Hi there! I’m Abbi Stolagiewicz. 

Just call me Abbi. I own Upraised Living. I’m pushing thirty, and I’ve recently just made some huge changes in my life.  I started this blog to keep track of those changes, and to share it with kindred spirits. If you’re getting geared to make a big move, get married, or simply change lifestyles, you’d most likely pick a thing or two up in here!  

What is Upraised Living?

Upraised Living is a  food, travel, and lifestyle blog started in 2014, the year  that marked a lot of turning points in my life. I was then managing editor for the US-based women’s career website Ms. Career Girl. While it was a great gig, I needed an avenue to write my own goals and passions, so I thought to myself, why not start a personal blog? Thus, UpraisedLiving.com was born. A website dedicated to setting higher standards, and treating yourself better. 

What can you find here? 

I’ve been keeping a commitment to getting healthy by cooking more. I’ve been exploring London, my new home. I’ve been learning how to share my life with my husband. Fair to say, I have been doing my fair share of #adulting – one big decision, visa application, recipe experimentation at a time! I understand how much of a challenge it is to step into big girl shoes, and I’m hoping this blog helps anyone else who is going through the same. I am a foodie, traveller, and an advocate of women empowerment. I understand the pressures of a driven young woman trying to find a healthy balance between career, love, and life, and this is why I hope to share my journey with others.

My Professional Profile

Upraise Marketing was a registered Digital Marketing business in the Philippines before I ended it upon relocating to the United Kingdom in 2015. In this business, I worked with several clients on a range of services. My top two clients were focused on Social Media Consultation and Web Content Management. 

I am a marketing professional with over 8 years of experience in PR, Events Marketing, Web Content Marketing, and Social Media. You can learn more about my caareer through my linked in profile: View Abbi Stolagiewicz's LinkedIn profile View Abbi Stolagiewicz’s profile

I am have a real interest in the growing world of digital marketing. As a digital marketer, I believe that the best way to learn is through immersion. This is why I actively engage with communities and share some tidbits of my life through many social platforms. Do follow me on: 


I am also on YouTube and SnapChat but limit viewership among my personal friends. 


All in all, working in various industries helped me gain an insightful perspective on careers, relationships, and lifestyles which I apply in my writing. 


Nice to meet you! If you would like to get in touch about anything under the sun, hit me up here!