not been knocked down and updated. I can’t stress how amazed I am at his willpower and determination. We now live in a wonderful home because of him and his stubborn OCD, relentless penny pinching, and trust issues towards outside contractors. Ha! I’m so happy to have married a man whom I truly admire and who really inspires me. Read more:



October 2016 marks my first job in London! I got a job in an amazing ad agency, and I am now doing something that I find exhilarating while working with really great people and clients. Everyday I am learning more about my new job and the daily grind here in London – from complex things like the UK’s consumer behaviour, to the unspoken rules of daily commute. Finding this job was another lesson on its own. It was a test of patience, a lesson on humility, a reminder of self-assurance, and a affirmation of character.  


Thirty and Thriving

On November 2016, I turned 30. I celebrated it with my husband, and decided to carry on my annual charity event, a birthday tradition that I have been doing for years now. It felt like it was a good way of bringing together the old and the new. My twenties have been absolutely smashing. I had so much fun from the good times and learned so much from the bad. I am happy to come into my thirties, feeling fabulous and ready for the new chapter of my life.


2016 have been marked by so much change, and while it is scary, I should embrace it. I’m learning everyday that it is okay to leave older versions of yourself behind to make way for a better and improved one. If people can’t cope with the changes that you make in your life, it is not your burden to bear. The real people who love you will support the changes that you make everyday, and wish you well on your personal journey, just as you do with theirs. 

I ended 2016 with gratitude and happiness, and face 2017 with positivity and optimism. There are many things that could happen out of our control, but all we can do is to remember to be grateful, spread kindness and positive energy whenever we can, and change our outlook towards the world.

Happy new year and may 2017 bring us all some even greater things ahead. 🙂 







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