Q&A : Getting A UK Tourist Visa in the Philippines

The idea of getting a UK Tourist visa in the Philippines seemed quite intimidating at first, but it was actually pretty straightforward. Here are some basic things to know about it. 

I’m back from my short stay in the UK and I had a blast! Many people have come up to me asking how I managed to get my tourist visa and what my experience was in getting it, so I figured to write about it here. 


It is very common for Filipinos to get intimidated by the idea of getting a visa. The visa application process has always been bitterly viewed as a vicious and discriminating process, mostly because grounds for approval are not specific. I will have to admit, it does SUCK so much that people from other countries get to walk into our beautiful country without going through this painstaking process, while we have to put our travel fate onto the hands of some mysterious immigration gods. Then again, what annoys me more, is that this is the outcome of other Filipinos’ abuse of their travel privileges by overstaying, finding illegal employment, etc. So now, people who are genuinely just trying to travel for experience’s sake are equally given a hard time. Oh well. Such is life. 


Anyway, I decided to visit London last year and had to go through the UK Tourist Visa application process. Here are some good things to know if you are looking to apply for your UK visa for the first time. These are some questions that I’ve received from friends who are planning to visit the UK (which includes Great Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) for travel purposes. The answers below may not necessarily apply to people who are looking to work, study, marry, or migrate to these countries. Once again, I beg you, please do not get a Tourist visa for any other reason than to experience and tour the UK. Don’t be a douche to the rest of the Philippine traveling community. You can learn more about the types of UK visas you can get from their site. 


London from a height.
London from a height.

Where do I start?

When trying to get a UK tourist visa, or any visa from any other country for that matter, you need to first set your travel plans. Explore your considerations for traveling. For example, I wanted to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend and family, so we decided that it would be best for me to come in late November all through January. It is really important to first have a general idea of your travel and accommodation plans before even compiling any paperwork. How many leaves are you allowed? Are you looking to experience the cold months? Who will you be visiting there? Having a solid idea of what you want out of the trip will help you organize your itinerary and requirements easier. 

Note: You can’t apply for your UK tourist visa more than 3 months before you intend to fly out. I suggest applying 2 months before to allow for appeals should you need it. 


Did they ask for a lot of things? 

YES. Here is my checklist for UK Visa requirements. It is important to organize and compile your requirements thoroughly because of the next question below…


Should I use a visa service? 

Hmm… You know what? I thought the process was pretty straightforward, so I don’t think you’ll need to pay extortionate fees to Visa processing centers. I don’t understand what they can really do for you, to be honest. Even submitting the papers was so easy, that I can’t imagine hiring a third party would make things any easier. 


I want to fake my bank statements. Do you think they’ll catch it? 

I don’t know if they would, but I know you SHOULDN’T. Just don’t do it! Falsifying ANY document can get you banned from applying for a visa for 10 years!  Don’t risk it. 


Was there an interview?

No. You will just need to submit an online application and then compile your documents and pass it at their satellite visa processing office. The online application focuses on the details of your travel plans and your validity to travel, while the face to face document submission is all about making sure that you have all the documents to back up your online application. This means that your application relies heavily on how complete and organized your documentary requirements are, since you are not going to be talking to any immigration officers. The staff in the VFS Office will only decline your application if it is missing anything from the checklist.  


How long should I say would I stay in the UK?

You will be given a 6 month visa regardless of how long your travel plans are, but I suggest that you really think your intended vacation time through based on two things – your allowed leaves and your budget. Be reminded that when applying for a visa, you need to be able to demonstrate two things – that you can’t and will not overstay and that you can afford the cost of staying in the UK for the amount of time that you choose.  That means that you need to have proof from your place of employment or business that you have pending obligations and responsibilities in the Philippines. I also would really suggest that you have a breakdown of your expected expenses throughout the trip so that the amount of time that you say you’ll be spending there actually makes sense. 


How come you stayed there for so long? 

Okay, calm down! It wasn’t THAT long. I had meant to be there for 2 months but ended up staying there for a total of 5 and half months. Yes, I milked my visa for its worth, but there was nothing wrong with that. I actually emailed their visa service and asked about circumstances of staying beyond your intended timeframe. It is fine as long as you are able to support yourself and as long as you leave before your visa expires. Sometimes, you just find yourself able to extend your trip. That’s fine as long as you stay within your visa allowance. You can apply for an extension if you feel like staying there for longer. 


How much money should I have in my bank?

To be completely upfront, I think it’s relative to your itinerary. I initially wanted to stay 1-2 months, but thought I might even sport for three, so I had about PhP200,000+ in my account. It does not make sense to say that you want to visit the UK to see friends for a full three months on a 50,000 peso budget, especially if your sponsors/friends don’t have sufficient funds to support you. For example, I suggest that if accommodation is available to you through friends or family, expressly state that accommodation is covered and try to budget an allowance of 30-50Β£ or β‚±2100-3500 per day. Make sure that your travel budget and your itinerary are complementary to each other. It even helps for you to have a spreadsheet of your itinerary with corresponding cost values to show that you can support yourself. You have to remember that you are not allowed to get access to public funds, so you can’t take employment if you run out of cash. 


What’s good to take note of when passing the docs to VFS?

Remember that these people don’t have an influence on your visa application, but if you come with incomplete requirements, you will be sent back another day. Also, remember to come 30 mins before your schedule. If you come in sooner than that, you will not be allowed to enter. They are pretty strict with the time that you are allowed to enter the premises, so keep that in mind. You can schedule your submission from Monday to Friday between 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. You could also pick the prime time service from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday, but will require an additional fee. I suggest that you just get your passport and documents sent back to your for the additional fee of Php 300+ so you won’t have to come back to collect it yourself. 


How long did the whole process take you?

I spent an overall time of preparing for this process was 2-3 months because I had to fix my business’ paperwork. However, passing the visa application in itself took 1-2 hours, and the waiting game for the decision took 10 – 15 days.   Mine came in on the 15th day. 


Are there any signs to look out for to know if you’ve passed or not? 

Stop killing yourself with anxiety. Some sites say that if you get some text message on the 11th day, you’ve most likely been granted the visa, but this is just not true! You’ll know when you get your stuff back. Best just remind yourself that there’s nothing you can do but wait, at this point. Just relax and keep your fingers crossed!


Around the time I was applying, this news that the British embassy has made applying for a UK tourist visa from Philippines much easier came out. It really helped lessen the pressure. When you really, really want something you will be an emotional rollercoaster. Just remember to keep being optimistic and to put conscious effort into compiling everything you need. When applying for any other tourist visa, it will be demanding of your time and efforts, but trust me, it will be worth it later. Good luck! 



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  1. Hi. This would be my 2nd time going to london. My question is. Usually it should be 3 months before you travel on your application. But i accidentally typed in two months before travelling. Would it affect my visa application? 2nd question. I applied jan 27. And got a text just today feb 2 from vfs that they made their decision on my visa application and to wait for it to be delivered. Usually its 15 days right. Why is mine been processed fast? Is it a negative thing?

  2. Hi abby!

    Thank you soo much for your blog atleast I have already an Idea of what to expect; I just have a question though I have recently resigned from my employment last August 2017 and I’m Planning to visit my Aunt (the sister of my mother) who’s already a citizen in the UK she plan’s on sponsoring me on my stay there. I do have funds in my account for atleast a 2 month stay, will my recent loss of employment hinder me from getting the visa? would appreciate the help or reply sooo much.

    • Hi Kathrina, I don’t know for sure, but a proof of employment will show your rootedness to your home country. You need to establish rootedness. πŸ™‚

      Good luck,


  3. Hi, Abbi! I’m going to start processing the requirements by March. My concern is my job contract will end on Feb. (it is a contractual / seasonal job for 3 months) and after that I’ll be unemployed, I’m afraid I can’t give payslips and all. I have bank account, so I can provide all other proofs relative to bank statement. I have a real property of a land which was bought under my name, I have deeds and I’m still processing for the transfering of land title and the house is also in my name, I was thinking if that would help prove my ties in the Philippines. Utility bills are also under my name (electricity & water), I dont know if that will help. My boyfriend who’s living 2 hours away from London will sponsor my ticket and my accommodation, is it possible to stay there for 6 months? Before visa expires. The biggest concern I have is the payslips, actually. I feel so hopeless.
    I will be waiting for your opinion. Thanks Abbi!

    • Sorry Cres, I don’t have a response to this question – no one can ever be SURE when it comes to UK visa applications – all you do is try. That’s the problem is that it is all up in the air and up to the visa officer. Just make sure to try to establish rootedness, sufficient finances, etc. It is nerve-wracking, but it will always be. JUst go for it and keep those fingers crossed! xx

      Really wish you the very best!


      *This is not official advice!*

  4. hi Abbi.. thank you for sharing you blog. that is so much of a help. i have a question, I am a transgender, i have an Irish Boyfriend who is currently here in town and will be staying with me for 6 mos. He is planning to take me to UK when he gets back just for sightseeing and tourism. In regards to applying for a tour visa, since im currently unemployed (i quit my job just weeks ago to be able to spend time with him). and i dont have a business..What do i need to submit as as an alternative requirement if i cant present an employment certification and ITR.. but i have money in my bank account. hope to hear from you .. thank you

  5. hi abby…im so happy i found your blog. I am recently married here in phil with my british husband and he wanted me to visit uk next year, we are planning just to get the visitors visa since i dont wanna stay in uk for a longer period of time as i got a job here in phil. Kaya lang diko alam kung i will follow my married status naba even wala pa yong NSO marriage certificate? after 6 months pa kasi siya available. Hope may idea ka nito…thanks a lot.

  6. Hi Ms Abbi! I have travelled to the UK once na and was sponsored by my British boyfriend, last April yun and he visited me last August and he wants me to visit him again in December so I need to apply for another visa. Do we need to provide evidences that we’ve visited each other (proof of relationship). Also he’s sponsoring me again, I’ve been working for three years now, same company, and I’m currently enrolled in my Masters, actually same circumstances as when I applied the first time kaso yung ADB ko sa bank bumaba, do you think I have a good chance at getting another visa? I hope you can answer me soon. Thank you!

  7. hi Abbi, your blog so helpful..i just wanna ask because i got my contract job offer from a family..they send me a letter from uk home office / uk imigration gsi offices..they told me that i need to deposit money under my name amounting 1200GBP for show money to proved that i have suffecient fund use up to my stay if my salary was delayed..they also said that i can get my money within 48 hours payout in uk..my question is, how can i get payout my money when the reciever is in my name also the sender is me..hope you will hell me…thanks

    • Rhian, DONT DO IT. DONT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE. This is the first rule of thumb when it comes to any visa application or job application process. This is probably a scam. Contact your local british embassy to ask for more information.

  8. Hi, my friend came to the UK. last year to visit her husband who went to the phillippines to marry her, she came on a tourist visa and because he was so ill she stayed too long and was placed in a detention center, she was told that if she paid for her own return ticket back to phillipinnes she would be allowed to return one year and one day later, in the meantime her husband has died of cancer, can she return to u.k. to visit her friends now the year ban is up ?

  9. Hi Abbi, what is the appropriate attire for uk visa inverview? I have mine scheduled on Aug 9, 7am.
    Thank you,

  10. Hi Abbi! I just wanted to ask how you extended your stay from 2 months to 5 months? How did you manage the flight booking? Planning to visit my boyfriend in the UK for the 2nd time now, but he wants me to book a “flexible” flight this time if possible but I’m not sure if it is. Really hoping to hear from you. Thanks!!

  11. hello! good day. i found your blog very helpful and interesting. i got my UK visa aleady and went there for 5 days while i was staying in sweden. now i am back in thephilippines, and planning to go there again for the second time since i got a multiple entry and will be visiting my bf for two months. ive been reading stuff online about getting a cfo certificate before leaving the philippines if your intention is to visit or go with your partner. im only on a tourist visa and have no plans to get marrried yet, is it really necessary to attend this kind of seminar? and did you ever get to encounter this ind of situation?
    hope fully you can asnwer my questions.

      • thanks Ms. Abbi for answering, the immigation officer told the same thing to me lol and i realized i was scammed coz i paid 400 PHP to that seminar just to get a certificate.

  12. Hey guys I have a question about reapplying for a new tourist visa. I just came back frim uk march 28,2017 how little ng do I need ti wait before I can aply for a new tourist visa? Do i need to stay in Philippines for another 6 month? Or I can just reaply now

      • Hi! This is Abby from the previous thread. I went to the UK last December 2016 for 2 weeks, but my visa expired just last Feb 2017. I applied for a new one just this May 2017, and I already got my new visa. So I don’t think there’s any problem how long you’ve been back in the Philippines πŸ™‚ hope this helps!

        • hi, Abby! your post is very helpful. im planning to get a new visa again, mine will expire this october 28, but i want to apply again since i am planning to leave in january next year. my problem is that my original ITR was taken before my first application and i only have one copy of it, they only returned my bank statement. i dont know if i sould get one again for the purpose of my visa application or not (i am self employed since i own a business here in the philippines) hope you could help , thanks

  13. Hello Abbi,

    I just want to share my experience when I applied for UK visa last Tuesday (May 16, 2017). They now allow bags inside VFS center for UK visa applicants only. The ID Photo is no longer required and they also did not take the photocopies of all the documents I submitted. I felt like I was “overprepared” if that is even a word. hahaha I am now waiting for the delivery of my passport hoping to get a UK visa as well. Courier via 2go is P525 pesos. If you prefer pick up, their pick up schedule would be M-F 2pm – 4pm only. My appointment last Tuesday was 7:15 am. We were allowed to go upstairs (2nd floor) 10 mins before 7am. I was 7th on the queueand was able to finish everything by 7:30 am. I was surprised on how fast the process was! It was both efficient and convenient. πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Abbie! I will be starting med school here in the Philippines on August, so basically I am a student. I have enrolled already so I think I have enough reason to come back. I have my own funds on my bank account enough to fund my whole trip if I go to UK. My friend in UK invited me to come visit him and he will be sponsoring my accommodation, food, and travels there. If I already have enough funds, do I still need my parents’ documents such as business documents and bank statements?

    • Hi Krishna! I’d only attach them if they are relevant to me, for example if you are a part owner of the business. If not i feel your school docs would suffice. All that you need to establish is that you have reason to return and sufficient funds for your trip.

      Hope that helps!

      Also if you have time can you share this on social and tweet me @abbistoli? Or you can just leave a comment on a more recent post. I’d appreciate it greatly. Thanks!

  15. My second mum from Scotland found your blog and let me read it to guide me on what do to visit there. What will I do to mention that I would be visiting a friend there that would sponsor my accomodation there, We will be living with her.

  16. Hi Abbi!

    Your blog is so helpful. I just want to ask, once you book your appointment (to pass the papers), are there possibilities the days are fully booked and might get a later date? Just thinking if its just the same in applying passport renewal here in PH.


  17. Hi Ms Abbi, im here again, do you know if overdrawn bank statement is ok to submit?or better to save money first ( sponsor).TIA

  18. This blog is really helpful in preparing my documents. I keep on checking the comments section from time to time to fish more information that i might need πŸ™‚ I’m getting all my documents ready and REALLY hoping for a visa grant. My appointment will be next week and here is my background:
    I have business based in the Philippines for 5 years, I met my British boyfriend last year who is also a businessman in the UK. We were introduced by a friend. He will be back in the Philippines next week to celebrate our birthday together – same date kasi birthday namin πŸ™‚ then he wanted me to go to UK this June to meet his family and tour around.
    Here are the documents I prepared:
    – Old and current passport – with stamps and visa from my previous travel including Australia, Japan and other asian countries
    – Printed application and photo
    – Business Papers with ITR
    – bank statement covering 6mos with bank certificate (BDO) and bank book (Eastwest)
    – school certification (1st year – MBA) and my school id

    from my boyfriend here are the docs i will submit
    – copy of his British passport with philippine travel stamps – proof that he’s been here twice to visit me
    – invitation letter
    – his bank statement, mortgage statement of his house (where i’ll be staying), letter from Companies House stating about his business ownership
    then i also included proof our relationship like photos and package receipts

    I was initially planning of applying independently and just say that i’ll be staying in a hotel, but I’ll be staying at his house the entire month so we decided to be truthful and include him in my application. My documents might be too much? But you know, better be sure than get denied and repeat all the process.

    • Happy birthday to you both! It would be nice to see each other again… oh I do not miss LDR’s! As for your question – I think you have it all covered. Don’t go overboard on proof of relationship… it’s not a requirement for UK tourist visas and you might look too keen? Maybe a pager of photos? I didnt include any proof of relationship with mine. I agree though, if that’s what makes you feel secure then go for it. xx

      Good luck!

      • Thank you! I am actually preparing our photos right now 😐 I’ve read another blog about a visa getting denied because she said she’s staying with a “friend” but its actually her boyfriend. ECO isn’t satisfied with it coz she didn’t say if how she met her sponsor or if she really know the person. She only submitted invitation letter and passport from him. She added she didn’t prepare her documents well enough so maybe that’s also the reason why she was refused.. I’m quite OC when it comes to paperworks and I would always feel anxious every time I apply for a visa! I might as well take your advice and don’t overdo the relationship proof. I think I have enough documents to show my ties to the Philippines and I really need to come back after a month!! I might as well focus on that πŸ˜‰ thank you for your reply, I’m sorting my documents now and I’ll let you know of the result!

        • Hello Chelsea JT! We are both OCs and overthinkers lol. I think you’ll be alright including you and your partner’s photos as I included some for my own application as well. I tried to be as organized and diligent as what Abbi wrote and I got approved after 6 business days. Also, there is an extra page on the application checklist for you to provide any additional document that you wish to include that you feel would be useful for that application. It says something like ”Do you have additional/other documents that you would like to include in the application?”. You would then specify them on the blanks. I also felt like I over-explained things as you would often see an open/close parentheses in my paperwork because I really wanted to make things crystal clear. There is no interview during the submission of documents so I thought it wouldn’t hurt being quite detailed. I was worried it would sound redundant but I was very pleased with the result. Good luck! πŸ™‚

          • Hi Nadine! Yes I think I already printed the checklist page but I haven’t filled it out yet. Wow happy for you πŸ™‚ and the result came really fast !! I heard UK is the strictest when it comes to visa applications that is why i’m really making sure of my documents. I am also hoping I will get a positive result! Flying this week to Manila for my appointment. I’m from Bacolod pa kasi.

  19. Hi abbi, im sending my parents here in Uk.
    Im quite worried cause id really want them to meet their grandson turning 2.
    I want to ask if its really important to have medical certificate and xrays?
    For as they are old already it might hinder the application…
    Truly appreciate your positivity
    Best regards

    • Hi Hannah,
      I read alot about blogs and the UKVI site as well. So i know that Medical certificate and Xrays are only required from those who are applying for a settlement visa like fiance, spouse or civil partnership or anything other than just visiting or tourism. If your parents are just going on a visit visa and will be back home after their visa expires, then No need for this medical attachments. Hope this may help.
      Good luck!

  20. Hi, Abbi!

    I have been following your blog and it has been very helpful as I prepared for my UK visa application. This morning, I finally submitted my application and supporting documents. As soon as I got home, I went through your blog again to see if I had missed anything and unfortunalely, I had overlooked the thing about flight tickets. I didn’t submit a flight reservation, only hotel bookings. Are they really a must? Also, I didn’t write a cover letter but I did print out a checklist of documents and I wrote a detailed itinerary. Will that be okay? Thank you in advance!x

  21. Hi! I’m not sure if my comment was posted the other day so I’ll just make this new one. I’m planning to get a Standard UK Visa. I’m graduating college on March so I plan to go there for my vacation. My dad will be paying for my entire trip. I’m going alone and will be staying at a hotel and maybe at my friend’s place but I’m planning just to put the hotel on the application. Do you think they’ll grant me a visa? They might think I’m going to find a job there. πŸ™ What are your advices? If ever I pass, does the immigration in the UK ask for more details or do they just check your visa/passport?

    • HI Lilo! Sorry this is so late – you messaged me when I was in the Philippines for a holiday. Anyway, I hope this still helps – I think if you explain that you are still studying and that it is a gift, it is possible. However, even if your dad pays for everything I still suggest that you also need to show that your bank account has enough money for the holiday, especially because you are not traveling with him. Stress that you dont want a job, in fact, try to find a job in the Philippines before you leave as that might help.

      As for your second question – they do intrview you on the spot in the airport. If they feel youre lying, they may send you home. SO just relax and be confident. If you are saying the truth you shouldn’t worry about it. πŸ™‚


  22. Hi Abbi,
    Just want you to know your blog is really helpful. I just wanna ask is it possible that I will just have the booking confirmation from the hotel but actually staying in my friends house in London. Because I know they will ask you for the hotel accommodation upon your entry in London.

  23. Hi katukayong Abbi! First of all,gusto kong sabihin na ang laking tulong ng blog mo.Trulalu at walang halong eklabu πŸ™‚

    Btw,hope u can give me a free advice if may free time ka.

    I would apply for a UK visa (tourist) this February/March.My entire trip is sponsored by a British friend (a couple) as a birthday gift for me.I will be travelling with my mom.
    I work as a freelance real estate agent/photographer,with 2 daughters,22 years old and I also have bank savings account in BPI (since August 2016,around 100k PHP ang current balance),have an account in BDO (since 2014) pero zero balance as of now LOL.
    I have my own house na pinapaupahan(with title in my name and my Filipino partner) at 2 door na paupahan (not titled).Been in HK(once only) and Thailand (2 times) last 2015.

    Problem is,I have no ITR ,but will register palang sa BIR as self employed professional this week.
    My questions are:

    1.Does I still need to show the UK Embassy an ITR?

    2.If I don’t have an ITR,how can I write a letter of explanation?What I must say in the letter?

    3.What else I must submit bukod sa bank certificate ko and documents ng sponsors ko?(They will provide me their bank statements,passports,invitation letter and utility bills as proof of address.Ano pa need ko hingin sa kanila?
    Do I need to submit land titles too and rental agreement ng mga tenants ko?

    4.Usually,on average,magkano ang living expenses in UK per day(minus the accomodation)?Will be staying in Southampton,Hampshire BTW.

    5. May marerecommend kbang airline na mura ang planetickets? (Sagot ng sponsor ko ang planetickets,roundtrip)

    Hope you can help me and answer my questions.Thank you in advance.
    God bless us all!

  24. hi abbi woud just like to us because it will be our fist time to apply, we will go to london kasi to attend my sister’s wedding. She will not shoulder our total expenses but only the accomodation. she booked airbnb, is it still necesaary for us to submit her bank statement? and we will apply
    kc as a fAmily dun ba sa part na how much will you spend for the trip individualized un dba including my son nde as a family ung computation? tanx

  25. Hi Abbi!

    Been following your blog for months now and I just want to let you know that my visa was approved! Thanks for all the tips written here πŸ™‚ My aunt told me that I need to have a travel insurance specifically for this trip. Do you have any recommendations? Also, what are the usual questions asked by the immigration officer upon arrival in the UK? Do i need to show them my pocket money? Thanks

    • I agree. Get yourself some travel insurance. I used a service called blue cross (if im not mistaken) when i was stil in manila. Usual questions are the big basic ones: why are you here, how long are you here for, where are you staying… then it all depends on the immigration officer but they can also ask how much will you daily budget be oryour vacation budget, what is your profession… etc. Just be truthful and dont be nervous. If you hve nothing to hide you shouldnt be worried. Mine asked me when my boyfriend’s birthday was… and i didnt know! So i laughed and said i completely forgot and told him i only remember the month and that I’m bad at dates. Lol. Luckily he saw my sincerity, asked me another question and then let me through. Again, all that matters is you thoroughly know your plans and that you are sincere and honest. It will be fine. Congrats and have a great time in the UK!

  26. Hi Abbi,
    Thanks so much for the effort you put into your blog…very informative and much appreciated.

    Im thinking of bringing my gf from Phils to UK for 6 months and have a few questions.

    Im slightly confused about financial requirements for length of stay. If I provide evidence of funds to cover her stay for a month, what’s to stop me from extending her stay to 6 months without providing evidence to support it? I do have enough (I believe) to cover the full 6 months but would like her to stay as long as she can.

    This leads me to my next question. I note that you were flexible on the length of your stay. How did that affect searching for flights? Did you buy an open ended ticket? These are so much more expensive than having fixed departure tickets. I cant imagine you bought a one way ticket as I would imagine immigration would query this when you got to the UK airport.

    The next question is about her showing evidence that she must return to Phils. What we have at the minute is evidence of her rented accomodation… we’ll get a letter from her landlord to say the premises will be still be hers when she gets home, we hope to have evidence that her employer will hold her job open until she gets back and we also have evidence of a small piece of land that she owns. Last we have evidence that her family relies on her financially to support them through her employment.

    It seems to me that her application rests mostly on supplying evidence that she will return after her stay. Can you think of anything else that would support that fact?

    Thanks again for your time.

  27. Thanks a lot! Lol s’all right even if you are unsure about the price. It’s actually smaller compared to that one I saw on the Internet! Kudos Abbi,this is already helpful πŸ™‚

  28. Hello Abbi!

    I’ve been constantly following this blog and this is by far the most reliable. If you don’t mind me asking, I would just like to know how you were able to provide a flight itinerary. I have been googling a lot and I couldn’t seem to find a satisfying answer. Everyone on the Internet says you have to purchase flight itineraries from qualified travel agencies which charge a “small amount of money” . Did you actually do the same thing? I hope you can give me a few tips on this. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Bernadine! How very sweet of you to say this, thank you! So sorry this response is so late, it has been a crazy busy year. I did pay a small fee for the flight reservation, if you go to a travel agent (If I remember correctly I used mango tours, if you are in the Philippines) you can ask to reserve a flight and they will provide you the itinerary for something less than 500 pesos?! OMG I know I sound like I’m basically guessing, I’m sorry about that. lol! I am sure though that you can purchase a flight itinerary from select travel agencies. Good luck!

      • Thank you Abbi for being really responsive! I did inquire at a nearby travel agency and they can do it for P300 so yaaaay! Another thing, is it compulsory to get a travel insurance? We’re almost almooost done with my preparation. Just waiting for my in laws to send additional documents. I’ll be attending the GCP seminar at CFO Manila next week πŸ™‚

    • Hello, you can try checking both Turkish Airlines or Qatar Airways, they have an option to pay later but you can definitely reserve the flight. Valid for 72 hours I guess.

  29. Hi po, mag ask lng po, i place in my application to stay in UK for 2 weeks pero I change my mind instead of 2 weeks, can i stay for a month and my circumstances kung I stay a month instead of 2 weeks

  30. Hi Abbi! I found your blog so helpful for people like me who is applying for a UK visa for the first time. I will have my appointment this coming December, and I am applying for a tourist visa with my fiancee who is a British national but does not live in UK anymore for more than 20 years because he works abroad. He will accompany me during the appointment and submission of my requirements, and I have read that there is no interview necessary unless for further inquieries by the embassy. My question is, will he be allowed inside the office or where I submit my application? He wants to come with me because he said just in case they question my application he can back me up ( I don’t think that is allowed though ) because he will be sponsoring my trip. I am currently unemployed because my fiancee asked me to stop working, but we have a property already and good amount of savings all in my name because we are not yet married, and we have a lot of travel history together, and we have been together for almost 7 years, but like any other stories I have read this not gurantee me an approved visa that is why I am still nervous with my application. Anyway, I am just really hoping and praying I will get one, I think it’s about time that I see the London bridge…lol…thank you so much and good luck to you!

    • I don’t think he will be allowed in. You will seriously just hand in the documents. They will ask you what you need the visa for. That’s all that I got. It is not an interview, it will be a turnover of documents. I can’t be sure about this, but I guess if he really wants to go with you, you can try. If he is not allowed in, there is a lovely cafe below the visa centre where he can wait. πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Abbi! Your blog is really helpful! πŸ™‚ I am now preparing my documents to apply for tourist visa. I am confuse if I should book an accommodation for the visa application or not yet? I saw in the application form the address where you’ll plan to stay. What did you do when you applied yours before? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  32. Hi,
    I’m planning to apply for uk tourist visa, but the thing is a just got hired from my job just last july 2016 from a new company, the only ITR that i had is my tax payment from jan 2016 to april 2016 since if resigned from previous employer last april, would it be matter that i just got a new job? My bf (who’s a british citizen) will be the one to pay for my plane ticket and i’ll be staying with him. I also just opened my bnk act last june 2016, would 150k will be enough if i’ll stay there for a month? I also just started a buss but i just had my dti, i don’t have mayor’s permit yet since they advised me to get it on jan since the year is about to end, shall i include it to one of my source of income?? Thanks very much πŸ™‚

  33. Hi Abbi, thank you for your blog! it helps me alot πŸ™‚ I have a question, i do not have any travel history and ITR. You think it might affect my application? Hence, I have employment here and income yet my boyfriend living and working in UK will sponsor me because we both know that my savings isnt enough for this travel. Hope you can answer my question. Thanks in advance!

    God bless! xoxo

    • I dont think travel history is as important. I did not pass an ITR too, I submitted my business documents and letters for my clients… so in your case, I think it would be enough to submit official employment records like payslips, letter from employer, etc. πŸ™‚

  34. Hi! Your blog is very helpful. I just completed my application and booked an appointment. Did you prepare a cover letter when you submitted the documents at VFS? If I may ask what are the contents of your cover letter? and is there a standard size for the paper to be used? Is letter size OK or should it be A4? Thanks!

    • Hi Gretchen! This is very late but I hope it still is helpful. Yes I prepared a cover letter. It included a brief description of my reasons to travel the UK and my itinerary. After that I briefly mentioned the contents of my application deck. In the end, I made a categorical statement that I will be leaving the UK before my visa expires, and that I have no intention to work, study, or marry anyone on my stay in the UK.

      I used A4 paper. I don’t think that was required but I like A4. lol.

      Hope that helps!

  35. Hi Abbi,

    Your blog is really helpfull. I just want to ask some questions, i already apply for visa online and scheduled on sept 14,2016 to submit all the documents, my doctor before in saudi will be the one who will sponsor me, for now i am unemployed since i just married last july 31,2016, and end my contract in saudi last dec 2015 so here are my questions:
    1.im using my passport with my family name when i was still single since we dont have marriage license yet issued by nso but i have our marriage certificate is it ok or need to change it?
    2. Do i need a bank statement? Since i dont have enough savings now, but my sponsor will send her bank statement and all of her documents.
    3. What specific documents will i give? And do i need original documents to be submitted or is it ok scanned and photo copies?
    4. How about my employment status? I typed in the application that i am unemployed for the moment.
    I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Ann! This is so specific and unlike mine, so Im not the right person to ask. What i can say though, is that I imagine that an immigration officer would find any application from any person suspicious if there is no employment and no savings or bank statements, even if it is sponsored. I can be wrong, but that’s my opinion. I suggest saving first or showing other ties to your home, like a business, property, etc.

  36. Hi Abbi,

    By far its the most helpful blog, for my travel plans to UK ..

    Planing to have an 20 days vacation but I’m not so sure on how to list my expenses.

    Would this be enough. ?

    Hotel Accomodation
    Per Diem Allowance

  37. Hi Abbi,

    Your blog really helpful, i have it bookmark. At the moment, I am now preparing my documents to apply for tourist visa. I am confuse if i should get a flight booking confirmation for the visa application or not. Where did you get yours? Pls enlighten me. Planning to apply this week or the next if time constrain. Thanks bunch x

    • I asked for a booking reservation from a travel agency. You can contact travel agencies and ask if they offer booking reservations. You don’t have to pay for the flight yet, it is just a confirmation that you have plans to travel on that date. I think I mine from a friend’s travel agency, but you can call any travel agency and ask. Many offer this service. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for bookmarking! x

      Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything else <3

      • Hi Abbi,

        I just got back online and sooo happy that i got my approved visa yesterday. Thank you so much for the help and the guide. It’s worth it. For now scouting the ticket prices, too expensive tho. I would just like to confirm with you on the visa page there is to and from date – would that mean the validity of the visa that i can travel or enter UK within those dates? And the day i arrive there, starts the count of the 6months allowable to stay? Btw my application says 1month only but now its already approved, is it ok that my real ticket and stay is 5 and half months? will the immigration not bother to ask me this…thanks bunch xx

        • Hi Meg! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m always so happy to hear I’ve helped people out. You can stay in the UK for as long as your visa is valid, as long as you don’t work, get married, or violate any terms in your visa. So if for example you change your mind and want to stay longer. That’s fine. When the immigration officer asks, you’ll just have to stress that you don’t intend to work and that have enough money/ will be supported to stay for five months.

          • Yes indeed. Arrived in London last November. So, purely tours and travel anywhere. Thank you so much for your detailed blog and soon i will be following your other visa post. When i come back to Phil I will sort that out. Omg… so cold here now. Would be much nicer on summer time for sure. I might have question with you later on preparing the other visa. Thanks Abbi. Merry Christmas in advance

  38. Hi Abbi,

    Just want to clarify some things about visa time frame.. As you mentioned in your response quoted below you mentioned you can extend your stay as long as it is within your visa time frame. When you say visa time frame you meant the 6 months permit to stay in the UK or your UK VISA expiry date?

    I am concerned about this because I got my UK Visa which is valid from 30 June until 30 December 2016. I entered UK on 7 August. Will this mean I can only stay in the UK until 30 December?

    When I applied for my UK Visa I specified that I’ll be flying on 9 August 2016 and intend to stay for a month. But now I would like to stay here for 6 months or 5 and a half (just like you ). Do you think it would be okay for me to stay here until end of January 2017?

    I would really appreciate your input.
    Thanks in advance.
    BTW, great blog you got here.

    “Also, it is okay to extend as long as it is within your visa time frame and as long as you don’t violate the terms of your visa regarding employment. Hope that helped! ”


    • Hi Chrissie,

      Thanks for the compliment! As for your question – you can only stay til your visa expiry date. I left a week before my visa expired. So if you say your visa expires on December, you have to leave before then. You can inquire about officially asking for an extension, but I’m not sure how that goes as I haven’t experienced that yet.

      I hope this helped! Good luck and let me know how things are going!


  39. Hi Abbi,

    I had only travelled to Hongkong and Macau. So I do not have enough travel history. Do you think this will affect my visa application? Thanks

  40. Hi . I will travel with my family this December. I cant find in the VFS webpage how to apply for a tourist family visa. Is that per member 1 application? or just us parents and the kids are listed at the Dependent section.

    • Theresa,
      Once you apply online there’s an option to lodge the application as a group,from what I remember. You won’t find the info on the webpage (Their site isn’t very user friendly πŸ™ ) but the option will be available when you start your online application. Good luck!


  41. Hi Abbi,

    Thanks for the answer. But I was referring to the questions asked by immigration upon arrival in the UK? Did they asked for where you’re going to leave, how long ur stay is, proof that you have money, etc.?

    • Oh, okay. They asked all of that, including what I will be doing in the UK and what I want to see. They also asked where I would stay and when I said I was going to stay with my boyfriend they asked me a couple of personal questions to see if I’m telling the truth.

  42. Hi Abbi!

    Just want to ask what are the questions or documents that the UK Immigration Officer asked from you? Also, what if in my visa application I’ve stated that I only intend to stay for 2 weeks. But after the visa was granted, plans changed and I decided to stay for 2 months instead. Will that be alright? Thanks!

  43. Hi! My partner living in the UK wants me to visit the country this coming November or December. Am just concern about two things: (1) the employment info because am just a self employed (part-time online English tutor) and the salary i get in there is not that good, what documents do I need to submit regarding this? (2) I have my own savings account but I don’t think I can show a sufficient info about my bank statement for the past 6 months because it’s more on money sent to me (paid and sent) and salary i got from my part-time job, but my partner will shoulder all the expenses for my trip. Would that be fine if I will just submit my partner’s bank statement rather than mine? We’re also planning, just in case, he’ll be sending me the money – like a budget money – for my trip in my savings account, will it be a sufficient additional document for me to show how much I have in my savings account?
    I hope you can help me as we’re planning to process my visa as soon as possible.
    Thank You. x

    • Hi Jmee! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll try my best to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge based on my experience.

      1. Self employment – I was self employed too, and was DTI registered. Do you have a DTI registration or a mayor’s permit? If not, do you have a contract with your clients? Even if it is part time and does not earn very much, it is important to show that you have ongoing and long time work in the Philippines that you need to return to after visiting the UK. You can even get your boss/ client to write a letter saying that they have actually been contracting your freelance services for X number of months, and that they expect you to go back to work when you come back. I think the employment/study factor in the application is more for establishing ties to the country, so you can maybe even supplement it with ongoing lease contracts, properties, dependents, etc.

      2. Bank Statement – You will still need to forward yours even if your sponsor will take care of your entire trip. I’m not sure if the idea of “show money” is a good thing. Maybe if he sends it to you 6 months before you apply so that you can show that you have been saving? The point of the bank statements from your end is to establish that you are financially responsible and able to take care of yourself without looking for work in the UK or in case your sponsor *knock on wood* drops you. If there is not enough money in your account, just explain why in a cover letter and include all of your sponsor’s financial documents, including a cover letter from him saying that he will be responsible for you. This, of course, is a bit of a gamble, but unfortunately, either you save for 6 months and then apply, or you just do it and hope for the best.

      I hope this helps! I know how hard it is to be away from someone you love, but with a bit of patience and doing the process right, you’ll get there! Good luck! x

  44. Hi Abbi! my partner told me to read your blog cause it’s so reliable πŸ™‚
    My partner wants me to visit UK this coming November or December. I’m just concern about the employment details coz am just self-employed (part-time online english tutor) and my salary is not that good . what specific document do i need to submit? and also regarding expenses, my partner will be sponsor it, i don’t have that much in my savings account for the past 6mos. if am going to have a bank statement from it, do i still need my own bank statement even if my partner will shoulder all the expenses?? am really concern about these two things -_- i hope you can help. Thank you x

  45. Hi Abbi,

    I’m glad to have found your blog, such big help!

    I am inviting my sister here in the UK for a quick visit for 2-3 weeks stay. I will be the sole sponsor with regards to all the finances from airfare to pocket money and all the expenses when she’s here. Since she just finished University, she doesn’t have enough money in her account as she only gets allowance so no savings there, no properties and job yet so I am not sure what document to add to prove that shes not going to overstay. What other proof do you think shall we add to convince them that she’s going back? Your thoughts would be really helpful.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi eds! This one is tricky, as I think immigration would be wary about her not having any real ties to the Philippines as of the moment. I know, it’s such a catch 22 isn’t it? She needs the break to go on holiday, but they won’t let her do it until she’s employed which would lessen the time she’d be available for one. It would almost easier for her to get a job first, I’d imagine. And then ask for leave for the holiday. You have to prove that she has ongoing responsibilities in the Philippines that she needs to return to. If she is renting a condo under her name, I would include her lease contract. If she is part of an official org, she can add a letter from them too. Another one would be proof of dependents – if there are people dependent on her in the philippines, a child, for example, i would include birth certificates, pictures, etc. Other than that, all I can think to include are letters from you and from your family in the Philippines vouching that this holida is a graduation gift and that she will return, as well as her diploma to show that it is true. although I’m not sure if it will be enough, all you can do is provide as much as you can and hope for the best! Good luck and please keep me posted. This is a tough but good question! I will ask around as well and let you know if I hear of any better answers.

  46. Hi Abbi!

    Just want to ask what are the questions or documents that the UK Immigration Officer asked from you? Also, what if in my visa application I’ve stated that I only intend to stay for 2 weeks. But after the visa was granted, plans changed and I decided to stay for 2 months instead. Will that be alright? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  47. Hi miss abbi i’d like to clarify po what pic po ung nasa visa is it the passport sized pic na sinusubmit or ung biometric photograph? Hindi na po kz kinuha nung lady na nagassist sakn ung passport sized pic q ung sa daughter q lng po ung kinuha nya. Sb nya d na daw kelangan nung pic q. Thank you

      • Thank you po for your quick response. I’m just a bit worried na it will affect my application. I forgot to ask the girl kz. Thank you

    • Hi Abbie i was not a first timer to apply UK Visa, i had my visa before last 2014 and now planning to apply again for 2nd time.

      My 1st concern is i check the official site of VFS but there’s a saying about Tuberculosis check, do i need to have that even i am going to apply again for Tourist Visa which is six months only or that Tuberculosis check is only for those who will stay more than six months in UK ?

      2nd concern is did u have some ideas if what documents to be submitted as a second timer applicant for UK Tourist Visa?

      Thanks !

      • HI Harlene, you only need to submit a TB test if you are staying the UK for more than 6 mos, as per https://www.gov.uk/tb-test-visa/overview

        On your second question you can maybe provide proof that you did not violate your last visa? For example, your return ticket to the philippines and/or your bank accounts during that time of your stay so you can show that you did not gain employment. Maybe mention this in your cover letter so they’d understand the reference.

        Hope this makes sense!

  48. HI abbi just Ned more info about approving tourist visa in u.k.. just for 1 month my documents is the invitation letter from my b.f and he said on the letter that he would be the one ho cover all my expenses. And I will live in his house and my picture with him wen he visit me here in Phil. Is that possible abbi that they wil approve my visa bcoz I hve doubt in my documents…

    • I can’t say for sure if that is enough. Even if he sponsors you, You need to prove that you have a job and other responsibilities to come back to in the Philippines. I think that may be just as, if not, more important. Good luck with your application!

  49. Hi abbi i just saw ur blog about tourist visa and im planning to visit uk this year, i have a bf who’s US airforce whos station and living in uk right now. One of my concern is i dont have a job here in the philippines but i do have a bank account and i have a history of travelling abroad like hongkong, thailand, Shanghai China and just recently just got back from america. Do u think thats a red flag on my side that i couldnt show any employment stuff. Thank you for ur help

  50. Hello! (Curious) What website did you apply for your visa online?

    Your blog’s very informative, btw. Thank you for this.

  51. Hi Abbi,

    Your blog is very helpful. Anyway, just want to ask how much ba dapat ung bank balance if i intend to stay sa UK for 2 weeks only? Also, my aunt stays in the UK. My boyfriend and his family also stay there. In case my funds would be insufficient, is it fine if gagawin kong sponsor ung aunt ko instead of my boyfriend? Her income is higher kase. Kelangan ko parin bang mgsubmit ng docs to prove my relationship with my boyfriend even though hnd naman xa ung sponsor? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Leah! I don’t think you’d need to submit docs about your bf if you’re going to visit your aunt and just visit naman. It’s not a fiance visa anyway. The requirements for tourist visa doesn’t ask for relationship proof naman, from what I know. As for bank balance… I wouldn’t know. I’m sorry but I have no specific response for this. Mine was pretty sizeable and kept in the acct for 6 months.

    • Hi Leah! I don’t think you’d need to submit docs about your bf if you’re going to visit your aunt and just visit naman. It’s not a fiance visa anyway. The requirements for tourist visa doesn’t ask for relationship proof naman, from what I know. As for bank balance… I wouldn’t know. I’m sorry but I have no specific response for this. Mine was pretty sizeable and kept in the acct for 6 months. Siguro just make it over your itinerary budget, and make sure you have been saving it for a while. Sorry! Medyo tricky tong question as there is no definite answer to this anywhere even when I was doing my research. If your funds are low, but you are being sponsored maybe focus on making sure that you are able to establish that you have no intention of overstaying or working while there. I think that’s what the financial proof is for. This is all just my opinion but I hope it helps. Good luck!

  52. Hi abi! I need some advise here. I’m just having thoughts kung ano ilalagay ko sa Employment status. Im working full time and part time student pilot ako. I dont know if I will choose working full time then explain sa consideration Box na im also a part time student. Or choose un student (working) na option. Then iexplain ko pa din sa consideration box na full time working ako. Ano kaya un mas maganda na makikita nila na i have to come back here. I have all the documents. Certificate of employment and enrollment, payslip, bank cert.And with the bank statement pala. I just opened a bank acct here, so hindi sya abot ng 6 mos. Pwede bang bank Certificate ko na lang? And yung ITR ko is from other country kasi I just came back from a secondment last March for work. HELP pls. I also travelled around Asia, no overstaying. Would this help? Wala pa kong visa kahit saan, except chinese visa for work cause I’m a flight attendant.
    Also my boyfriend is also sponsoring me. Help please!!!

    • Hi Anna,

      First and foremost, thanks for visiting the blog! I also want to say, I do not have the authority to give advice about specific UK immigration matters. My answers are only based on doing a bit of research for you and can point you out to what I have found out. Hope this helps!

      Working Student vs Studying Worker : This is quite a specific question. I checked the VAF1A form and it says : “5.2 What is your present work or job or occupation? >>>>>>
      If you are a student and you also work, please give details of your work.
      ” So I guess it is asking for your job (sources of income), first and foremost. So maybe just add the details of your study to the additional information and on your cover letter explaining your supporting docs, since from what I see there’s no specific field for education information. I would send documents proving this as well.

      Visas and Travel: I think it helps to show that you are well traveled to many countries and have not overstayed, with or without a visa, but there is no actual proof that this is a deciding factor. This is just the opinion in immigration forums online.

      Bank Statements: Apart from your bank certificate you can include the following, according to https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/423699/2015_04_20_Visitor_Supporting_Documents_Guide_-_Final__2__-_CLEAN.pdf

        proof of earnings such as a letter from employer confirming employment details (start date of employment, salary, role, company contact details)
        where a third party (who is either in the UK or who will be legally in the UK at the time of your visit) is providing financial support to you e.g. a business, a friend or a relative, documents to show they have sufficient resources to support you in addition to themselves and any dependant family should be provided

      Good luck! πŸ™‚


  53. Hi I’m applying now a 6 months uk tourist visa and we’re just 7 months relationship with my boyfriend is there a possible i failed the interview about how long we are now? and do i have to print all our conversation just to prove them that we have a relationship?please i need your help right now

  54. Hi there

    Great blog!

    I have a boyfriend who lives in Paris and was granted Refugee status 8 years ago. We have known each other for many years but only since August of 2015 have started our relationship. I visit him in Paris every 2/3 weekends and have evidence of this.
    My question is this. I would like my boyfriend to take it in turns to visit me too so can i just say that he is coming to see me as it will only be for weekends? Or do i need to say he will be sight seeing too? Also, i am completing the form on his behalf and he is self employed but currently now working. I will be funding for most of the trip so how much should i say he will be paying towards this trip? How much is enough and not too little. I know when i go to Paris i don’t spend anything as i stay with him and he buys food and cooks.

  55. My vulnerable son is being scammed by a philipino woman wanting money for passport,visa,flights,m0ney for family etc..and is pretending she wants to come to uk..is there anyway that I can put a stop to this please?

    • Hi Zoe,

      Oh my god that is awful! I don’t really have an answer to this, I’m not sure you can report her to the authorities especially if he is in a relationship with her. If you have proof of it maybe there’s a way to report it to immigration, but to be honest, and unfortunately, the whole thing will only stop if he ends it. I am very sad to hear about things like this, it is what makes the process of applying for visas hard for many real couples who are really in love.

      • Hi,well I’ve just sent an e-mail to the police in Pangasinan…
        If they go through her facebook they will know that my son was never in a “real” relationship hopefully.
        I went on to her f.book today and she is not answering him…hopefully this is the end of it…
        What now worries me is that she has let a child pop up and send kisses…The girl is only about 12!!!!!!
        I’m just glad that my son..even though he is vulnerable,has no inclinations towards children!! This woman is evil…Also glad that we have prevented him from flying with any airline or he would have gone over and god knows what would have happened to him!

  56. Hi!!! I’ll be applying soon and book my appointment, i wonder do i have to submit my original documents like original DTI certificate for my business, original business registration cert, original Income Tax return? Do i have to submit it together with my application form and other supporting docs? Will i get it back together with my passpor once i opt for courier service? Or Is it alright to submit photocopies of it to Vfs?

  57. Hi Ms. Aby! Your blog is really helpful. But I really have a lot of questions. I’m a Doctor, last March I was informed that my paper got accepted for presentation in London for a conference May 10 to 14. But I had a problem with my passport this August kc it will expire na so I had to renew it. I will get it this week then saka palang ako kuha ako ng visa. I went to the website and i fall under the Standar visitor visa. The Pediatric Society of Europe gave me necessary documents that I can show the embassy so I think no probLem with that. When I apply online, dun palang ba ako pede magpabook ng time of appointment so that I can send the necessary requirements? Can I choose an earlier date of appointment? Or pipili lang kng ano available dates that they will provide? Kc i really plan to leave by May 5. I know we can have it rushed the visa processing, we just have to pay extra. My problem is the time of appointment when I can send the requirements. I need an earlier date for earlier processing. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Ruby! Sorry for the late reply, I hope this still helps. I was able to book an appointment a couple of days after I booked and paid online so mabilis lang. Kailangan mo talaga tapusin yung online application and then pipili ka ng date when you’ve confirmed all the info you provided. Good luck!

  58. Hello friend
    I’m Fatima,
    I have a British boyfriend and I did apply last year for a UK visitor visa but the refused me because of lack of documents,
    I want to say my bank saving was about Β£ 3,000 . and because my boyfriend is very Ill he can’t visit me in my country, so I have some question I will be thankful if you help me with your ideas:
    1. How much money you think is enough to havr in my account for the bank statement?
    2, I just had one travel to turkey no where else, do you think I should have more travels before applying again for the UK visa?
    3. As my boyfriend is ill and he can’t travel at all do you think is there any way for him to ask a permission to have me there for visit from UKconsulate in UK or not?
    I’m waiting for your help
    Thank you

    • Hi Fatima! First off, As you are applying for a visitor visa you should highlight that your focus is to travel and visit the UK and not just your boyfriend. Your boyfriend can send you an invitation letter that shows the immigration that he guarantees that you are not staying to get married. A tourist visa is very straightforward, I think. Im guessing if they feel that you arent able to show that you will leave after the vacation they won’t want to give you a visa. On your other questions:

      1 – there is no actual number required for required bank account balance, but having savings over time shows that you are handling your money well and that you can support yourself on your vacation. I think Β£3000 is enough, but be sure to include a holiday itinerary and budget in your requirements to show diligence in your holiday plans and its according costs.

      2- again, I’m not sure this is required or if it matters. I only traveled around Asia and the Philippines so while it might help that youre an avid traveler, I don’t think it would disadvantage you if you only had one holiday out of the country. What matters is you establish your ties to your own country so you can show clearly that you will return and have no intentions of overstaying.

      3 – As I’ve said, you can include a letter from him saying that he has invited you to the UK. I believe it would help as long as he is able to guarantee that you don’t intend to do anything outside of what a visitor visa allows.

      Hope that helps! Sorry this response was so late, life has been pretty busy! Good luck!

      • Hi dear friend
        Thanks a lot for your reply…
        You don’t know how much happy I am to find your blog…
        As I said I did apply for the UK last year, I had my boyfriend invitation letter too but they rejected me as I didn’t put the evidence of my second job…
        After that all the travel aganies here said that is the UK immigration excuse, the main reason is that I don’t have lots of money or im not the owner of a house or ground…. And another thing that I didn’t have too many travels before…
        But after seeing your blog I’m hopeful now…
        Can you please tell me about your own documents when you were going to apply for the first time?? Did you have any house of you? If its not a bad thing to ask can I know how much was your saving please??

        I’m very thankful πŸ™‚

  59. Hi ms Abbi! I find your blog very helpful. My parents, grandmother and I are planning to go to the UK to visit my sister and to meet with my aunt’s family there. Can we apply for a US visa as a group or do we need to apply individually?

  60. Hi Ania, I just submitted my documents last week, just waiting for my visa if I got approved. I also had my boyfriend as sponsor he is from other Europe country but is staying in London for business, he stated in his invitation about me as his girlfriend, and I have read in blogs that if you state someone as boyfriend you need to give also some evidences, so I submitted pictures as well of us together. Just waiting for the decision, hopefully it comes by next week. I will reply here again once I get my visa. =) Goodluck to you though.

  61. One another question ms. Abbi

    As I am now in a relationship with my polish (based and work in UK). Do you think he have to state in the letter that we are in a relationship? If yes, do I need to provide evidence? Like pictures and etc? I told him to just state that were friends so the consul might not have guts to ask for evidence,, what do you think po?

    Thank you for the help ms abbi. Highly appreciated πŸ™‚

    • Actually, if you have sufficient evidence for your finances and itinerary without the need for a sponsorship from your boyfriend, you don’t have to send evidence of relationship. I am not sure if the requirements for visitor visa officially includes relationship evidence. What’s important is that you are able to prove your own ability to visit the UK and come back home after. Good luck and let us know what you decide!

  62. So all scanned copies are accepted? According to UKBA all documents coming from sponsor are all original.. I don’t have enough time if he will send this by post. I am so worries.. Many says it must be original and other said scanned copy is not a problem though. Help pe please.. Anyway thank you for your time to answer my quiries. I read what you wrote to this blog many times and it help me a lot. Godbless abbi

    • Ania, I’m not in the position to give a definitive answer. All I have to say is that for my application, my boyfriend sent me an invitation letter that was signed and scanned and I printed it in good paper and submitted it. Everything from my end, as requested in the visitor visa supporting documents guidance sheet such as my bank statements and employment letters, were original copies.

      I wish you the best of luck!

  63. Hi
    Your blog is really helpful but i have some queries and i hope you will help me with this. i have an appointment this month and what really bother me are all necessary documents coming from my boyfriend (who is my sponsor) so the question is:

    should all necessary documents coming from my sponsor specially invitation letter must be in original? or is it OK to submit printed or scanned copy of those?

    • Hello Ania! Digital copies of and scanned copies seem to be fine. My boyfriend sent me digital copies of his payslip, bank and billing statements, proof of address, etc. My boyfriend’s invitation letter was typed, signed, and scanned, then he emailed it to me so I can print it. Hope this helped. Good luck!

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