Pan Seared Sea Bass w/ Coconut Cilantro Lime Rice – A Winner Fish Dinner

If you are looking for fish dinner ideas, this is one that'll be a sure hit.  It is common tradition among many households to not consume meat on Good Friday. I am not very traditional myself, but if you are looking Easter fish dinner ideas you should try this Pan Seared Sea Bass with Coconut Cilantro…

The Great Western Eggplant: Aubergine Pizza Melts Recipe

I've never seen an eggplant this big. You say aubergine, I say eggplant. I also say talong, which is its Tagalog translation. A talong can also be a slang reference to male privates, but I swear to you,  this is not what this post is about. The Philippine talong is a slimmer, more humble  counterpart of…
Treat yourself better.


This is my food, travel, and lifestyle blog, which will be featuring┬ámy efforts towards better health, habits, and life in general. This mission has been brought on by recent events and the inevitable passing of my younger years, which took with it, my faster metabolism. Driven by the desire to live long (and prosper), I'm…

Five No-BS Steps for REAL Breast Cancer Awareness

October is all about Breast Cancer Awareness, but has the cause really made you more aware or did you just buy new pink bras? The problem is not that we are not aware, the problem is that we don't do enough. I'm not just talking about donating more or supporting more campaigns. Yes, these are very…

Enabling, Equipping, Emancipating

I was researching for a talk that I was invited to give this week on women enhancement and came across a definition of the word empowerment, which is “to equip, enable, and emancipate”. I find these three words perfectly aligned with what I have been trying to implement in my life and dreaming of doing for others as well.