Cause We Got that Fire: Ellie Goulding x Nike Training Club

I totally lucked out and got access to the Ellie Goulding x Nike Training Club Exclusive Global Launch last March 3, 2015 at the iconic and gorgeous Tobacco Docks in East London. 

Ellie Goulding x NTC
Photo courtesy of Nike Women


Just in case you’re like my boyfriend who has stopped listening to any new music since the 90’s, Ellie Goulding  is an international singer-songwriter known for some of the biggest chart topping songs of recent years. My personal favorites include Burn, Lights, Anything Could Happen, and her most recent hit, Love Me Like You Do. 


Apparently, she is quite a fitness aficionado, and is known for passionately advocating healthy choices and active lifestyles. She has participated in several marathons and shares fitness tips with her fans on instagram, all while conquering the music scene with one hit after another. This was what brought on the collaboration to release Ellie Goulding Tighten and Tone NTC Workout, an HIIT workout now available on the NTC app. 


The event started with an acoustic performance of some of Ellie’s biggest hits. I thought that was it from her for the rest of the evening, but to my surprise, she came out in her fitness gear and led the workout herself with her personal trainer and NTC trainer, Faisal Chaudry. Let me tell you, that girl was killing it! She was hitting it hard throughout the entire thing, from burpees to side planks to squats to scissor jumps. 


I can’t say that I’m a fitness pro, but over the past year I’ve been trying to eat healthy and have active habits. I have become a growing fitness enthusiast. I’m gonna tell you now – that workout requires dedication. I am pretty proud that I didn’t just die in the middle of the Nike event halfway through the 3rd set of burpees. 

Ready to rumble!


On top of that and the fact that I just worked out with a celebrity (#nobiggie), the best part of the event was being among a group of women with such a wonderful vibe and energy about them. I’ve met some really fun, cool, and amazing women who have been putting so much commitment to their fitness journey, and that just the kind of push I needed to keep going with mine. 


Thank you to London Bloggers bosslady, Elle Linton of, for my access to the Nike Training Club event! You are the BEST! 


Check out my photos and videos of the event below! 


The Tobacco Docks in East London. What a gorgeous place!


All set and ready


Met this lovely girl, @cri_salvo on the way to the Nike event.
Love these East London beauties! Yes, that’s post-workout prosecco. It’s a launch! lol

 Ellie fan or fitness fan? Whatever it is, get your body moving! You can download the app here: Ellie Goulding Tighten and Tone NTC Workout



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