Pregnancy Advice Mums Would Give Themselves

Mums share what pregnancy advice they would give themselves pre-baby if they had the chance. 

37 weeks now and about to pop! Time sure flies!

Early into this pregnancy, there was one advice that I was given that really made an impact on me – “My one advice to you is to not listen to anyone else’s advice.”

Navigating first-time pregnancy is a difficult thing – on top of the fact that it is a physically and emotionally tasking time, there’s different schools of thought about many things, different cultures, different personalities. Many will want to give you advice, most in hopes to help, but sometimes the advice gets overwhelming. 

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Sometimes while even when the goal was to offer support, advice becomes preachy. Advice feels like something that is forced on you, and something that you need to take. Because of this, I’ve decided to change my perspective. Instead of asking my mum friends, “What advice can you give me?” I started asking “What advice would you give you have given yourself pre-baby, knowing what you know now?” 

Asking this, I’ve come across some affirming and sincere pregnancy advice from some wonderful mums. If you are expecting for the first time, read on and take what you think would work for you.

On Pre-baby Stress – 

One word. Stop! Relax, stay calm, you HAVE done enough cleaning/shopping/packing/etc Now grab your partner, snuggle on the sofa with your favourite films and foods and wait for that sofa to feel just a little more crowded. Take this moment in, magical mama, it’s beautiful! – Jen,

Definitely enjoy doing what you want when you want! Get in some good naps and early nights. Also, any third-trimester symptoms (I had awful reflux and pelvic pain) disappeared the day I went into labour, I should have known something was about to happen when I was able to actually eat lunch and walk the dog! – Sophie,

On Negativity and Paranoia – 

Get excited! You’re about to go on the most amazing journey of your life! Ignore all the negative things, don’t go on google too much, eat whatever you want and remember, YOU GOT THIS!Annette

On Appreciating Pregnancy

My advice to myself would be to go all out on the pregnancy self-care and do the things you’re not going to get the chance to do for a while. It’s a strange and wonderful time – the calm before the chaos – and you’ve got to appreciate it because your life isn’t going to be the same after. I’d also recommend enjoying your bump (I was really sad to say goodbye to that)!  – Eliza,

On Sleep 

Sleep while you can! Oh my goodness I would have slept all day every day if I had known how rare it would become!  – Kate,

Be kind to yourself, it’s ok if you don’t leave the house some days. Or change out of your pj’s. –   Louise,

On Childbirth Fears 

Try not to have too many expectations on the process of giving birth and those early days, just go with the flow and focus on the positives. – Christy,

On Visitors 

Let your family and friends know your wishes for after the baby is born, you might want to spend some time with your little family before friends come and visit you. – Vicky,

Visitors… it’s lovely that everyone wants to see baby but for you it can be difficult. Try and spread them out over time, ask people to give you plenty of warning rather than just turning up and if they do come put them to work – ask if they will make you a sandwich or even put a load of washing on for you. – Lauren,  Https://

On Breastfeeding Fears 

Not to put too much pressure on yourself to breastfeed perfectly from day 1. It’s difficult and both you and the baby are learning, it’s a process. And, if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason you’re not failing, as long as your baby is happy and fed then you’re doing a great job! – Emma,

On New-Mum Life 

Trust your instincts if you think baby needs the doctor, take them. – Jen,

You will learn quite quickly what your baby needs so trust those instincts. Take advice on board, however, just remember that you know best. – Emma,

Relax and enjoy it more. They are only little once.  -Jo,

Let’s be kind to each other 

I think what is important to understand is that while the process is pretty much the same, the way it affects people can be different. As women who are going through the same sometimes daunting, mostly wonderful miracle of life, we need to be kind and supportive of each other while respecting each other’s personal journey and choices.

Are you a mum? What advice would you give yourself if you can speak to your pregnant self right now? Feel free to share below!

Pregnancy Advice Mums Would Give Themselves |

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