#100DaysofWorkouts: How to turn a Fitness Resolution into a Fitness Habit

#100DaysofWorkouts: How to turn a Fitness Resolution into a Fitness Habit

Why did I even start #100DaysofWorkouts? Can I do this?! 

 This year, I decided to do something good for myself. I decided to start tackling a tangible goal. Something that doesn’t involve a complete change of character or going cold turkey on the things  I love, but one that could eventually lead to better things. 


I’ve been seeing a lot of people take on a 100-day challenge of their own choice, so I thought it would be a good idea to do one. In Manila, I used to work out religiously. I woke up and marched to my home gym or my boxing gym with a whole load of enthusiasm. Like the many things that I obsess about, this fell by the wayside as life got in the way. So this year, I decided to get back on the horse and do #100daysofworkouts. 100 days sounded short enough to be achievable, and long enough that it is challenging. The rule: Just get to 100 days. 6 times a week for 14 weeks. No strict rules, no diets, no hopes of looking like a fitness model. Easy! I can do that! 


22 days in, 1/5 through. What I’m realising now is that 14 weeks is a long time.I thought this would be a piece of cake. It’s not. It’s cold out there. I don’t want to leave my bed. Maybe no one will notice if I just stop doing it. Why did I even start this?! 


So yes. 21 days in, i can do with some motivation. How does one keep up a goal like this? How does a “resolution” turn into a habit? Does this actually get easier?


I asked some of my friends in the blogging community for some advice on how to turn a fitness resolution into a fitness habit. Here are some of the best ones: 


PT Mollie, Personal trainer | Health & fitness blogger
@PTMollie, Personal trainer | Health & fitness blogger

Mollie of PTMollie.com: Be SMART

We all know, or at least have heard, of SMART goals. Really reflecting on whether your goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound, will help you achieve it easier and keep you level-headed about the task at hand. Mollie is a legit and inspiring health and fitness professional who believes in the power of setting well-thought-out goals over a spur of the moment resolution like mine. She shared a blog post with me wherein she broke down what SMART goals really mean and she has also provided an easy to follow SMART Goal worksheet that has helped me dissect my goal of #100daysofworkouts and put it to paper. I broke it down into types of exercises and shorter timeframes, and now it doesn’t feel as intimidating. 




@APrettyPlacetoPlay, Bethan, running inspo and Mental health advocate

Bethan of APrettyPlacetoPlay.com: Love What You Do, Do What You Love.

Bethan is both a pro-runner and a mental health advocate, and her advice to me was to reflect on my resolution and really understand whether I have the passion for it. It may be simple advice, but it is something that is often forgotten – if you are unhappy with what you are doing, you will never accomplish anything fruitful from it. According to her: “I think to turn a resolution into a habit the resolution has to be something you really want. I always encourage people to really reflect on their resolution and to be able to explain to themselves why they’re doing it. Having this clear reason, which you can turn back to when things get difficult, can make the world of difference to your motivation.”



Emily aka @LondonCityCalling, London lifestyle blogger

Emily of LondonCityCalling.com: Keep things interesting

Lifestyle blogger, Emily, is a bonafide Londoner who has written a fair bit about staying fit on a budget in London and keeping up with your health goals in this ultra fast-paced city. Her advice? “Vary up your workout each day by searching around for fitness classes with introductory deals. Most companies either offer a free trial session or a great deal for new potential customers (3 classes for £15 ect). Make the most of a few of these and you could be trying new workouts everyday, from yoga all the way to military boot-camp classes, which will keep things interesting throughout your 100 day challenge.” Right after this tip, I looked up some offers on classes and she is right! There’s a lot out there on offer, I’ve just never thought to look. 



Sabine of MyLifeChallenges.com, fitness blogger

Sabine of MyLifeChallenges.com: Practicality and Preparation 

Sabine’s blog is all about challenging herself physically, and she actually recently wrote about how to keep a successful morning routine. I mostly workout during the mornings, so this was a really useful blogpost for me. One of her tips is a fool-proof way of getting yourself out of the house: “One of the top mistakes I did and why I failed to run to work when I really wanted to, was searching for my fitness gear in the morning… It’s so simple: Pack your bag the night before. The benefit is you don’t have to worry in the morning. Your leggings and jacket are ready to wear and off you go!”



How long does it take to form a habit? According to science, it takes roughly 66 days, then your actions become more natural and built into your psyche. I’m far from that number at the moment but I’m not disheartened. I will get there soon enough, I just need to keep going. The advice above really helped. It is perfectly normal to get overwhelmed by any goal, but when this happens all you need to do is to step back and gain a bit of perspective.


You can see my daily fitness journey in my instastories @abbistoli.

Wish me luck! 77 days to go! 



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