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I am now officially! Time to live up to my domain name and start stepping up this personal blog!

I’ve decided to revive this blog so I can keep writing outside of my work hours. While Ms Career Girl continues to be my career advice website, I think it is time to start committing to writing about the things that I enjoy – like food, fitness, and travel, among others.

Last year, 2014, was a big year.

I left the corporate world and started my journey into being self-employed. The best and worst thing about it was not having an office. If you aren’t careful, you’d end up staying at home all day, taking frequent walks to the fridge. This really drove me to make a conscientious effort to get out of the house to meet with friends, go to the gym, or do my groceries. I learned to work smart and manage my time better.

Last year also marked the big trip to visit my boyfriend in London, who (at least in comparison to me) is a huge health nut. I don’t believe in changing your entire life for the person you are with, but if you are with someone you truly care for, you are certainly more considerate of them and more open to their influence. He is fortunately a good one! (Most of the time.)

It was also in 2014 that my dad got diagnosed with an alarming health complication, and was immediately placed under a wellness program. It was a wake up call to all of us in our family to take better care of ourselves and each other.

Treat yourself

So that being said, 2015 seems to really be the year I commit to treating myself better and striving for the next level. I hope you make this your year too. 



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