Nike Free Flyknit 5.0 Launch

March 23, 2015 marks the launch of my fitness blogging, and more importantly, the Nike Free Flyknit 5.0, which will be available in stores and on April 2! 


A couple of people in the event asked me if I am a fitness blogger. I’m a lifestyle blogger and a fitness enthusiast, at best. As much as I love fitness, I don’t blog about fitness because I don’t feel like that’s a word that would come to mind when anyone sees me. My fitness efforts can’t be defined by the word “inspiring”. Let’s just say “improving”, at best. I am far from the best version of myself, and even farther from justifying such a title. 

With the group of bloggers and press people at the Nike Free Flyknit breakfast. Photo taken from and shot by
With the group of bloggers and press people at the Nike Free Flyknit breakfast. Photo taken from and shot by

I have never felt this more than I did on the day I attended the Nike Free 5.0 Launch Breakfast last March 23, 2015. Surrounded by gorgeous and fit women, I was both slightly intimidated yet highly honored that I was invited to be part of it! 

The gorgeous atrium at Grace Belgravia

Hosted in the STUNNING Grace Belgravia Health Club, coming into the venue alone engulfed me in a sense of invigorating health, wellness, and fitness. They treated the attendees to a lovely breakfast spread of power bars and granola bowls, as well as a variety of delicious and healthy fresh fruit smoothies. This gave everyone in the intimate group a chance to mingle and enjoy each others company. 

The Nike team gave all the attendees some Nike Free Flyknits to change into, and then it was off to the club’s beautiful atrium for our HIIT workout with Nike Training Club official trainer Sonja Moses and choreographer and b-girl, Hattie Grover.

I had meant to stay at the back of the room since I was not confident in my fitness skills, but just as luck would have it, the only mat open was in front of the group right next to Sonja. Great. My only goal coming in was to do my best to get through the program without looking like a half-dying fool! Thankfully, I got through it alive and frankly, I amazed myself. I wasn’t sure if it was the power bars, the air of determination from all the girls, or just the conscious effort to not embarrass myself – but damn it, I rocked that workout. 

Sonja Moses in Nike Free Flyknit 5.0
Sonja Moses in Nike Free Flyknit 5.0

I must say that the shoes played a big part in this.  The Nike Free Flyknits proved to be amazingly dynamic from each movement to the next. It conformed to my feet as it twisted and bent from a squat to a burpee to Sonja’s signature ninja poses. I loved how light they felt and how they responded to my movement, with the Flyknit material fitting like a sock – snug yet breathable. The shoes clung to my feet and the ground perfectly as we switched swiftly from stance to another. They let your feet move naturally and freely, which puts your muscles into action.  Over all, this is one pair of trainers that any girl getting into fitness will surely love. 

Just do it.

 All in all, that was a truly inspiring and motivating fitness session, which I am thrilled to now be sharing with you here on my blog. No more shame in my fitness game! Ive come a long way from being the unhealthy person that I was back then, so why not write about my journey with pride? I have a long way to go, but this doesn’t mean I should be ashamed of my progress. 


So there you go, watch out for more fitness posts on Upraised Living! Also, check out the 2015 Nike Free Flyknits on April 2 in stores and 

Here are some more pictures from the event: 

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Keep pushing yourself, you’ll be surprised where it takes you. 




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