Give Up Tobacco Cigarettes Using E-Cigarettes

I’ve been off cigarette for a while now, and this is an amazing feat considering I smoked for more than a decade! Cigarette smoking is harmful to your health. You don’t need to just take our word for it, the NHS website has plenty of guidance that explains the many dangers of smoking tobacco and the health benefits of giving up.

Of course, giving up smoking is not the easiest of tasks, even for smokers who are fully aware of the risks of smoking, and perhaps been wanting to give up. This was my situation a couple of years ago. I couldn’t imagine myself quitting despite really wanting to. The fact is that the nicotine contained in tobacco is very addictive. In addition, the habit of reaching for a cigarette in certain situations is also too addictive, and giving up will not only require a lot of will power, but also a little extra help.

Today, many people are turning to e-cigarettes in their efforts to quit smoking cigarettes, and most have enjoys success for a number of reasons.

1. Cutting on the Chemicals

Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals, from arsenic (a chemical found in rat poison) and butane (used in as a lighter fluid) to tar. Keep in mind that one of the byproduct of burning a tobacco cigarette is the toxic carbon monoxide gas. Considering the many warnings on media and even on the cigarette packet labels, many smokers are aware of this, but there are still many who continue to light up a cigarette and inhale these harmful chemicals.

When you do decide to give up smoking, the first step of repairing your health is banishing these chemicals. Many people prefer to switch to using e-cigarettes to achieve just that. E-cigarettes typically have an e-liquid that is heated up to produce smoke. The e-liquid is largely a non-toxic propylene glycol and flavorings, with some containing given amounts of nicotine. So, there are no nasty damaging chemicals in e-cigarettes, making it an ideal way to give up smoking, and ridding your body off the harmful substances and side effects associated with tobacco. 


2. Reducing Nicotine Levels

One of the huge benefit for the people looking to quit smoking is the fact that you can gradually reduce your intake of nicotine through e-cigarettes, while you a significantly cleaner smoke. The e-liquids contained in e-cigarettes as well as the pre-filled disposable ones do come in a wide range of strengths. As such, the user can choose the nicotine level that the want to inhale. The end goal here is to cut as much nicotine intake as possible, and you can work your way down the strength levels until you are ultimately enjoying a chemical free and nicotine free smoke.

In general, an e-cigarette or an e-liquid that has 1.2 mg of nicotine has a similar or the same strength as a normal cigarette. With the levels ranging from 3.6 mg to as low as 0.2 mg and even a wide variety of nicotine free e-liquids, it’s fairly easy to see exactly how smokers can use e-cigarettes to easily but gradually reduce their nicotine levels without having to battle the lost habit or comfort that exists with smoking.

3. Habit Breaker

The habit itself is one of the most difficult habits to break with cigarette smoking. The physical act smokers are used to of reaching for a cigarette and enjoying a good smoke in various situation is something difficult to quit. The throat hit you are used to and the calming, stress buster effect is of course very enjoyable. Nonetheless, a low nicotine or a nicotine-free e-cigarette lets you to continue enjoying a smoke without the harmful elements and chemicals.

Once you have rid your body of these chemicals and you have successfully whittled the nicotine away, the only thing that’d be left is working on the habit. Some smokers at this point can easily give up smoking altogether. Some do find that they have reduced the amount of smoking they need to a point where they only need an occasional e-puff here and there. Others decide that since they have already given up nicotine and the harmful chemicals altogether, they might as well continue to enjoy the e-smoke, which provides a cleaner, but familiar flavour.


What the Future Holds for E-cigarettes and Smoking Cessation

It’s quite evident that switching to e-cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes to quit tobacco smoking altogether is something that works for many people. It’s something that can definitely have health benefits to the person, and it really makes good sense.

While the e-cigarettes are not officially the smoking cessation devices of choice, the scope is definitely there, and many former tobacco smokers have successfully made the switch, allowing them to work to protect and strengthen their health while still enjoying a quality and comforting e-cigarette that they have now grown to love and appreciate.


Whether you gradually quit via e-cigarettes or you go cold turkey, what matters is that you take the first step to quitting – really wanting it. Quitting cigarettes may seem like a gargantuan and emotional task at first, but it gets better as time passes. Your body will feel better for it and you’ll enjoy your body’s new health. 


Good luck!



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