Nike Free Flyknit 5.0 Launch

March 23, 2015 marks the launch of my fitness blogging, and more importantly, the Nike Free Flyknit 5.0, which will be available in stores and on April 2!    A couple of people in the event asked me if I am a fitness blogger. I'm a lifestyle blogger and a fitness enthusiast, at best. As much…

Bedtime thoughts #1


I have dreamt of where I am right now a few months ago.

I closed my eyes and imagined to be here, and now I am. It is amazing how we travel time without meaning to. From the sheer desire in our hearts, we are able to move to a time ahead of us, and see a vision of where we want to be and could be.

I tell myself everyday not to be swayed by fear and insecurity, and to keep believing in my ability to push for the things I desire – no matter how ludicrous they may seem. 

Today, I remind you to do the same.

Bedtime. Good night. 🙂

Five No-BS Steps for REAL Breast Cancer Awareness

October is all about Breast Cancer Awareness, but has the cause really made you more aware or did you just buy new pink bras? The problem is not that we are not aware, the problem is that we don't do enough. I'm not just talking about donating more or supporting more campaigns. Yes, these are very…

Enabling, Equipping, Emancipating

I was researching for a talk that I was invited to give this week on women enhancement and came across a definition of the word empowerment, which is “to equip, enable, and emancipate”. I find these three words perfectly aligned with what I have been trying to implement in my life and dreaming of doing for others as well.