London Bloggers Meet Up at Mabel’s Covent Garden

Had a fabulous time with fun bloggers at Mabel's Covent Garden. Read all about it below!  Last week, I joined a casual London blogger meet up at Mabel's Covent Garden. Wonderful company set in a wonderful venue - definitely a successful evening!  Chic pinterest worthy interiors at Mabel's Covent Garden Happy Hour…

Two Rings with Similar Stories: My Engagement Ring and a Ring Discovered in Cup After 70 Years

"Abbi!!! Is this your ring?!" This was the caption on a photo of an old vintage ring that was sent to me on Whatsapp by one of my girlfriends last night. The ring appeared to be astonishingly similar to mine, almost as if it was made by the same jeweler. The photo was followed by a…

Bedtime thoughts #1


I have dreamt of where I am right now a few months ago.

I closed my eyes and imagined to be here, and now I am. It is amazing how we travel time without meaning to. From the sheer desire in our hearts, we are able to move to a time ahead of us, and see a vision of where we want to be and could be.

I tell myself everyday not to be swayed by fear and insecurity, and to keep believing in my ability to push for the things I desire – no matter how ludicrous they may seem. 

Today, I remind you to do the same.

Bedtime. Good night. 🙂