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 Life has taken a turn for some really exciting stuff! I’m now thriving at thirty, happily married, and a full fledged Londoner. As an expat, I am eating new and amazing food, going to exciting new places, meeting inspiring new friends, and making new milestones… all while taking pride in my Filipino roots.

 Scroll down and enjoy!

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Fresh Post

3rd July 2017 11:09 pm

Give Up Tobacco Cigarettes Using E-Cigarettes

I’ve been off cigarette for a while now, and this is an amazing feat considering I smoked for more than a decade! Cigarette smoking is harmful to your health. You don’t need to just take our word for it, the NHS website has plenty of guidance that explains the many dangers of smoking tobacco and the health benefits of giving up. Of course, giving up smoking is not the easiest of tasks, even for smokers who are fully aware of the risks of smoking, and perhaps been wanting to give up. This was my situation a couple of years ago. I couldn’t imagine myself quitting despite really wanting to. The fact is that the nicotine contained in tobacco is very addictive. In addition, the habit of reaching for a cigarette in certain situations is also too addictive, and giving up will not only require a lot of will power, but also a little extra help. Today, many people are turning to e-cigarettes in their efforts to quit smoking cigarettes, and most have enjoys success for a number



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Give Up Tobacco Cigarettes Using E-Cigarettes

I've been off cigarette for a while now, and this is an amazing feat considering I smoked for more than a decade! Cigarette smoking is harmful to your health. You ...
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kaboompics_Various framed pictures and images

New Rules for UK Settlement Visa Application as of June 2017 (Uk Fiance/Spouse Visa from outside the UK)

Visa application for partners have changed since I last posted about it in 2016, so I thought it's time to update you on the New Rules for UK Settlement Visa ...
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home hammade

Styling Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

I'm sure that like me, you most likely have a Pinterest board of your dream home. Unfortunately, styling your home is not as easy as pinning a picture. It is ...
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Panorama Barcelona House Houses Spain City

6 Tips for Finding a Great Apartment in Barcelona

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Barcelona and its neighbourhood there are certain tricks and tips you can follow to ensure you get the best possible results ...
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Kaboompics - Free Stock Photos

Expat Stories: The Journey So Far

What's your blog about? I often get this question when other people find out that I write a blog. When I started writing this blog, it was to share my ...
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Summer Ready Hair: Rush Balham Review

Just recently had my hair done at Rush Balham and loved it! Check out the new do! For women, the coming of summer and its peak temperatures seem to bring ...
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Finding a job in a new country

 30 Tips on Finding Your First Job in a New Country

Relocating to a new home? Here are 30 tips on finding a job in a new country. Many people who find my blog are people who are considering the prospect ...
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The Escapologist Interiors

The Escapologist Bar Review & the London Blogger Meet Up

Last month, I had the pleasure of organising the London Blogger drinks for April in The Escapologist Bar in Covent Garden. We needed a venue that was large enough to ...
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