Pizza Making Party in PizzaExpress Fulham

Last 19 Sept 2017, I've had the opportunity to try out a PizzaExpress Pizza Making Party in their fabulous Fulham branch, and it was great fun. Pizza is one of my favourite things to cook at home. Many people are intimidated by it, but once you find a dough recipe that you like and when you…
My UK Fiance Visa Experience

My UK Fiance Visa: Mix ups, Hiccups, and Lessons Learned

I've received many requests to write about my experience and advice in getting a UK Fiance Visa in the Philippines, so here is the first of a series of blog posts about this topic.  ***UPDATE! UPDATE! AFTER READING THIS POST, PLEASE SEE: Disclaimer: This is my experience in applying for a UK Fiance visa or a…

Enabling, Equipping, Emancipating

I was researching for a talk that I was invited to give this week on women enhancement and came across a definition of the word empowerment, which is “to equip, enable, and emancipate”. I find these three words perfectly aligned with what I have been trying to implement in my life and dreaming of doing for others as well.