Inspiration for a DIY Wedding Playlist

Thinking of putting together your own wedding playlist? I’m sharing mine, in case you need some inspiration! 

Smaller and more intimate weddings are on the rise, and with that comes a lot of DIY, including making your own wedding playlist. This is a great option for people who are looking to spend less on the wedding. Not only does it save you money, it also allows you to make the occasion more personal.  While there is no replacing a great DJ, if you are planning to put together the music for your wedding, here are some tips. 

1. Dig deep. 

While it is tempting to just go with what you think is best, always remember that there are two people getting married. A wedding is not just a bride’s day. Make sure that you include music that would be suitable to both your personalities. Andrew and I have different tastes in music, but there are also genres that we both enjoy. One of them are the good old classics. We both love making Sunday breakfast to 60’s radio. We love the vibe of tunes from Nina Simone, Etta James, or Stevie Wonder. I also remembered how much we loved listening to indie songs on the beach during our holidays. Thinking back to old memories where music played in the background was a great way to find music that catered to both our tastes. You can also split the playlists, one for him and for her. Decide which one is more appropriate for dancing then you can use it for the end of the evening.

2. Think of Soundtracks. 

A good way to think of great music for your wedding playlist is to think of your favorite (chick) flicks. Most heartwarming movies will have some great selection of both popular and indie music that would suit your party’s mood. They have been curated to set the mood in a movie, they should be able to do the same for your party. We love the songs from the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. A lot of music from that movie made our wedding playlist. 

3. Think of Your Itinerary. 

Our party was mostly a relaxed drinking party, so for the first 3-4 hours of my playlist, it was all a mix of upbeat but chill songs. I figured that 4 hours into drinking, people would start getting dancy, so I made a seperate playlist for that.

4. Go for the Classics.

For our wedding playlist, I also decided to stay away from anything too current, like pop songs or chart toppers. There were some there to dance to, but not too many. I made sure that the music is wedding appropriate, making sure not to put songs with inappropriate lyrics. This is also mostly a personal preference, but I really don’t want to look back to my wedding cringing at how I twerked in a wedding dress. I’ll save the twerking for another day. 

5. It’s Your Wedding. Go Nuts. 

You know what, what do I know. At the end of the day, do what works for you. You know your husband and your guests better. Just make sure it is the kind of music that complements the occasion. Find music with soul, joy and a lot of love. There’s a lot out there, so go knock yourself out. 


Anyway, I thought I’d share our wedding playlist here, for anyone looking to make their own for their wedding! Cheers!


Drinks Wedding Playlist

Dance Wedding Playlist

I wish you a fun night of dancing with your husband to be.  




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